meet scores online gymnastics (2024)

  • Out of ObscurityMusic, Leisure, Hobbies, Music Commentary 10 Jul 2022

    OoO highlights great but under-appreciated music albums, mostly from the 21st century, as selected by host DJ Poseur and a rotating brigade of fellow obsessives. Each co-host chooses an album pick to discuss at length, including consideration of why we think it’s awesome but woefully unknown to the listening public. All picks meet stringent criteria for obscurity (Under 50 user reviews in All Music Guide, Under 100k streams on YouTube).

    Features include games for the listener to play along with, like “The Obscurity Quiz” (in which albums are ranked by a contestant from most obscure to most famous), “Score the List” (in which cohosts compare their knowledge and music collections to online “Top 10” lists), “Stump the DJ” (in which the cohosts challenge one another’s knowledge of obscure bands), and the occasional “Scheduled Digression” (in which we tackle a specific topic in music or the music industry).

    See also the companion subreddit ( for links to all the albums featured in OoO episodes if you'd rather skip our yakking: r/MusicNobodyElseLikes

    Who should listen to OoO? Anyone dissatisfied by contemporary pop music. Anyone unfamiliar with but interested in independent music of the 21st century. Fellow obsessives who want reviews of beloved but obscure albums and find existing online resources limited. People who want something totally out of left field to spice up their music listening experience. Anyone who enjoys a contentious dialog about art. Rather than being the kind of podcast whose any given episode will be of general interest, it is hoped that with time, with an accumulated body of work, we will hit upon an album or at least a very specific style of music that is beloved by potential listeners as much as by us.

    Welcome to the wild, weird, and wondrous world of OoO!

  • Welcome to the Sync Report, the intersection between independent filmmakers and songwriters, where we host a weekly conversation with award winning filmmakers and leading music industry professionals.

    Meet industry experts and top level songwriters as we pull the curtain back on music placement and scores.

    Building vital relationships and providing real opportunities to our listeners.

    Listen to indie filmmakers present their latest productions and describe specific scenes as they consider music submitted by our audience.

    Hosted by Actor and musician Colin O'Donoghue, the Godmother of Indie Films, Rose Ganguzza and music supervisor and former Sony Epic executive Jason P. Rothberg.

    Music is the difference between a good film and a great one.

  • What is it like to find out late in life that you are autistic? The Autistic Woman talks about life experiences and how autistic traits affect her. You'll hear personal stories, opinions about research and the importance of autistic voices. Includes some fun stuff too! This podcast is one of the top 1% most popular shows globally as ranked by Listen Score.

  • MORE Podcast - METRO Wholesale to the MaxBusiness 16 May

    This season of MORE Podcast is about sCore, METRO's growth strategy. Under the motto "Wholesale to the max", METRO wants to get the best, the maximum for itself and for its customers. We meet METRO colleagues who tell us their personal sCore stories. We talk to them about the most important topics of the new strategy - not only from their professional but also from their personal perspective.

  • Welcome to Fright Mic- the ultimate horror movie podcast where casual conversations meet spine-tingling scares! Join hosts Sam and Liz every Wednesday for unfiltered discussions on all of your favorite horror movies. Picture a virtual horror movie night with friends, complete with laughter, banter, and shared nightmares. From cult classics to hidden gems, each episode is a laid-back journey into the heart of horror fandom. So grab some popcorn, turn down the lights, and tune in for a unique blend of chills and thrills.

    Grab even more spooky content by joining our Fright Club on Patreon where you get access to tons of bonus episodes, exclusive content and more!

  • FlowersArts, Science, Nature 12 Jun 2023

    Why flowers? Why do they exist, how do we live around them, thanks to them, or with them? In the fields, in florists' stores or in the intimacy of our homes, flowers bridge the gap between our urban world and nature, and give rise to poetry and respect for all living things.

    In the Kenzo Parfums "Flowers" podcast, we meet the actors and actresses of the flower world. Each in their own field, they work to build an imaginary flower that is as realistic as it is poetic, and to inspire the respect that flowers deserve. We discover their work, in France and abroad, with Masami-Charlotte Lavault, a committed flower grower, Flower by Kenzo ambassador since 2022 and founder of 'Plein air', a flower farm in the heart of Paris.

    Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

  • Why is the guy/girl you met on a dating app stalking your Instagram, but refuses to meet up in person? I never shut up, so I thought I'd create a podcast to discuss all things- sex, dating, lifestyle & taboo topics. Buckle up because you're gonna want to hear these jaw dropping stores with special guests. I also may inspire you to go on that date you've been putting off. I hope you join along & become a fellow naked mindsetter ;) NEW EPSIODES EVERY THURSDAY!! Support this podcast:

  • WTF: Walking Towards FearEducation, Self-Improvement 20 Oct 2023

    It started with a choice to leave it all behind and hike 2650 miles from Mexico to Canada on the Pacific Crest Trail. Now it’s a lifestyle.

    This podcast is my commitment to learn from everyone around me, be curious instead of judgmental, and adventure in the direction of whatever scares me the most.

    Connect with me over on IG @christinaspin and meet the guests @walkingtowardsfear

  • Real Organic PodcastScience, Earth Sciences, Nature 15 May

    Farmers interview scientists, activists, politicians, and authors engaged in protecting USDA organic food against an active corporate takeover. As the Real Organic Project releases its add-on food label in stores and markets in 2021, we want to introduce eaters across the United States to our movement and its allies. In this podcast series, you'll meet the best organic and regenerative farmers around, as well as journalists, climate experts, policy makers and chefs (former VP Al Gore, Dr. Vandana Shiva, Paul Hawken, Leah Penniman, Bill Mckibben, Alice Waters, Dan Barber, Karen Washington, Eliot Coleman - to name a few!) who support our mission and have lent their voices and insights to explaining the importance of keeping corporate cheaters out of the real food movement. As bad players aim to redefine what food is for the sake of their own profits, we believe there is too much at stake for both human and planetary health today and into the future. Feed the soil, not the plant!!

