WCF Game 1 Preview: Mavs/Timberwolves, Stars Will Face The Oilers In Their WCF | Fan Cam 5/21/24 - Raw Chili (2024)

WCF Game 1 Preview: Mavs/Timberwolves, Stars Will Face The Oilers In Their WCF | Fan Cam 5/21/24

[Music] sh [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] n [Music] turn it on leave it on with sha and RJ right here on the fan 5 Seconds roic blasted it was tempted to the far Carter and Edon has won game seven 3-2 the Oilers advance to the Western Conference Final the play Dallas Thursday night this game this series is over now there’s a call to start off your too Tuesday here on DFW sports station 1053 The F good morning Metroplex Sean sh Bobby belt with you live RJ choppy is off for the week we got pton and ryry in the back we are live on the fan cam twitch and YouTube and the Dallas Stars have their opponent for the Western Conference Finals a lot of history there too the uh the Stars the I remember just you know when we first moved to Dallas back in the mid 9s like we got here in November 96 that it was just like every year it was the Oilers and the stars in the playoffs playing Big Time games and so I mean there’s a lot of familiarity here this is a lot of history and so I know that was that the Oilers were one of the most hated teams among stars fans in the late 90s early 2000s so a lot of connection here they they ultimately I me the Canucks they were without top ultimately blow this one but uh yeah it’ll be good we’ll get to see Conor McDavid Mike will be engaged in in hockey yeah it’ll be exciting two ways to look at this right and paye you can speak to it more and even more with Chris strong strong tomorrow um and the rest of the week but you’re either a so so checking in for the Stars run hockey fan like many of us admittedly are and you want a reason to watch and you want to see what all the hype is about with Conor McDavid on the other side that’s C category 1 I even felt like Cory Majors was in that group yesterday with bassic and Cory will join us today for a special 9:00 a.m. edition of high low to preview the Mavs and the Wolves so Cory Major’s in studio for high low at 9:00 good morning Cory as he probably is listening for his morning workout uh and then the other group is no you want to avoid the best player in the entire Sport and give me the possibly weaker team in Vancouver and try to go ahead and move on to the Stanley Cup Final paye which category were you in and how do you see the matchup early on I want the easiest route ever you know I have not seen the Stars win a championship I want them to win a cup finally and uh even though I was born you know before 99 and you know technically was alive but didn’t really see it but yeah I didn’t want McDavid at all you know you get a chance of the Oilers that have a true big three and McDavid dry Sidle Zack Heyman who’s really good defensively um I mean and it I mean good news for the Stars fans is this is a Oilers team that’s not technically great they haven’t been great Ro Team all season long around 500 uh they’ve been playing but if you’re the Stars man take care of home ICE I know you you’ve been dominant on the road but you have home ice for a reason start winning game ones at home you know start taking that advantage in the series and and stop losing home eyes and ainger on the road has been fantastic I decided to stop I was going to make a bad joke it’s early though you you C you cutting me off was a good thing I was I was just going to say something about that great defenseman Heyman that was all but uh yeah it’s great this was actually five I’m looking at it now it was 5 years in in a row Sean uh may have actually been six let me see here 5 years in a row 97 through 2001 the stars played the Oilers in the playoffs every single year so this is they met six times in a seven-year span from 97 to 03 so they played six times in the playoffs with the Stars winning the past five boy and George Lorac who was one of the big time enforcers in hockey back in the late 9s early 2000s and was one of the most hated uh hockey players on the Oilers for Stars fans I saw him already last night on Twitter he’s like get ready Stars fans we’re coming for you guys going to be in the building games three and four so it’s it’ll be good there’ll be some familiarity maybe some like uh sort of the the Cowboys 49ers energy that we’ve gotten reaccustomed to in recent years get bullied except this time we actually beat them is the thought process game one is taking place at the daac on Thursday night at 7:30 so tomorrow night Mavs willf wolves in Minnesota Thursday night it’s going to be uh the Dallas Stars opening up the Western Conference Finals trying to defend home ice we’re live on the fan cam twitch and YouTube today is also a little special day at 6:40 it’s going to be a too Tuesday edition of the payload starring Payton Russell and that is because today paye is heading off is it today that you’re leaving or tomorrow it has to today tomorrow morning why you didn’t want to do like the one 1 2 3 p.m. flight out to Vegas when you’re done for the day at 10:00 a.m. no more expensive and it’s the time difference what do your friends care these idiots gave up a free hotel that you had the hookup for and they’re like no let’s just stay right across the street for more money what do they care he’s painfully cheap he really is pton yes bro you you got to be you got to be frugal and tight everyone you know looks at pton as you know this radio Superstar and you only have a mustache when you are uh that type of upand cominging prosp back but you got you got to be tight in these times man yeah I mean just like his mustache his finances are thin and that’s you know it’s reflective of that wow look at that backyard though but anyway deciding to leave today versus tomorrow and who you going out with where you staying what’s the early schedule look like going with the Lombre uh three of the four of the lomr the other guy lives out of the country so he can’t make it um they flight ofas outside of the country but yeah the reason we chose the am flight was because I was like man if I’m working you know till you know you know waking up at 3:00 working till 10:00 I mean it’s just the long day cuz I mean Vegas you’re not going to sleep before midnight so it would just I mean I’d be up for maybe 24 hours straight uh with no nap time cuz I can’t sleep on the planes man I I could be up for 48 hours straight would not be able to sleep on a flight so then tomorrow you leaving at what time uh 7:40 in the morning okay 7:40 and then you guys like you guys are still young so you don’t need to shut it down with like you know what nothing’s really going on let’s call this at midnight like you’re G to go till 2 am at least every single day yeah we have clubs that we we’ve uh you know kind of put on the itinerary you know you missed while you were out he said he’s going to a burlesque show while he’s out there we’re going to try to make it out to one okay what what technically is a burlesque show I just think of it huh it’s just topless right I I think of topless and generally curvy is what I think of and the girlfriend was cool with that she was fine with it it’s the other girls that we got to the other girlfriends we got to worry about lying to them are we what are youall lying to them or being upfront that you’re going I’m being upfront I’m telling them now if they’re lying to there you know that that’s me I’m not going to get in the relationship but would McKenzie be cool with the strip club she said yeah she would say yeah that I could go how you may have found one so snarky cuz that’s the thing I was telling Bobby last week was mckin she was like oh go to a strip club while you’re there go and I was like it’s kind of weird that you’re telling me to do this stuff you know do this do this do that it’s like she’s wanting me to make a mistake and I’m not about it not about UL or Ultimate Security ultimate self-confidence because it opens a door now that I can’t close cuz if if you know now if she wants to go to laber next week he can’t say anything about it I thought P was just say he couldn’t close you’re like talking to safire you know over the fourth grade I thought it was Molly right Molly she’s doing all right that’s right Molly call back to the original so you’re laying you’re staying you got the restaurants you got the clubs picked out I would love to see P at a club I really would just sitting there with the poly d uh Light Show fist to buy maybe one drink there because you know those drinks or we went to one last year at the Venetian or the ven would say and I mean I I think the my single shot with you know it was ROM and co*ke or whiskey co*ke and it was 25 bucks oh that’s that’s uh more expensive than we ran into in Vegas we were ordering when we were out there for Super Bowl we would order doubles and the bartenders would be like you want a single and then they’d like pour a double in front of us like you want to order a single right cuz the doubles were 40 bucks just for like well vodka pregame everything we can you’re going to go to any buffets you got to go to our seafood buffet we had mentioned one in Caesars what what hotel was the one yall went wasn’t that the one wasn’t it Caesars I don’t remember I’ll ask I’ll ask RJ and Zach as they were talking in the corner yeah maybe I don’t think I think they blacked out I don’t think they uh remember what we were talking about I think you blacked out I saw you your poor wife she was dressed like she was going to the Met Gala and there’s Bobby in the whole sweatsuit and Kristen is looking looking like she’s trying to go out and Rave and uh Bobby’s just walking up and down the slot machine we can’t even find him right we’re just sending people out to go try to find Bobby as his poor wife just wanted to eat some shrimp C you you have to set standards okay and and set expectations and and keep them on their toes and that’s what I was doing with her apparently an NFL owner had the wrong expectations for the Donald Trump movie were you one of the kyes that tried to set the Texas Guinness Book of World Records and everything else that comes with the too Tuesday edition including a Rangers ticket giveaway for you turning it on leaving it on Sean and Bobby just getting started glad you’re waking up with us on the fan coming up in the next gag Nation it’s a Tuesday we have [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] Don and RJ with Bobby Roberto belt in the choppy chair for the week we got Payton and r r in the back we’re live on the fan cam twitch and YouTube thanks for being a total that stands for turn it on leave it on the Texas Rangers Are Back In Action today as they’ll be taking on the Philadelphia Phillies uh that’s going to be around a 5:00 pregame on your home of the World Series champs that’s us first pitch at 540 as the Rangers are still somehow someway second place and it’s like a comfortable second place in the American League West with the RedHot John Gray on the mound with his 208 erra yeah gray since the opening game has not given up more than two earned runs in every single start and that’s just in one of them he gave up to otherwise it’s been one or nothing wow so he’s been on an incredible run it’s funny we were we talking about how the offense was going to have to carry you through this stretch and you know what were you going to be able to get out of your starting pitching when everybody started going down and then gray has stepped up in a big way he’s been good we’ve gotten a couple good starts from you know Lorenzen uh Jose arenus so it’s it’s been interesting to see that the the starting pitching is actually kind of held things down in a lot of ways and it’s just been the inability to Slug and my biggest problem is that I I’m I don’t like that Jared Sandler’s just avoiding the topic of how the Rangers aren’t hitting for power we didn’t hear from him yesterday after needling him a lot I mean he didn’t know if he was at Pearl Jam traveling to Vegas you know he’s like when am I going to get to see your daughter when am I going to see your new house and I’m like when are you going to stop traveling exactly when are you going to stop being a celebrity type just rolling all around whether it’s an aspen Vegas weddings uh air Glazer I don’t know where you’re going to be and when you’re going to be there I think he was uh I think he was pretty humbled by his bad Mavericks take and and because of that he just he kind of cowered back and was like you know what I I don’t need to weigh in on this stuff I had no idea that a Donald Trump movie was coming out consider me in on that Sebastian Stan that is who is playing uh Donald Trump and I guess the uh the can’s film is it KH or can can the can film festival earlier this week he was getting rave reviews well apparent and that is maybe the number one most annoying thing that my wife has towards my parents who are staying with me for 3 weeks she said do you do you have to watch political television every hour of every day my parents my my both of them I was going to say just my dad I know every aspect of the Donald Trump Michael Cohen case I know I I mean I just know everything I know every single I know I’ve seen Stormy Daniels and her Netflix documentary I’ve seen all of it and she’s like I’ve seen all of Stormy Daniels too um so uh I know everything about the Donald as of late so I’m interested in the movie which which network has been on in your house most frequently that was purposefully kept out of it and you think I would have fallen into that trap there’s a very Kevin heglin type trap and I’m not even going to step into that but Dan Snider the disgraced former owner of the commanders he put money into this film apparently thinking it was going to be a flattering portrayal of the Donald who is now facing 88 criminal charges and Snyder checks out this movie it’s not flattering totally as uh there’s all these stories in here and scenes where Trump apparently sexually assaults his first wife aana uh leading to 1989 divorce deposition and Friends of Snider say that he feels betrayed he was under a different impression he finally saw a cut of the film in February and was said to be furious so is this it says he feels betrayed so does this mean that when they were going to him or talking to him about potentially sinking money they misled him or did he just not look into what this was actually going to be about right I I feel like he probably didn’t look into what this was going to be about it’s it’s funny he’s you would think as a guy who’s a businessman who’s made a bunch of different deals he’d want to know okay where’s my money going exactly where is this this being put toward but do you know how he got it’s it’s crazy I don’t think you know we always hear Jerry Jones and the oil money and everything else do you know how Dan SNY got rich no he started a an advertising company where they would buy up the wall space in like doctor’s waiting rooms and so those advertisem*nts you see on in a waiting room at a doctor’s office or you’re in the actual like room waiting for the doctor to arrive he just would buy that ad space in doctor’s offices and then sell it people but of course he didn’t he got like space in doctor’s offices like you then sell it to pharmaceutical companies or whatever else you basically I guess just purchase it’s how one of the ways that the office makes money but he had started doing it that way which seems like kind of a like I would have thought he was had a a more Savvy business background than than just that but he just owns the saying and I don’t think anyone can top him he’s the worst he’s just the freaking worst that’s it there not a positive there’s not anything glowing as a review he’s just the freaking worst he’s a he’s a he’s an evil cartoon character that’s what he is he’s an evil movie villain you uh you missed it while you were out he he tried to sell his house which was listed for like $40 million nobody wanted to buy it he reduced it to 30 nobody wanted to buy it so then he reduced to like 25 nobody wanted to buy it so then at that point the spin job that was released was Dan Snider has donated his home to cherity for cancer research so that they can sell it and generate the money but then tucked in the story there was like well he reduced the price like four different times and uh he ultimately nobody wanted to buy anything from him all right what Kyle’s listening tried to participate in this Guinness Book of World Records Kyle yman there we go I’m I’m so glad you had that that drop ready there pton uh yeah this was the Guinness book of world record attempt to set the uh record for most people with the same name at one Gathering this is in Kyle Texas which is interesting to me because I didn’t know this they had a note in there that Kyle Texas is actually the fastest growing uh City in the state of Texas which been there where is it it’s uh it’s like 30 minutes south of Austin I think is what it is but 205 miles from here 3-hour 10-minute drive or just a Tuesday night for you watching Keller play exactly so uh it’s actually it’s a it’s in the suburbs of Austin so I guess it’s not 30 minutes south but in Kyle Texas last year they tried to break the record of the most the collection of the most people with the same name they got 14 or like 1,500 different kyes out there that was short of the Bosnian record of 2325 Ivans that were together in 2017 I was about to say like Bosnia has the record for ky’s no no not KY had one name and it was Ivan but uh ultimately they they only got, 1500 last year so they made a big deal of I don’t know if you saw would see it on Facebook pton did you see any of that on social media where it’s like oh there a gathering of the kyes people were like it became a viral that people were sharing for over time and uh they actually lost half of Their audience only 706 kyes came together this year so you know Ivan’s out there you’re your record is safe because it does not appear there’s the the photo it definitely is a just a smattering of people as Ryan puts it up there on the fan cam in Kyle Texas how did he get that uh I I mean just Googled it probably real quick found it he’s fast he’s lightning quick man what was it last Thursday fan cam was not operating the sufficiently with Carter in here that that I know and Carter caught me in the hallway yesterday while leaving oh had some words to say about the show and the segment that you even heard replayed at 5:15 this morning yeah he he did have some words for you in the the hallway but it was more I felt like words for me even though they were for you it definitely felt like they were for me where he’s like Sean don’t hold back I consented to this recording it’s not like Bobby who secretly recorded me that was my problem but and I was like all right and we literally just walked in the elevator like pressing the button like yeah thanks Carter appreciate it thanks so much yeah the joke I was going to make since he gave me the green light when he was talking about why you having a second kid when all you do is [ __ ] about your first kid I was going to say of course you’re bitter about having children after your fiance dumped you that’s what I was going to say when I was being nice but then he said don’t hold back like he really emphasized it in the hallway he seems like the type that would they don’t hold back and then go well I didn’t know you were going to say that yeah that’s crossing the LIE well there’s a lie there is that what happened was it a fiance thing was it a fiance was he engaged it it was fiance or girlfriend I don’t remember it was longing relation it’s why he’s angry I know that uh redhead Payton you got to tell Shan really quickly before we wrap this up the the twitch ate this one up tell Shawn about the time that Carter really got mad at you what it was over oh dude like I don’t know if he just had a bad morning but like cuz I see him you know when I’m about to leave every morning he walks in and puts his stuff down sits you know where Ryan is in the back he does what he sits where Ryan is in the bag you he say the tricast or the fan cam and he just eats a poptart almost every morning blueberry and I know something very just basic and I said oh Carter blueberry again I see you know not changing it up like nothing bad about that like I swear I said just those words verbatim and he was like GD pton why do you always got to effing say this to me why why can’t you just say good morning and go about your day I mean he was pissed dude I mean like if it was if he said that to you I think you would have backhanded him you would have thrown a left hook right hook and put him in the grave we need to get some Dan Snider like I mean he just blueberry poptart posters and just outfit the walls back there with the F can twitch dude he does uh look I love Carter Carter’s got a screw loose though no doubt about it no doubt about it all right uh speaking of screws loose did you see what friend of the show Ryan Leaf did to an NFL Insider and Jerry you want leaves we may be getting another Dak Prescott Leaf to fall with a quarterback getting paid we’ll catch you up with all of it is this MAV season already a success the unlikelihood of Kyrie and Luca working out uh people are making all their Western Conference selection picks for the NBA playoffs at game one starting tomorrow night and the stars have their opponent as well that’s all next for the 6 a.m. club right here on the fan [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] rber has L of V products you got to remember that well you know they say in order to remember something you have to forget something else okay now that is a very cute haircut that’s like a little shag I’ve never seen that before well I mean of course you have it’s the Rachel oh is that your name no I mean like your name no I’m Jen my name’s Jen right but I just mean like this is your haircut but that’s hair on your head I’m not saying this is your hair okay freaking me out a little bit [Music] n [Music] turn it on leave it on with Shan and RJ right here on the fan good morning Metroplex shout out to the 6 a.m. Club Shan tree Bobby Bel with you in choppy’s chair for the entire week live on the fan cam twitch and YouTube thanks for being a too y’all that stands for turn it on leave it on you want leaves Jerry you want contract leaves well you may be getting another one with Trevor Lawrence as there are reports from Jeremy fer that Jacksonville in talks with the quarterback about a contract extension expected to pay him around $50 million a year and of course while I was out Jared G got his deal so Jared G possibly Trevor Lawrence at 50 million a year what does that do for Dak Prescott yeah we we had played a a clip last week from Tom peliso going on eisen’s show where the disc discussion had come up about hey are these when will we see a $60 Million Man and Tom peliso is McCarthy’s boy he’s one of the the McCarthy reporters yeah and so because he had uh gotten to know him when he was a just a beat Rider in uh Wisconsin that’s where he he got to know him so peliso had said that if you’re looking for the next 60 Mill or the first $60 million man he like ran through the candidates he’s like not Trevor Lawrence probably not Tua probably not these and listed it off said basically it would have to be Dak goes all the way to the spring goes all the way to free agency and then with a new cap would get 60 potentially he goes if it’s not him it’s probably stoud about 18 months from now that that would be the next guy stoud already gets 60 well I mean as a when you look at the fact that when he gets to the point where it’s time for him to get a deal done that 60 by then probably would be the new market Setter and when he be even be eligible for that in uh in roughly 18 months he would because it’d be the end of his third season or whatever it is and so that would be the one so peliso said Dak could get 60 but it’s only but CJ just had his rookie year yeah so it’s like so the next spring would be at the end of his second season so yeah it’s I don’t remember the timeline it’s whatever it is sorry sorry trve for accuracy here I’m trying to whatever it was I think I thought he said 18 months maybe it no it would have been yeah okay so he he had essentially said 182 months that it would be stoud next I know you’re sitting with me here not RJ so I’m going to double check I know I’m sitting here trying to think now I’m not typing in my text chain so yeah cuz eight months from now Sean would be the end of his second season so then you tack on another 12 so it’s 20 months it’s 18 to 20 months okay but the the daak deal would only be in the event that he gets to that deepen the the point and so if he gets an extension before then it sounds like according to peliso the Cowboys would not be willing to pay him 60 million a year they would pay him near the top of the market or pay him maybe 55 or something like that is what it sounded like but 60 wasn’t going to be there and I don’t know that Lawrence making 50 is enough to drive up Dak to 60 Goff making 53 is that enough to drive Dak up to 60 probably not it may it’s definitely he’s going to come in above that yeah but it hasn’t nobody’s really pushed the burrow number yet which is 56 I think right now nobody’s pushed that number up any further but a lot of times these agents look at it and they say okay what did burrow get burrow got 55 million okay well burrow getting 55 million on this particular salary cap means that adjusting for inflation with the new salary cap and the idea of he needs to be a dollar over him or a million dollars over him then adjusting for that you would say Dak is worth 60 that’s how the agent would argue and Dak may just say you know all this talk and discussion it’s it’s cute and I get it it’s all around relevant I want 60 so I have the power I have the leverage and you can just go without and move on to Tre Lance and another quarterback so that’s just what the number is period and I’m telling you what it is now fortunately Dak I think has said in some of these charity interviews beforehand he doesn’t have to make the most money he doesn’t have to reset the market necessarily necessarily that’s right he did add necessarily I forgot about that never mind because necessarily because I think it’s important what I think Dak is referencing there is do you want to call it 60 million annually I I don’t have to have a a smoke and mirrors number that says I make 60 million annually but maybe I want most cash in the first two years of a deal maybe I want this or that like he he probably defines richest or topof the market as a particular idea that hey if if the Cowboys want it to be this generally average annual value is how we all talk about it and judge it the reality for a lot of teams and agents is that’s just a phony number for public reporting what do you all think about 