  • What’s your favorite scary movie? Listen to three best friends tell you just how wrong you are.

    Join horror expert and curator, Will Dubbs, as he spooks it up with his friend and fellow enthusiast, Brendan Fletcher. Nestled between these horror aficionados is Abbie Krinsky, the resident scaredy cat who didn’t want to see any of the movies in the first place.

    It’s Two Men and a Baby: where frights meet funnies, scares meet sillies, and your ears meet one of the top 5000 horror movie review podcasts of all time.

  • Meet the ExpertScience 6 May

    Would you like to know
    • Why pigs coughing with mycoplasma sound different from those with Influenza?
    • Why PRRS recombines and what you can do about it? or
    • How new PPV strains can affect reproductive performance in breeding herds without you realizing it?

    Welcome to our Meet the Expert podcast, a series on swine Health and Management brought to you by Boehringer-Ingelheim, where Global opinion leaders answer your most relevant practical questions.

    Every first Monday you can find a new episode of Meet the Expert either on, through your Spotify account or with Apple podcasts.

  • Meet the TranslatorBusiness 8 Apr

    Welcome to Meet the Translator! I'm Dot Roberts and I chat with a different translator each episode, getting to know them, hearing their story and covering various topics related to translation. Whether you are new to the translation industry, an experienced translator or just curious about the subject, join me as we delve into different areas of translation and learn more about our wonderful colleagues.

  • All love stories start with a “meet cute”. Some meet online, some IRL. Some bond over their similarities, some enjoy their differences. But no matter how a connection starts, we all feel that kilig. This Pride Month, five LGBTQ+ couples share how their love stories began!

    Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

  • Meet the company Bano Business, Entrepreneurship 18 Apr

    Een leuke podcast voor en door ondernemers over de uitdagingen de marketing mix, en welke evenementen of beurzen gebruikt worden om nieuwe of bestaande klanten te vinden. Bano is een Event Technology Company welke wereldwijd werkt en altijd zorgt dat we de compleetste zijn in de beleving. Engaging audiences.

  • Meet The Z's4 Mar

    Jong zijn was nooit simpel, maar vandaag leeft een achttienjarige in een hypercomplexe mindf*ck. Elke dag is een waterval – niet die van K3, maar een orkaan van verwachtingen, verleidingen, prikkels, online haat en liefde, een wereld die ontploft. Van psychische onveiligheid tot klimaat en oorlog: er is véél om van wakker te liggen. Een mijnenveld. De ene dag is de sky de limit, de andere dag: boem! Maar is er wel iemand die luistert? De stem van Generation Z passeert alleen in de gauwte. Omdat we denken dat dat is wat ze willen. Een krantenquote hier, rake meme daar, Tiktokje ginder, klaar. Maximum vijftien seconden, want ho maar, ze hebben toch zo’n korte concentratiespanne. Tom De co*ck vindt dat een grove belediging voor heel Gen Z (en Alpha). En dus gaat hij wél diep. Hij nodigt elke aflevering twee jongeren uit die hem zijn opgevallen. Positief of negatief. Bekend of onbekend. Uit het nieuws, de online wereld, misschien zelfs de sport, maar vooral ook uit random ontmoetingen bij zijn werk als radio-dj, jeugdschrijver en vader. Het zijn gastenduo’s die op het eerste gezicht lijnrecht tegenover elkaar staan. Ze discussiëren rond één centrale vraag. Maar we gaan niet alleen op zoek naar de botsing; zijn vragen leiden ook naar een duidelijke common ground. We’re all in this together, zegt de godsdienst die Tom aanhangt. Aan het eind van elk gesprek formuleert Tom samen met zijn gasten één levensles, wijsheid, absurd inzicht,… uit wat ze net allemaal besproken hebben. Die ene regel gaat mee in het JEZ PACT, een jongerenmanifest dat Tom bij de verkiezingen van 2024 aan élke kandidaat van élke lijst zal bezorgen.

  • Meet at the AppleSports, Baseball 25 Apr

    Meet at the Apple with yourhosts Vito Calise (@VitoFCalise) and Jonathan Baron (@JMB9191) every Monday and Thursday with exclusive access to the Mets! This is not your everyday baseball podcast; you can get the stats anywhere…Here you’ll get an inside look into the players you love to watch beyond the diamond highlighted by a weekly appearance by Mets manager, Carlos Mendoza!

  • Meet the ResearcherScience, Social Sciences 6 Dec 2022

    A podcast where you meet the researchers at Solent University. Your hosts (Dr Emma Mosley and Dr Mark Turner) interview researchers in the Faculty of Sport Health and Social Sciences and discover their research and the person behind the process.

  • A masonic podcast hosted by Midnight Freemason regular contributors Greg Knott, Darin Lahners, Bill Hosler, and Todd E. Creason. We'll cover masonic and non-masonic topics alike. We'll meet on the level, act by the plumb and part upon the square. Meet Act and Part.

  • Meet Your Maker is a show about the people who make the things we love. It’s hosted by Liam Geraghty.

    Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

  • Meet the CreativesArts 1 May

    I'm Rob Johnston, a designer and photographer based in New York City. I am also the founder of Meet the Creatives - a podcast that seeks to bridge the gap between entry-level creative professionals and the industry's best. Through the podcast, live events and various social platforms, I am building a community that connects thousands of entry-level creatives from around the world.

    The show has featured guests from companies like Facebook, Google, Snapchat, Twitter, Disney, Nike, Huge, Sesame Street, 20th Century Fox, Pentagram and more.

    Learn more:

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