50 a year for Lawrence it’s a lot of money but I mean 50 a year on the current salary cap projections is 50 is going to be like the old 35 when Dak got 40 like it’s like paying Derek Carr essentially and so I mean that’s Lawrence has been we would say Lawrence has been a disappointment at this point right yes I mean he well don’t forget they were eight and three at one point last year I know year year year two the second half of year two he was he looked like he was a sending the right direction he had the big comeback against Herbert that’s all well and good but the reality is is that his record at this point when you when you want to talk about winning his record at this point is 20 and 30 the best year he’s ever had they went 9 and8 and his qbr has never been higher than 56 and 60 is generally thought of as like hey that’s a baseline for a good quarterback performance in a year so little bit below that the entire time had a big issue with turnovers last year through 14 interceptions uh and so I mean Lawrence to me is has been a disappointment and I don’t know that 50 though as a as a floor for him is enough to say well I’m 10 million better than than Lawrence I I think he’s got to they only affect the market when you get guys who are pushing close to that top market number look if if it was just in a vacuum I would say no like I would I would think about potential Replacements down the road because that’s so frightening and so scary you probably end up paying him but Trevor Lawrence has been a disappointment and in no way do I think of him yet as that dude part of it is expectations y but the other part of this to me is what his disappointment is from pton Manning comps yeah Andrew Luck comps what part of it disappointment but the other part of me says okay what if he would have gone 15th in that draft where M Jones went like are we I think still even going 15th and as the fifth quarterback or whatever it is yeah we would look at what he’s done and just been like yeah he’s fine but he’s not it’s not like he’s blown anybody away as the 15th overall pick like was Andrew Luck a disappointment to you man that’s hard because the injuries and I think when he was healthy Andrew Luck was pushing to be one of the best quarterbacks in the league like I think he was a little bit of a disappointment how would you compare Trevor Lawrence to Andrew Luck luck is better yeah no out yeah but how much better significantly to me I mean you’re talking about I agree year three which Trevor Lawrence just got out of year three year three Andrew Luck was 40 touchdowns for Indianapolis like he was he was way up there as one of the best like in terms of volume and and counting numbers and everything else he was right up there and when I mention the let’s see here Andrew Luck played in six seasons he was hurt for one of them if you if you take just the seasons where he was healthy every single one of his seasons is higher by seven to eight points on the qbr than Trevor Lawrence’s best year yeah so to me luck is luck was really good it’s just the health and everything else made it impossible for him to succeed all right in the world of NFL broadcasting Greg Olsen gets his demotion $7 million pay decrease with Tom Brady taking over the number one announcer role at Fox and of course his first game is going to be Cowboys Browns by the way how did y all break down the Cowboy schedule last week do you remember the number of wins the predictions that each of you had RJ is usually pretty good and and Nails just automatic 11 or 12 wins for the boys 12 is what RJ went with Wow uh pton I can’t remember did you have 11 I had 11 11 I had nine so I had them at nine and eight and gag went through the schedule gag had them at N9 and8 really mhm more because of the schedule or the schedule the schedule’s tough like they do have yeah Bobby had them starting I think four and six right uh I don’t remember specifically they they were I mean they’ve got a tough stretch they’ve got a really tough stretch from October to November where it’s like lions 49ers Texans like all in the stretch here and so uh ultimately like yeah part of it’s the schedule part of it’s also just they’ve shown no evidence that they got better and I mean there there’s a case to be made that they definitely got worse and so because of that it’s like man a lot of other teams around you did get better A lot of other competition around you got better everybody in the NFC East made moves in an attempt to try and get better will they play out that way we’ll see but everybody did something to try and get better in your own Division and within the conference and across the rest of the NFL you were the most hands-off team in the entire you were dabos Sweeny at Clemson that’s how you approach things so Greg olssen drops to the number two spot he’s going to make $7 million less and he said that Tom Brady hit him up for some advice or he had some chats with Tom over the broadcasting role and he also said there’s zero evidence to show that being a great player correlates with being a great announcer so that is now everyone’s sympathetic figure Greg Olsen who was already really really liked he’s going to be loved because of this role that he got pushed down to because Tom was gifted the number one chair yeah that’s pretty I mean is that tone deaf from Brady it depends who reached out it it was Brady was it yes cuz I was trying to see with what you sent that Tom reached out or Greg was like I’ve had some talks with him very important so he did say I had I had a chance to speak with Tom a couple weeks ago so obviously that’s all generic but when he says he was just kind of picking my brain that sounds like it was something initiated by Tom to me but yeah that’s really that’s that’s kind of ballsy like like I mean we’ve talked about how serious the tension was publicly and also just kind of the air about it between Sims and Romo when Romo got job you remember how awkward it was when Phil Sims is in the studio and they even made reference to it on his first broadcast Tony like looked sideways and was kind of uncomfortably sitting there as a joke but the idea the idea of that tension if Romo would have then gone to Phil Simpson been like hey this job that I’m kind of being gifted and handed could you tell me how to do it yeah right I mean Olson’s got to be a little bit like dude are you serious like I I publicly said I was going to make it difficult as hell for them to give the job back to you you know we had all a bunch of different people at Fox talking about man Greg olsson’s so great he’s going to make it hell on Tom to make sure he doesn’t get the job and then when Tom has just given the job he’s he immediately goes to Greg ol goes hey tell me how to do this job that I’m uh just being handed over for you I don’t I don’t think I don’t think Brady’s going to be great at it that’s another segment that’s another future segment with the buildup to Cowboys Browns to start things off on Fox and of course on this radio station 1053 The Fan Tom Brady and Jay-Z sat down to give some advice at the NFL rookie Symposium of course no advice could ever be Chris Carter with Warren Sap up there saying make sure you have a Fall Guy this was Tom Brady and Jay-Z with their rookie advice when you have 53 guys on a team and you think it’s about you it ain’t about you it’s about us and the biggest problem I see with a lot of the young players today you guys are making it too much about I am me because of social media because of branding and all that it’s mine you’re not going to win there was a difference between being a star and being a champion your talent gets you there you know your work ath the discipline takes you to where you want to be every day of practice is important you know why cuz when I was on the Patriots and we had 20 years winning every day was a big day I treated a preseason game I treated a regular season like it was a Super Bowl so when I got to the Super Bowl it was just another day for me you got to know who you are cuz those moments going to come going to be down 28 to0 zero you got to say all right I know who I am I’m going to go get it there should be nobody in your life that should have higher expectations for you than you you going to evolve or you’re not you going to keep evolving or you’re not and if you’re not the world still spins if you’re forever curious you always keep getting better so there you go with your life advice from H it’s it’s fine and HOV yeah uh I’m not a big HOV fan but it’s neither’s choppy call him a system rapper uh he’s not a system rapper he just he so you have Tupac and Biggie and Big L and all them die at the end of the 90s and then Big Pun dies and then he just kind of lazy sat there and was like oh I got the throne and he didn’t put out anything good until Nas actually challenged him with ether but I I think that it’s funny whenever you get these sort of sit Downs obviously you’re trying to to have them impart wisdom to the young guys and oh let’s bring in some Idols let’s bring in some guys who who have pull that these young players will actually listen to it’s also like what are you really going to tell them there that’s going to land like so much of it it’s it’s nice advice it’s great but I mean the whole little like The World Keeps spinning either way hey all 53 it just sounds like generic yeah statements that you you you know you’d read on like a uh like a poster on a bathroom wall or something like motivational thing that was the challenge I had in giving my high school commencement speech I’m like uh what can I say here that they’ll never forget because we’re all thinking the same thing sitting down to listen to this crap when’s this person going to shut up so we can go and drink our sane eyeses and our Mad Dogs when can we do this when are they going to shut the hell up and it’s like do I say one sentence and walk off the stage do I curse a lot uh what what do you do in that situation to be like wow that was memorable the answer is be like Harrison bucker what did what did you offer up what did you end up I cursed a decent amount I I kind of said some like really blunt things and and then I got a uh later report from the principal that I talked for too long that I went on for too long I thought it was entertaining I thought it was good but the uh ungrateful loser principal was not happy about it did you play it on the show no oh my gosh I I’m going to find that school and contact them and see if they have it 877 881 1053 is the Frankle and Frankle injury attorney text sign to hit us up here on DFW sports station the real Sports Experts of of course thank you reside in Las Vegas where pton Russell is going for the rest of the week what do the real experts think about the Mavs and stars chances that’s next miss any part of the boys this morning Uber has LOL of V products I got to remember that well you know they say in order to remember something you have to forget something something else okay now that is a very cute haircut that’s like a little shag I’ve never seen that before well I mean of course you have it’s the Rachel oh is that your name no I mean like your name no I’m Jen my name’s Jen right but I just mean like this is your haircut but that’s hair on your head I’m not saying this is your hair okay freaking me out a little bit [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] for [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] a [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] look [Music] here on 1053 the fans segment here brought to you by state of the rwe loss that’s soda cars for kids donate today at cars for for kids.org and also brought to you by the personal injury lawyers Frankle and Frankle if you’ve been injured in a car or truck wreck call Frankle first 214 or 817 3333333 with Frankle Frankle there is never an out of- pocket cost they only get paid when you win Frankle Frankle the go-to car recck attorneys in Dallas now it’s leand drle waiting Bard onetime ripped one rebound newon Hopkins scores Ryan newon Hopkins power play goal three nothing Edmonson in game seven but they had to hang on as the Canuck score two to make the Oilers sweat a little bit but Edmonton does win game seven and they will get the Dallas Stars starting Thursday night 7:30 puck drop at the American Airlines Center good morning Metroplex 6: a.m. Club shout out to you we want to hook you up with Rangers Tigers tickets during the 7:00 Expressway for turning it on leaving it on shant alongside our Cowboys Insider Bobby Roberto belt chopp is out for the week on vacation we got Peyton and ryy in the back so we’re set game one would you like to know uh who money Puck says should have won that game last night Sean no well too bad I’m going to tell you anyway okay the Canucks should have won the game is what money Puck is saying they’re saying on their deserve to win a meter which is a thousand game simulations based on the goal opportunities and everything else said 62% of the time the Canucks should win that game and they ultimately lose the expected goals in this actually were 2.8 for the Canucks to 2.2 for the Oilers so the Canucks had better opportunities just ultimately we’re not as fortunate as the Oilers so the website was wrong no that’s the whole point of this is It’s to tell you who actually played better who deserved to win who blew their opportunity and this is telling you that the Canucks blew their opportunity well I’m going to listen to Vegas and bet online sent me the numbers on the odds to win the Stanley Cup now this was before game seven last night pton Russell we are going to turn it on over to you who did Vegas have as the favorites to Hoist the cup it will be the president Trophy winner the New York Rangers that is incorrect money Puck the Dallas Stars the Dallas Stars were actually the favorites at 9 to5 plus 180 he’s been such an anti-st Stars person this entire the whole time you were out he was talking crap about the Stars legitimately was picking Colorado he’s like they just can’t hang on the ice with Colorado like was just so dismissive that game messed me up going up 3 0 and then losing 43 in OT cuz I stayed up late for that game and I was in a grumpy mood in the morning after and it ruined me but you know go Stars baby so the stars are followed by who to win it all it’s got to be the Rangers incorrect no Bobby the Oilers no panthers Florida Panthers at 9 to4 so they were right behind the Stars 9 to5 for the Stars Florida 9 to4 then pton New York Rangers then Edmonton and Vancouver had the worst odds of all and they are now of course officially eliminated so bye-bye see you later now we move on to the NBA the favorites to win it all the Boston Celtics yes 5 to8 heavy favorites at minus one60 followed by the Timberwolves yes at 13 to5 plus 260 of course followed by the Dallas Mavericks at 5 to1 if you believe they’re going to have another magical 2011 run you got them at 5 to1 and then the Indiana Pacers Who start tonight against the Celtics are 28 to1 I’m curious cuz you just referenced it there and I guess this isn’t a an angle we’ve talked about yet on this which is the idea of would we consider this like a magical run cuz I think Clippers we felt Clippers and Thunder we felt pretty good about and and Minnesota feels like a coin flip it leans Minnesota but yep it’s a good question my answer to that would be no not a magical run they beat Boston it would be probably and if they would have beat Denver but I don’t know I like there there’s a lot of chatter all the chatter yesterday I saw it felt like 9010 people say in Minnesota here’s what the odds were before the season started just so you know how far some teams have come the Celtics were the co- favorites with Milwaukee to win the championship at 4 to one the Mavs were the eighth favorite at 25 to1 the Timberwolves were the 15th favorite at 55 to1 so if you’re in Minnesota and you were loving the Wolves you could have gotten them at 55 to1 the Pacers were 250 to1 of course that was before the seum trade now as for the series the favorite pton thinks it should be the Mavericks that of course uh I think a ridiculous take I called it yesterday in terms of who Vegas was going to set as the favorite very legler take of you very legler take kind of hedging it a little bit Minnesota what a stupid ass tape Minnesota minus 175 so that’s about a 63% chance to win the series according to Vegas 63% chance the Celtics have a what percent chance paye of beating Indiana 83 89 minus 820 that is the line for that series and I’m I’m in a very March Madness type struggle with Indiana Boston like look and and I had this with the Nicks as well the New York Knicks besides the Mavericks were my number one reason to watch playoff B basketball this year at the Garden like the garden atmosphere and what the New York crowd did in Philadelphia to embarrass filthy and those freaking meatballs with Angelo cataldi I love tuning in for the electricity which Rick Rick carow praised after the series and I got little secret rooting for for Carla in the back of my mind I want Indiana to like win tonight and steal the first two games in Boston in a dream scenario I I don’t know like if I want Indiana in the final now I’ll take them in the final if the Mavericks get there but if the Mavericks don’t get there I don’t want to see wolves Pacers I probably I think I would want to see Boston in the championship just like you want to see the better teams ultimately advance in March Madness in the final four so I’m at a little bit of a struggle right there with that but I want I want the Pacers to win tonight I I mean I I know the NBA does not want the Pacers in there that would be like Pacers Timberwolves that feels probably like what MLB was looking at last year when they were like please don’t give us Texas and Arizona where it’s it’s the same sort of energy Boston and Dallas would be the poll for them I I do think like I think there is some vulnerability with the way Boston’s played during the playoffs though I don’t know if it’s just I don’t know if it’s just completely they now they’re 8-2 in the playoffs so far but I don’t know if it’s just they’re a little asleep at the switch they’re not as motivated they’re not getting up for some of these games but there’s a there’s a choker label hanging over the Celtics head because of what’s happened the past couple of years even though they made a finals and I think that I mean what we’ve looked at in both these Series so far they’ve lost one of the first two games in Boston to a Miami team that had no business beating them and in reality a Cleveland team that had no business beating them Cleveland pushed them pretty far without Donovan Mitchell in there in game five yes and so to me like Indiana seems like one of those teams everything we’ve seen from them during this playoff run Indiana seems like one of those teams where they’re not going to let you off the hook if you do that so if Boston gives them an opening Indiana can absolutely take one of these first two Jason kid was asked if he was surprised that the Wolves knocked out the Champs not surprised they are very good team well coached um Chris is one one of the he’s one of the best coaches in this league and Micah has stepped in uh to help uh you can see how good their coaching staff is but we got to see them in Abu Dhabi and we thought they were one of the best teams in the league then and uh they shown that on the road in in Denver winning game seven so not surprised they got a really good team and this is going to be a tough opponent oh Colin cardd would not approve of Jason kid in the backwards hat again at the press conference I I like too that not very businesslike I I like his his Scouting Report there which coaches are always going to give you coach speak but he’s like man when we saw them in pre-season basketball in Abu Dhabi we knew this is one of the best teams in basketball yes yesterday we had a great concern that the number one Mavs fan in the National media had turned on us because I was watching the segment when Jay Williams and Mike Greenberg and Tim legler were picking who’s going to win the NBA championship and legler and Jay Williams picked Minnesota Greenberg picked the massholes in Boston well Tim legler let’s let’s let’s play the audio of this cuz he felt like he had to go ahead and retrack slash clarify on social media this is Tim legler on the all NBA podcast I can see why people would think Minnesota should be based on what they just accomplished but I think Dallas has the answer for their defense I think they’ve got the answer they’ve got they’ve got the right star and they’ve got the right co-star and more importantly this these are the two best defenses that I think I’ve seen in the postseason wow now legler had also said yesterday that he cuz he went on Twitter was like oh I need to clarify cuz everybody’s freaking out at me but he had said that basically a producer had said something his explanation was a little let me read I’ll read the exact tweet sitting here trying to decipher this Mavs Wolves series this morning on get up I was asked who should be the favorite to win it all and I said wolves because they’ve earned the right to be viewed that way but I was not asked who I believe wins the series and my answer to that is in all capital letter d a l l a s very weird clarification because if you were asked who should be the favorite to win it on you say the wolves that makes me think that you think that the wolves are the better team they’re going to win yeah like is he just talking about from a who should be a Vegas like betting odds favorite like he’s talking about it from that technical standpoint not who he thinks is going to win but well who should be given deference with Vegas’s odds I guess that’s what he’s saying which seems a little odd that that’s the direction he would go but he his explanation he talked about it yesterday I know to at one point he said a producer just chirped in his ear and just was like who should be the favorite he just U Minnesota should be and he’s like and I meant that because you know they they’ve beaten the Champs but I think Dallas can absolutely beat him it’s like that just seems like a weird roundabout way that it’s almost more confusing to me than it had been so very weird I I don’t know what his his thought process was we’ve all I’m sure had the issue where you’ll be on the air you’ll be talking about something Payton chirps in your ear says something kind of throws you off for a sec or whatever else and so I mean I get that aspect of it that you’re a little thrown off but to say no I said exactly what I meant to say and it was just a confusing question then all the TNT guys the other night made their picks with Barkley Kenny Ernie and Vince Carter in for Shack I said what’s Your Gut telling you about this series kind of kind of as a way of saying who do you like oh who do I like I still I like Minnesota I think this is going to be a fabulous series oh no we fabulous it’s going to get them I like the Wolves okay you didn’t how That’s Not Unusual oh no we don’t need that I I have I have I have man say it will be the Minnesota Timberwolves would be the favorite I don’t know but I might change my mind favorite I got to think about it a little more I agree there’s some kind of vibe surrounding the Timberwolves this year I mean when you you have that kind of year your your coach gets a knee injury and he’s addressing his troops on crutches and you come back and you and you win this series coming back the way they did in Denver I just have a feeling Minnesota is going to the NBA finals thank you Ernie for actually being someone willing to give an opinion man Kenny what are you doing come on stop being so soft the Wolves play-by-play voice Alan Horton will join us at 8:00 this morning to preview after we hook you up with Rangers Tigers tickets and a Mavs Wolves high low at 9 with Cory majors in studio but he’s heading out to Vegas for the rest of the week after Today’s Show so we have a special too Tuesday edition of the payload starring Payton Russell next coming up in the next gag Nation it’s a Tuesday we have your stars Western Conference Finals opponent we continue to get your [Music] w he [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] I think it’s true but you’ve got to forget something else to remember that Uber Eats has groceries no that’s absurd hey remember when you used to be a what was it a pepper lady pepper lady wasn’t it cinnamon sisters M basil babes saffron Squad nutmeg maidens precur no nutmeg maidens I just said that was it Spice Girls doesn’t sound right was it seon Squad [Music] oh [Music] [Applause] [Music] I [Music] by classic Shar Chet Classic Chevrolet and gravine is the number one Chevy dealer in the world more Silverados than anyone else this is Texas this is Classic Chevrolet together let’s drive relax enjoy the difference based on new Chevrolet registrations 2023 okay am I hearing this right the morning show is letting pton Russell have his own segment I just don’t get it we’ve known pton for years he’s horrible on the mic I mean Gathering the foreigners this is going to be a train wreck daddy does work work and Payton just does board offing nope it is not Thursday it’s the first ever Tuesday edition of the payload yeah and I knew when I got the text from Sean last night I knew he had been dying to get back to the payload he did not want to miss it three weeks in a row Sean’s been out with baby Duty the last you know two weeks he missed the two payloads I got to be honest when you sent your payload topics last night I thought he was just strong arming a segment I didn’t know you told him to do it you thought he got his days mixed up no I thought he was just like well I’m going to be out clearly sea wants the segment so I’m going to prep for it now even though you guys and the boss said that he basically quit the past two weeks with effort level did he put it into the payload how was the payload uh unmemorable I don’t even remember what last Thursday was Bobby was out of the studio he wasn’t even here he was late um that’s right it it was really good I thought I thought this had some really good topics um oh no he was uh you you were the one who played the Harrison buter stuff right yeah that’s how we talked about it yeah he like he got he was like his three topics he brought up he got killed on the Fant text for his take on all three of them yeah the one about Jimmy Fallon I got I got roasted for what was Jimmy Fallon take he had told his daughters who are nine and 10 uh he told him that he’s not buying them Taylor Swift tickets cuz he wants them to earn them and I thought that was a little bit of a they’re nine and 10 you know said you’re ruining their life is what he said uh well okay and my thing was people were saying oh you know pton he grew up rich you know he didn’t have to deal with the money issues is like okay I’m not talking to the you know us you know regular people it’s Jimmy found like he’s got the money to do it buy your daughter the tickets if they were 19 and 20 they had work the day in their life then okay make them work for n and 10 I agree with you I thought you were going to counter back and say I didn’t grow up rich but no you you let that one slide around his home yeah so uh I I agree with you on that and I don’t know what you said about bucker but anyway I just wanted to know Bobby said a lot all right guys well look we’re all grocery shopping people and maybe you know Sean you now have a butler that goes grocery shopping for you I have a wife for that I love grocery shopping I and I don’t like going with Amanda to the grocery store cuz when I go to Costco and I just want to go to the meat section and sit there for 15 or 20 minutes she’s getting cold and the kids can’t be there and I’m like just go to another section or you know what after the show I’m just going to go by myself I’m going to go to Costco bu myself 15 20 I even bought a new computer at Costco last we wow yeah I drop I drop mad cash at Cost One Stop Shop yep okay so when I go to the grocery store I’ve never gone to socialize right we talked last week I had a story about you know people kind of finding their lover at the grocery store um in a way and so when I go I’m trying to get in get out not talk to anyone I’m just trying to go and here’s a story this is Fox 5 in Georgia of a lady who went into a grocery store into Whole Foods to go shopping and a man saw her and um well did the unthinkable the victim says this happened during what was supposed to be a routine trip to Whole Foods but the unthinkable happened horrified and enraged just no words disgusted Dr Sabine level a plastic surgeon here in metro Atlanta is still processing what happened to her during a trip to this Whole Foods on Peach Tree Boulevard in shambley Saturday I was going to pick up a couple things I see this gentleman walking down the aisle who’s pretending to be shopping and he’s holding a basket and he looked kind of like a normal gentleman like late 20s early 30s nothing like extra suspicious about him she says she then reached for a bag of chips but felt something on her back I bent over to grab the chips and as I was doing that I felt something like wet and warm on my back and so I grabbed my I put my hand on the small of my back and then I saw that it was like this gooey you know white substance and I turned around and I see this guy looking at me and then he Zips his pants up level tells Fox 5 once she realized what happened She chased the man before calling police I wanted to draw as much attention as possible to the situation so that there would be a lot of witnesses shambley police say a witness saw the man drive off in a black Kia investigators tell Fox 5 they identified a person of interest and the investigation is ongoing so let me say this before you get fired going to Vegas Payton asked me multiple times can we play this are you sure and I thought the newscast did a tremendous job of staying away from like the ultimate danger zones that you would step in right there but that’s what happened a physician in Atlanta had that happened to her at a Whole Foods whole check as Matt Pitman calls it uh and then he gets off in the car and drives away what I also texted to the group afterwards was that story won’t get us in trouble the possible comments that Bobby makes will get us in trouble so you don’t need to be funny guy here with your nuu afterwards I think the story speaks for itself no not not even one I I can’t just out a Whole Foods though you think of all of all the grocery stores not that you’re like oh my I can see that happening here or there this is not going to happen at Whole Foods no way right yeah like I mean if you’re going to I don’t want to identify uh wait did we actually get an arrest here is this who it was that was arrested and charged up on the fan cam go Ry look at that Ryan finishing the story uh doing more work doing more work than the uh Louisiana uh Louisville Police Department let’s see Troy kalist arrested in charge Whole Foods wow got it I used to live on Peach Tree uh in Austin so yeah no I I definitely there are some stores where if you told me somebody had a macadamian popped on their back I would believe it and it would it would not be Whole Foods uh that’s not just one of the ones that I would go to all I could think about was lucius’s segment during this story that’s all I could think of when paye sent this yesterday did lucious do it I don’t know oh I’m not sure send the Audio I think he would have a field day with this story it feels like it feels like a story that Lucius would absolutely do in LA life I’m looking up well I’ll just keep my comments to myself after I’ve looked up her pictures but I saw her in the news story I didn’t watch the video so we just had the audio there so I’m just Googling photos of her now well I don’t think any photos that you’re looking at matter in this case no I know I’m just looking that’s why I just said I had no comment had no comment it was a crime it was awful this guy was not looking at the front of her face while doing this that was not in his uh that was not in his you know what move on all right well we go from grocery shopping uh and we’ll stay with the food category here look we all have a food that we’re addicted to right Sean maybe it’s the meats the steaks Bobby um grilled cheese maybe I don’t know what’s on your your food plate that cuz you don’t let the food touch right it’s got to be divided yeah pretty much it can’t touch and it gets scooped out if it does man my parents crapping on my steak I made the other day I made it some ribey some New York strips my mom’s like H you know it’s a little a little better on the grill my dad’s like ah were you in control of the salt level here a little bit too salty I was like I was very ungrateful very ungrateful parents I’m like go ahead eat eat up all the steak and meat that Maryland is known for keep eating your crab imperial and shut it up so this is a lost student at New York University and she went into rehab not because of drugs but because she has an addiction with cheese now I’ve said this before many times cheese can go on just about anything and make the meal twice as good burgers you know I think I think tun them out I think so you put it on like chicken bowls chicken as well you throw like queso on chicken you know carneada I love carneada you throw that on there cheese makes just about any meal taste better with meat in it obviously you can’t put on like cereal or something that Bobby would eat you know nice but and this girl she went to rehab she spent $10,000 in a 2E stay at cheese rehab in hill and Head South Carolina she spent 10 grand to get over her cheese addiction now it doesn’t say like how many times she’s eating cheese but I imagine it’s you know breakfast lunch and dinner just about but for an a food addiction you’re spending 10 grand to get over it I feel like this isn’t you know I would just keep the addiction going it’s not it’s not drugs it’s food Bobby yeah but I mean cheese absolutely you consume too much of it um you’re talking about taking years off your life so constipation I I understand the det it’s got to be good for you right look at again Ryan just immediately with uh photos of she doesn’t like she she doesn’t look like she eats a lot of cheese yeah but let’s see the waist down we’re just seeing her holding up to uh she’s like 22 23 you yeah I don’t know this could be fake for attention um where is so this is is this a do they specialized specifically in cheese rehab or are they a rehab facility that they have Specialties within it I had no idea this was even a give me another rehab that you’ve heard of that you roll your eyes at of course it all started with tiger and the sex rehab is everyone now believer in sex rehab that it’s something you need to be rehabilitated for and give me another text on the Frankle and Frankle injury attorney text sign that that you’ve heard someone need rehab for cuz cheese to me is probably number one of a joke over over sex oh yeah cheese is definitely cheese rehab is much Dumber than sex cuz phone like video game/ phone I could see that I could see that being a thing yeah cuz to me don’t you need to go see a dietician like instead of like rehab like like a trainer you would think like I guess anything can be an addiction anything can be an obsession but like to me definitely when we talk about the sex rehab thing this is just the truth you are are not the same person before and after in a lot of instances when you’re you’re about to do that act and so like I mean you start making broccoli and Whole Foods you start making all sorts of justif yeah like I mean the poor woman was in the section where you get the cilantro and the vegetables and the little mister and she just thought it was the mister that got her in back of her head coming down over here by the way they the fan text really came in with some strong some strong comments on this one yeah they said in said Whole Foods 714 said whole goo oh okay that’s good she said gooey I can say gooey go ahead Peyton back to you go to the next yes read what the other addictions are that people have laughed at uh ones that they’ve heard of uh 972 uh adult entertainment uh that one 469 sleep rehab sleep rehab uh 469 cheese is a type of drug wow uh let’s see here uh 903 let’s be honest gu food is an addiction what was true what what is soda’s take on cheese cheese you can have cheese you can’t have dairy and so yeah that that’s one of the things that made the the cereal eating really hard I had eat Dry Cereal you want a nice date if you love cheese it’s going to sound really hoyy toyy um but you live in rock wall good good point from 469 cheese what I was about to say didn’t matter I thought that was it I thought I said you want a real good idea you want you want something this going to sound really Hoy toyy dott sorry sorry finish like your whole go ahead finish like your was so annoyed with you last night no I was I was reading the fantex somebody had great that cheese could be Tylenol with Heroin how do we know this is not a drug addiction that she’s going to rehab for man set up set up some grapes and cheese plate paye shakuri a Sherie board she loves white wine get some awesome white wine with it and just have that out there a big ass cheese plate man like I don’t know there’s something about like grapes and cheese that go together I guess that’s the wine tie in you got anything else um yeah we’ll go one last story here real quick so I’m obviously going out to Vegas tomorrow uh morning and I’ll be on a flight and there’s studies that show that the altitude that when you’re in the airplane changes the taste of foods your sweetness uh taste buds decrease whenever you’re higher in the air and I think that’s extremely interesting now I want to ask you guys are you much of a food person when you’re on the flight do you have to have a drink a beverage or what food item do you have to have when you’re on a flight or can you just be like me and just go the flight without anything what did you cry about that you left on the plane that someone ate or it was a $15 candy yeah I don’t know it’s like raisinets or something cannot remember the last time I ate a an actual like legit food meal on the plane I’m scared to choppy has scared me uh onion smell on a sandwich has scared me I feel like even if you get something that smells awesome people are like looking and staring at you so I cannot remember the last time that I brought like the I have to eat it in the terminal I have to eat it outside the gate I cannot take a sandwich or anything hot onto a plane I’ll usually carry a drink onto the airplane like I’ll take a co*ke Zero or something like that but no food I mean on the uh the Cowboys plane uh when we’re on road trips they’re serving up food to everybody like I mean everybody’s ordering dinner so that one is not nearly as like it’s already going to make the whole plane smell like food well you care taking a meal on there something to eat what’s the last thing you’ve eaten on a plane with that little stupid tray well so I’ve never had to actually pay for my meals cuz when I fly first class they’re usually just given to me so uh the last meal I had was when I went to Ireland in the UK and it was I think roast beef and mashed potatoes how cheap he is and then he’s like dou you are he’s not cheap you’re a got go with B SE are you flying first class tomorrow uh no okay well then shut up mommy and daddy aren’t on the flight 8778 see group 877 881 1053 thanks for being a total that’s St turn it on leave it on more bad news for Rangers pitching and more bad news for my girl and her w NBA career start plus a Rangers ticket giveaway during the expressway that’s next [Music] [Music] do you think it’s true that you’ve got to forget something else to remember that Uber Eats has groceries no that’s absurd hey remember when you used to be a what was it a pepper lady pepper lady wasn’t it cinnamon sisters M basil babes saffron Squad nutmeg maidens pre Cur no nutmeg maidens I just said that was it Spice Girls doesn’t sound right was it seon Squad [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] w [Music] [Music] [Music] la la [Music] [Music] turn it on leave it on with Shan and RJ right here on the fan 5 Seconds roic blasted it was tempted to the for quter and edmon has won game seven 3 to2 the Oilers advance to the Western Conference Final they’ll play Dallas Thursday night this game this series is over that caus you could guess from Oilers radio good morning Metroplex it’s Sean and Bobby with you for the rest of the week we have a Rangers Tigers ticket giveaway coming up in the 720 Expressway when we go commercial free 3 nothing was the lead for Edmonton Vancouver scores two to come back and make it close but the Canucks go down and now it will be Connor McDavid against the Dallas Stars Thursday daac for game one many of you asked for it you wanted it you wanted wanted the best player in hockey well now you’re going to get him did a lot of toos text that yesterday A lot of people did want the Oilers and a lot of it was just due to the fact that you know they felt like Vancouver was too good defensively or had you know the best goalie and now their goalie wasn’t going to be able to get back until I think game three or something like that but I mean ultimately this is uh this is what you’re asking for now look when I uh when I went to the golden knights Oilers game and scouted in advance on these Oilers they just I don’t know they didn’t look built for it to me they they didn’t look like they were ready to take on the stars and so this is a good opportunity you picked all that up in the four minutes of game action you actually watch yeah I mean like that’s that’s how choppy Recaps baseball games he watches those four-minute highlights and then he gets enough from it so I do the same thing with hockey and uh now I know that uh they’re they’re not built to take on the Stars this is a this is a trip to the Stanley Cup waiting to happen let’s just fast forward the stars were 2 and one against the Oilers during the regular season on November 2nd they won 43 on the Road on April 3rd they blasted them 5 nothing at the AAC and then they lost 4-3 in overtime in mid-February Matt duain had four points two goals and two assists against the Oilers and duchaine was talking about how badly he wants to win the cup for Pete dor and the Vets he has just been just the whole coaching staff I mean I’m so blessed to play for them and we’re blessed to have him as a coach and you know there’s a lot of people that you know do I want to win a cup for myself absolutely but I think I want to win it more for other guys in that room I mean guys like Jamie Ben and Joel pavelski and Ryan suder and and Pete and just so many guys that that deserve to win CU they’re such great people and you know that’s a responsibility that has probably been heavy on me at times but um it means a lot to me and and it doesn’t matter whether the Puck’s going in or it’s not I think you know you block shots you hit you you just try and do the right things to help the team win no matter what’s going on and because he ow we owe it to those guys so it’d be really great to do it for those guys the Texas Rangers Are Back In Action today on this radio station with a 5:00 pregame first pitch against the Philadelphia Phillies at 5:40 and Bobby oh we got some more bad pitching news when it comes to the early surprise start of the Season yeah so it it’s funny you know we had we thought we had some good news coming down the pike with Max Scherzer and then we hear oh okay you’ve got the issue now where there’s a Nerf problem we’re still waiting around for deg Grom and and Mali and all these other pitchers to come back well Cody Bradford who we were all kind of wondering like is this even a guy who can who can hang in the rotation at this point and then came in and was dominant early on before he got hurt well they are now putting a pause on Cody Bradford’s recovery uh the Rangers announced that even though it hadn’t gotten any worse and Bradford had talked to reporters on Sunday said it wasn’t anything where there was more pain or anything else it’s just it’s not healing right now so the stress fracture has not gotten any better in his ribs since April 14th so the Rangers next step in this process than this recovery is just we got to shut you down so his rehab has completely been put on hold and they’re kind of in a holding pattern now but man it’s just bad luck after bad luck for the Rangers in terms of with injuries and rehab and these timelines that they’ve put out for for a lot of these injures other than Seager Seager came back quicker it felt like than we had initially anticipated but other than that it’s just been a rough run for them and this is not the right time to be taken on filthy they are five games up in the East they’re 34 and 14 they’re 8-2 in their last 10 and they’ve won three straight fortunately for us John Gray is on the mound so John Gray out there to try to cool off the Phillies John Gray has been absolutely crucial to what the Rangers have been doing this year like any amount them even being around 500 right now is in large part to a lot of the way that John gry has kind of held things down in the rotation since everybody started getting hurt like if you look over the course of this season his erra I think since the first start of the Year where he had put up a uh he put up five runs in three Innings since that start his ra has gone down every single start that he’s made since then his ra is 13 since the first game of the season he’s been absolutely fantastic little gambling update for parlay Otani uh a former shoh teammate David Fletcher caught gambling with the same bookie as otani’s interpreter so that’s another tie in to the shohi betting skin but I mean shoi knew nothing you know he’s uh he just he donates gloves to needy children and is just the best teammate and things like that David Fletcher is now in the minor so a player who bets on baseball games in which they did not participate subject to a one-year suspension bet on the own games you’re banned for life uh so this guy though he’s in the miners so yeah but I mean he he clearly learned his betting ways from shohi I think that that’s clear look you they’re they’re clearly trying to push people away as soon as they’re connected to Otani so the interpreter well you’re getting shipped off and and out of the country or whatever else uh Fletcher you’re going to get sent down to Altuna or wherever the AAA team is there for the Angels but this is again like obviously it’s not any sort of a Smoking Gun but it is a bad look when it’s like well this is the same teammate who The Interpreter had bet with the same bookie like it’s it’s a tough connection to continue to make but I mean this has seemingly gone away for them it’s a Scotty sheffler situation we’re just going to bury it some leftover free agent fits at say yesterday Michael Thomas was thrown on over to the Dallas Cowboys yeah it’s funny I like you were always pretty low on Michael Thomas right you weren’t as big of a fan of his Michael Thomas is a is it’s it’s a lowercase L that I have to take against Pat dony screw you for uh bringing that up uh the next time you use it’s funny as a crutch phrase I am going to call it out um but yeah I I had an Amari Cooper Michael Thomas war with the great pat doni I know maybe I can use injuries RJ choppy injury excuse I never got to see it I never got to see what Michael Thomas play out on the field but everyone said he was a product of Drew Brees Shawn Payton system and that has proven to be correct 100% honest I thought that you were with me on the Michael Thomas take and that’s why I brought it up is that I didn’t realize that that I thought Pat dony had the other side of the tank is why Pat Pat Pat was crapping on uh crapping on Michael Thomas a little bit Matt Bowen had the best NFL team fits for remaining free agents trade candidates things like that and it’s funny he’s got sorry there’s my crutch there it’s funny no he does have Stefon Gilmore here and his best fit his former team the Panthers so no reunion coming with Dallas but he does mention Michael Thomas here as the best fit being the Cowboys which how far have you fallen Michael Thomas where you’re setting an NFL record for receptions and people are talking about well that’s maybe the best receiver in the NFL to where the description of Michael Thomas signing with the Cowboys in this article is in Mike McCarthy’s offense Michael Thomas could compete with Jaylen tolber for the number three role alongside CD lamb and Brandon Cooks he can align as a boundary X and show his ability to work the seams out of the slot he caught 39 passes in 2023 for 448 yards and a touchdown but that’s just what a fall where people are talking about you like oh that’s Marvin Harrison or oh that’s just you know one of the most prolific receivers in the NFL to I don’t know that you could beat out Jaylen Tolbert but sure could try by if you like come on in here we we’ll give you an opportunity look I actually wouldn’t hate it if you wanted to go out there and get him he’s got some chemistry issues oh he is a personality he is known for you got to remember he came off that Urban Meyer team he was on that Urban Meer team with Zeke and everybody else out of Ohio State that were big sometimes entitled personalities but I think he and Zeke actually are pretty close and so I mean there’s a friend here there’s an ally here and if he can still play sure throw it out there you do need receivers little bit of a rough start probably my biggest regret in being out the last two weeks was not the continued playoff runs for the Dallas Mavericks and the Dallas Stars not any big major breaking news it was missing the coverage of the beginning of the great ones career oh Caitlin goes down and is grabbing at her left ankle oh no and Clark slams the chair and is going right back to the locker room Caitlyn Clark twist the ankle but triumphantly returns in the second half as the Indiana Fever fall to 0 and four and even I’m kind of getting sick of some of the Caitlyn Clark coverage it is nonstop nonstop I saw a little audio clip it appears like she was complaining about her teammates to her head coach uh Sabrina is it iuu iesu uh she’s she’s kind of uh she’s kind of getting her comeuppance starting off in the uh in the WNBA and her team has not won a game yet she’s averaging 17 points a game yeah look uh I I mean clearly she must have played really well if the only highlight pton could pull off of the clipping services was Caitlyn Clark rolls her ankle and she’s walking to the back of the locker room no she hit a bomb she hit the second longest three in the WNBA this year yeah okay you know that it’s fantastic look broken clocks and blind squirrels the Caitlyn Clark Story that’s what we have here uh it it is a little I mean she had a double double in her first game 20 points 10 turnover it was really impressive what she because those other scrubs can’t catch her Magic Johnson type passes that’s actually what it appeared like she was complaining to her coach about and the coach was like give him time give him time I’m like ooh that’s a that’s a bad look she looks a little sounds look looks a little entitled out there so far look I mean it’s a how often do we talk about this pton how many segments did we do while Shawn was out where we talked about just the competition leap from the NCAA to the WNBA it’s a different brand of basketball and did you guys about her debut no no because I had a high two highlights down and Bobby refused to play it I’m not in charge of the show choppie is his name’s on the show ask him so I no I I think that look it’s uh she she’s been incredibly impressive uh I I think that what we’re seeing is just the talent of the W I will say this no joke the discussion we’ve had about could she scored an NBA game maybe throttle back a little when she’s clearly being overwhelmed by the WNBA 23 zone or whatever the hell is there I don’t know I’m not watching any of the games I I just I assume that’s what they’re playing 877 881 1053 is the Franklin Franco injury attorney text line what was up with Ryan Leaf this shook me last night when you sent this one of y’all sent it Ryan Leaf going after Jay Glazer which we interviewed Glazer out at one of one of the big reasons why we get Jay Glazer at Superbowl or he’s got availability there is because of his like like because of the mental health stuff that he does and the therapy and he’s a big advocate for all of that stuff and he’s really attached himself to that and Ryan Leaf was once described Ryan Leaf once described Jay Glazer as his mentor well not So Much Anymore yesterday there was a tweet out there a clip from 60 Minutes or something where Michael Phelps talked about how great Jay Glazer has been for his mental health and and they mental health buddies now Ryan Leaf quote tweets this and says Glazer is a fraud when it comes to anything mental health or Wellness related he uses it for his benefit and really isn’t invested in any of it unless it benefits him and his brand Phelps is an inspiration but it gives me pause that he muddies his mind with that con man wow and look I mean wow what Jay Glazer is done to the mental health of Cowboys fans after recommending Mike McCarthy for the job God Bobby it’s it’s I see the leap Ryan Leaf made man you can’t go after someone I think the the only people who can go after maybe someone’s mental health issues is someone like who has been who’s been as big an advocate as Ryan Leaf has but Michael Fels is like breaking down and getting emotional over his relationship with Glazer over this subject what caused Ryan Leaf to lash out and what is Jay Glazer going to do in response that has clearly gone sideways and Glazer is not typically the type of guy that I would want to say hey you’re a fraud like especially to his face I wouldn’t want to say any of that uh yeah where where you were taunting him at the uh the picnic tables because of you and follow was not my fault was not my fault you were in my ear you and Tif follow you it’s you got to take responsibility for your own actions Sean everything you need to know is that what your former therapist who you fired told you Sandler fired her actually I was happy to go to her Sandler’s like your mental health Bobby I don’t care about it stop going to her everything Jared Leaf yeah everything you need to know on a too Tuesday and what you need to know coming up next we’re about to go commercial free and we’re going to hook you up with Rangers Tigers tickets next on Shan and RJ 1053 The Fan stay tuned for the hookup and of course you’re going to get hooked up when you head on over to get one of the awesome barbecue Platters at herado how about the El Patron [Music] [Music] n [Music] [Music] oh [Music] n [Music] a [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] la [Music] a [Music] a [Music] [Music] n [Music] commercial free up until 8:00 here on your home of the Rangers and cowboys of course we are all focused on the Mavericks and the Stars game one of the Western Conference Finals will take place in Minnesota tomorrow night 7:30 Mavs at wolves and as we continue our preview here on Sean and Bobby choppy out for the week in Mexico we you kind of came up with a list of the unlikeliest sports pairings to work out after the way that luuk and Kyrie have turned into uh Kumbaya yeah it’s you know when the Luca trade or when the Kyrie trade was made there was a lot of discussion about how well the parent would make obviously like it was just one of it wasn’t even a question it was like it’s going to blow up ESPN gave him a d gave him a d you were waiting for the implosion I yeah I mean I finally I think kind of relented a little bit but part of me says like if I let go of it that’s going to be the moment where they come and pull the rug out from under me and they’re going to blow up and it’s not going to work but in terms of like the gamble on it how big of a gamble would you say it even was at the time it wasn’t a big I because you think they were desperate and they needed to do something they were desperate it was a gamble that if it blows up that could be the final nail and sending LCA out of here but I don’t think they had other options to try to appease him they’re like we need a legit player we need a star he’s damaged goods this is an opportunity for us that’s why the deal happened I give Nico more credit like I said yesterday for The Gafford PJ deal because the the Kyrie one I felt like they were forced to do it yeah it’s so when you look at that pairing specifically it they were in Desperate time no doubt about it but you remember the discussion at the time when the trade was made is wasn’t there something significant on the line though because the idea was this could be the move that pushes Luca out if this one blows up didn’t I just say that like but I’m saying like but that like L what is it about that chair what is it about that chair that’s happening right now are you texting over there with that no one I have I have stuff open so the whole leverage point there was you know what funny was the pro you’re okay all right all right now you see yeah I’m back off of two I’m all three hour sleep it’s still sharper than you Roberto three three how’d you get three how how did you get even three my my wife yeah I said I know I know you how you’re doing it I I know put those M&M’s away when you white M&M when you take a look at the deal W and W’s over here white and whites it was by the End by the end of the year didn’t we all accept the fact that okay this is going sideways like Mike I think came in here and said yeah I predicted at the beginning of the Season that it would be the implosion within 18 months I think is the time I put on it at the beginning of the year like I thought by trade de deadline next year this is blown up it’s not worked and it has just come together so perfectly at this point where it it I don’t know if they had the foresight on this or just has naturally Fallen this way but we’ve talked about this angle of Kyrie wants to be viewed as he wants to be respected and viewed as a person as a leader as a human being and it feels like the Mavericks have empowered him to do that and he’s got a locker room that believes in him in that way and is accepting him that way Luca for a long time I don’t think Luca respected porzingis as a basketball player I don’t think he respected the way he looked at the game I don’t think he respected I know we talk about LCA being a drama queen sometimes but I don’t think he respected how porzingis didn’t play through stuff like Luca generally will play through being hurt he’ll he’ll exaggerate it a little bit he’ll play through being hurt and I think he’s felt like nobody’s On My Level from a basketball like you probably not since Dirk uh and he he respected Dirk as a rookie that was somebody that he had good feelings towards and still does so I think it’s worked out in that sense that he looks at Kyrie and says this is somebody who can actually teach me something about basketball this is somebody who I respect their skill I respect the way they look at the game and I don’t know do we give credit to the Mavericks for having that foresight at all no I I think it’s just they’ve kind of locked out into it I don’t think they saw the fit and here maybe kid did kid potentially could have because he’s so familiar with Kyrie and familiar with Luca so those things could happen so it got me thinking what are some of the bigger chemistry gambles that have paid off in professional sports and specifically here in Dallas it’s easier for me to I think drill it down here in this city because you you know you know what all the narratives were here locally whenever things happen so the first one that came to mind for me in terms of a big chemistry gamble it took a lot of stones for the Cowboys to go out and trade for Charles Haley when they did Haley was considered such a volatile personality and that was a team that was on the rise and people felt like it’s a matter of time you don’t have to do this you don’t have to introduce this into your locker room and that one ultimately was a big reason why they accelerated as quickly as they did they won in 92 that was a big reason for it go watch Charles Haley’s Football Life you want an entertaining hour in your life go watch that that dude and he was he was a genuine Difference Maker for them not only that he got EMT Smith’s contract done when after he held out for the first two games and Jerry comes to the locker and is terrified when Charles Haley throws a helmet through the wall that one paid off would you put Dion in the chemistry category yes and I put Dion in there twice because San Francisco and Dallas like if you cuz San Francisco in 94 again another question I think it was more of a gamble in San Francisco because of their culture yeah and San Francisco was desperate like we got to beat the Cowboys we got to do something now ultimately is it is it something that worked out if it was only lasted for a year and when he left Jesse SAU and other guys like that who were Big Time leaders in the locker room said he’s dead to us he’s Public Enemy Number One I don’t know it may be a little bit different Dallas the fact that he was here for 5 years and relatively behaved and didn’t have any sort of issues like that there is nobody when we talk about the glitz and the Glamour and the the buzz that surrounds the Dallas Cowboys organization nobody has embodied that more than Dion so in a sense that one may have made some sense like he comes here it’s flash it’s a an environment that’s going to allow him to be him and encourage him to be him those all make sense one that was it’s on a very it’s a much lower scale but I remember at the time in ‘ 03 when the Mavericks went out at the trade deadline and got Nick Van XEL van XEL was considered a total Mal content and somebody that you couldn’t pair him anywhere where he would be happy he was in Denver he was the guy in Denver and it wasn’t anything that he had like been happy with he was he complained in La he complained in Denver when he got here he was considered way too outspoken in fact when he first got here Nash and Van Exel both made comments about like the Iraq War and stuff like that that caused some buzz and some issues for people initially but ultimately that one worked out he gets into that Kings playoff series and everybody kept comparing him to Vinnie Johnson from the Pistons coming off the bench scoring 40 and helped get them over the hump to where they finally made that Western Conference finals against the Spurs obviously fell short after the knee injury to Dirk but those are just some of the ones that come up some of the answers that we’re getting on the truck or on the Franklin Frankle injury attorneys text line Rodman and the Bulls that was a big one oh that’s a tremendous one why inject that even in there you’ve won three titles well because they needed a horse Grant replacement um but that that that could be that could be a number one seed mine that I wrote down are both receivers and my number one was too with McNab mhm all the drama all the sit-ups all the driveway uh and it like worked out beautifully in the beginning of course and this was less of a gamble because he was thought to be damaged maybe even done Goods Randy Moss to New England that is a good one Moss I know cuz I said it uh moss on over to that Patriots culture and obviously we know how that worked out but Tio with McNab Andy Reed uh I I can’t speak to how it all fit here choppy was here living here covering that uh but I had I had those two wide outfits 0607 it worked great it I mean it obviously collapsed really quickly in 08 with to here in Dallas but I mean 07 he was a model Citizen and was putting up ridiculous number he had one of the best four game stretches I’ve ever seen from a Cowboys receiver when in the middle of that 07 season where it’s like he averaged 150 yards in two touchdowns a game so to now here’s the only question for me about too and the Eagles did he help accelerate the end of their window though I don’t with the blowup and leaving Philly and all the toxic stuff that followed how many NFC title games did they make after he left uh nun none he was in that third one where they get to the Super Bowl well they went to Fourth straight or then he was in that fourth one he was in their last one they go to the Super Bowl the next year there’s clearly some chemistry issues he gets sat for the rest of the season in the midle of it and then he gets let go after the season ends but he was one that you could make the argument now they were in sort of a desperate window where they needed a playmaker but you could make the argument he may have cut their run short here’s the thing I I have to add as a note to the Luca Kyrie thing and it it’s I don’t know how you compare it to the obvious connection with a quarterback and a receiver like you can tell like oh my God Brady and Moss are clicking and McNab and too are clicking I I I don’t know if I watched Luke K it to me I give that more credit from like a chemistry leadership sharing of the responsibility off the floor points then they’re making Magic on the floor together with each other you know what I mean yeah they don’t I don’t I don’t that we see a lot of like playing off of each other that’s that’s really like oh man that’s great but when they are on the floor together at the same time the offense is one of the most efficient in the NBA and so I mean even if they’re not playing directly off of each other those two on the floor playing within the team game are really efficient together and it’s it’s one of those where you can alternate that was the biggest thing that when you lost Jaylen Brunson you were risking was you were risking letting a guy go who had shown I can play off of Luca and Luca can be the ball dominant guy and when Luca leaves if he’s off the court I can be the ball dominant I can fit into either role and the offense will be good either way that was the biggest risk with Brunson leaving and they found that with Kyrie you know what is also a tremendous Gamble and apparently it’s working out still me to the morning show no that’s a good one somebody texted that in 940 this is not the best audio but we have to play it Shannon sharp on ESPN talking about Java McGee still working out well for the Dallas Mavericks the Mavericks don’t really like to play Lively the second and gaffer together normally they’re interchangeable they go with PJ that at the back court do you think they might really be switched that up if I’m not mistaken I think jav MC on that side is also with the marck horrible audio but I had to bring up Shannon including Java McGee still on the mass roster yeah Shannon is just Shannon I know you like him I can’t stand him he is such he is such did you see the you can’t stand Shan we’ve argued about this before I love Shannon brought us by the way texting Sean as a possible um uh chemistry to the Warriors coming over from Boston so there’s a Brian brought us listen during the express is A-Rod to the Yankees a success they won what one title I don’t remember like their record regular season records throughout the years I mean they were competitive they just they fell short all but one year essentially anyway back to your ridiculous Shannon take yeah no Shannon I I don’t did you see the the Kean quote I kept looking yesterday I was trying to pull I’d seen it tweeted but I couldn’t find the audio of it yesterday he was talking a Skip and he said something about Minnesota’s already beaten him a bunch of times this year Dallas and Skip said something like well Kyrie wasn’t there and Kean said well he was still on the team like what does that even mean being paid so I’ll give Shannon credit that he generally doesn’t say dumb stuff like that yeah but there I I don’t like the whole Shannon energy what about that show where talk about Fading Into Bolivia it’s completely off the map I feel bad for my boy our boy Michael Irving and all that but man I haven’t heard anything from that show they can’t even they can’t even troll hard enough to get thrown out there are trending on social media because they’re so irrelevant no it’s I mean Stephen A won good job War yeah good job FS1 exact keep paying him $6 million a year or whatever it is I will say since they’ve added Paul Pierce I do see more of those Clips going out because of Paul Pierce yeah he’s so unhinged but Paul so Paul Pierce may have been the poll they needed ultimately that may ultimately be the paring it’s just Paul Pearson skip I could see because Paul Pier just says whatever you can’t keep Paul will not last for a long time it’s amazing he lasted that long on ESPN we have ask Reddit coming up the Timberwolves play-by-play voice at 8:00 Cory majors in studio at 9 for a western conference edition of high low right now let’s hook you up for turning it on leaving it on all right tolos that’s where right call on number 10 right now at 877 881 1053 wins a four pack of Texas Rangers vers Detroit Tigers tickets on June 4th at Globe Life field and the first 15,000 fans also receive a Marcus Simeon replica World Series ring that’s caller number 10 at 877 881 1053 yall know anyone who got those uh replica Rings yeah did have you seen them yeah they are nice yeah like I gen that makes me think that’s what they gave Sandler now is they gave him one of those cubic zium or whatever the Otani bobbleheads are like getting put on the market for like two or 3 th000 in Los Angeles and I was worried how many tolos got that Rangers replica ring dude those Rings were we I was out at uh Southern Leisure and Spas at the gag remote like the day after the the Seager Rings were given out and there was a listener there who had one of them and he like was shown it to us and I held I was like this is like it feels like the weight of what I would expect a championship bring to feel like was it better quality than what you brought back from my buddy from Yankee Stadium yeah and that one was good yeah very good that one like I mean you could I think you could have passed the Seager one as a legitimate like title ring I would have believed you if you would have shown it to me I would have if I looked a little closer I probably would have been able to tell like okay this doesn’t quite look like it but I mean it was it looks sincere it’s it’s got to be I mean it’s one of those ones that I would imagine is like it’s it actually cost some money for them to invest in it’s Expressway it’s commercial free it’s AO Tuesday so that means we ask Reddit do you have a question Kelly yeah I have a lot of questions number one how dare you Frankl and Frankle injury attorneys text line 877 881 1053 8877 88115 3 we will also get your thoughts on the twitch and on the YouTube there on the fan cam and we’ll kick around some of these questions here in the studio this is ask Reddit it’s where we take the most viral questions off of Reddit each week and kick them around and get your thoughts first one here Sean for you as Payton answers calls who is the and this is perfect I think who’s the oldest person you think is sexy oh gosh or like when you were young did you have like the oldest person I think is sexy I mean I used to maybe say from Grumpy Old Men um is it Sophia luren yeah I used to M maybe maybe go ahead and think that how old is oh you know who it is I think I I are we putting a definition on quote unquote old or older no it’s just literally who is the oldest person you think is sexy it probably has to be JLo she J Jenifer Lopez is unreal at her age now my wife has turned on her that used to be her number one seed Crush um she can’t keep a man you got all the be what do they call him Belo JLo benifer bener bener benifer stories that they’re getting ready to get divorced but looks wise man Jennifer Lopez and I don’t know how anyone could be hotter than her at the age of 54 she’s smoking I got to see hi Berry and how old she is she’s 57 okay it’s either Hal Berry or JLo this is not even a question this is a slam dunk easy answer for me yours isn’t going to be hotter than mine not hotter but older who I still think is attractive all right Jane Seymour okay 73 years old yeah she’s still attractive yeah she’s attractive but sexy yes I’m not putting in the sexy category man just cuz you got her lines and Wedding Crashers whispered into your ear well I mean look she was 55 in that 56 something like that like around that age so I mean Payton’s answer to this I’m sure is going to be somebody who’s 32 Mary Kate yeah something like that so uh pton who is the oldest person you think is sexy it would be Haley Cavender uh Jake Ferguson oh my gosh no you know what I was thinking I mean and I hey you can’t blame me Dolly Parton the oldest 78 years old okay she she’s still good looking man I saw Thanksgiving I take a lot of sip it it did something for you okay over on the twitch Arcadia says Sophia varara she’s 51 I mean I love her she she’s going we’re getting a lot on the twitch and on the fan text saying Helen mirin Helen Helen mirin is I I mean she used to be attractive she’s no I absolutely not 78 years old 78 575 a lot of Selma Hayak here oh how old is Selma Hayak uh Selma hak’s probably close to JLo right dude I love Selma Hayak JLo Sophia regar 57 she’s going to be 58 in September change the subject I’m give in trouble you don’t have to answer anymore there’s plenty they’re just pouring in on the Jennifer Aniston Heather is has anyone seen Heather loer for a long time no not since Richie uh whoever Petty bone oh not Petty that’s a old Redskins Deco coordinator Sambora Rockstar Jennifer Anderson uh Marissa to that’s a that’s a great answer Marissa to and like the Seinfeld’s are my cousin Vinnie merca to is she’s going to be 60 this year yep that’s that’s a fantastic answerer so those are I think those are some pretty good contributions there beardo on the YouTube says Katherine Zada Jones Chris Navar says Elizabeth Hurley oh yeah I think there’s an Elizabeth Hurley movie with like her and her daughter or something there’s some type of there’s some type of like sex scene with some someone bro Us Hal Berry yes brus is listening a lot today that’s a this is BR us’ favorite segment oh and it’s the favorite segment of the tolos too it’s ask Reddit here on Shan and RJ on 1053 The Fan that’s part true Frank Frankl injury attorney text line 877 881 1053 pton Russell what is a smell that you can identify 100% of the time oh it’s you Bobby I can smell you every time you walk into this building wo I think we got that in the fan cam good it’s not regulated by the FCC it’s uh it’s rain I can smell rain from a mile away anytime you get dark oh yeah you can’t smell rain you get you get that shut what kind of Hipp s is that stop all right toos get hit me up on this one I I can smell rain in mile away I think that’s the leftover food in your mustache is what you’re sming you never like walked outside oh yeah it’s going to rain today I’ve like when it’s raining I don’t smell it a mile away like what you’re one of these ones who’s like want to get a tingle in my knee I know storms are coming like you’re one of those types fine I I’ll choose popcorn I can smell popcorn swagy swaggy booty says you don’t smell rain you smell wet ground so way to way to get that wrong you know I think I think it’s hard to beat cigarette smoke as a number one seed like any type of smoke weed Kristen can tell the cigarette smoke like that cuz it starts giving her issues cigarette smoke uh onions vinegar mine was easy gasoline oh yeah like when I smell gas that’s I feel like I cannot put gasoline into my car without getting it on my hands now like two or three times and this is never happened living anywhere else some of these gas pumps here in Texas like they overflow on me it’s happened two or three times when you you know you do the Automatic Pump you’re sitting in your car waiting and you’re like what’s taking so long and then there’s a puddle gushing out and I think I’m I’m afraid that when I start the car like my whole car is going to blow up aren’t you aren’t you supposed to not sit in your car when you pump gas I don’t know be I’m going to sit in my car it’s either 105° here I’m not going to stand outside you’re not supposed to be on your cell phone either is everyone off their cell phones no no but it’s different like if you sit in your car while you pump gas like there have been instances of the car exploding the car’s off no I know but it’s how’s the car going to explode so the the issue you can look this up I promise you I’m not car off when the car’s off it’s you start listen to me you pump the gas and it’s a uh it’s a static electricity thing when you go sit in there and it can cause a spark in a k I do every time I go back to the pump I rub my hands on my on like my pants so that like I try to get the static off of it and like so I don’t feel like I’m ignite so see it is it is a legitimate thing it’s not crazy that but I mean there are like videos blown up on me what I’m doing may be crazy I admittedly uh self admittedly so I I but gasoline smell I always feel like it gets on my hands when I get yeah if if I get if if I spill any gas on like my jeans or anything else oh see Ryan’s got the video up of cars exploding whenever you go sit in your car so yeah this has happened before wait so all right so you all tell me right now on the Franklin Franco injury attorney text line how many you stand outside the whole time when you’re pumping gas pay do you I get back in my car every time I do unless it’s like freezing cold I’ll in the summer I’ll be fine because I’m like I’m in the shade but I I usually stand out there I’ll be on my phone cuz what it takes I mean couple few minutes to fill up my car I I mean I I usually put in the pump and then I go walk inside the gas station and get like a water or something but so that’s fine because not stav car that’s fine that’s not the problem what if someone takes your gasoline they fill up their car with your gas have you ever seen that Ryan do you stand in or out is he out you guys you guys don’t get back in your car nope uh smells smells you can always recognize 817 uh first responder here a dead body uh we get that one um bacon Helen mirin oh no that’s not the smell that’s the old you guys with you guys are gilfy preference bleach from the 682 Pro oh bleach is one that’ll like that cuts through your nostrils that one’s aggressive uh fire is another one from 817 uh you can 100% smell the rain and 817 the answer that choppy would have provided feal matter garlic garlic is pretty strong that that’s another one that I think you say all right we’re doing ask Reddit here on 105 through the fan 877 881 1053 and on the twitch and on the YouTube Sean what’s a food you hated as a kid and like as an adult Russel Sprouts ew you like those I can’t touch those like slimy little cabbages yeah but I’m I’m talking about like you know burning them uh not boiling them baking them pan fried you know what I’m talking about paye you like them yeah I do I’m more of an asparagus guy with the greens but BR spouts I me that’s what I can smell that’s a smell that’s recognizable is Payton’s asparagus be nothing worse I almost make myself gag with coffee and asparagus pee in this toilet over here that’s myself I’m like never eat asparagus again it’s awful yes asparagus pee that should be up there but what was his greens take from a few weeks ago the few months ago the green beans we will be getting Sushi and the shashido peppers and he thought they were green beans yeah yeah I would say brussel sprouts so for me there’s a lot I and and I would say Tomatoes like no kid that I know eats like sliced or raw tomato Laura Laura eats them like apples really she’ll like pick one up and bite into it and so I think Tomatoes still are disgusting I’m the pickiest one here yeah mustard I used to never touch mustard as a kid now it’s on every everything and then the one that I only Choy dipping his raw mushrooms and mustard see mushrooms that’s another one I can’t touch mushrooms are disgusting even sauteed no they’re disgusting that’s that one that’s up there is like five most disgusting foods to me mushrooms but broccoli was only since I’ve been married like I even as an adult initially just rejected that avocado was one I wouldn’t touch until about a year ago year and a half ago and that was just because I had no idea what it tasted like I just assumed it was gross I I I still can’t look at them I almost tried to buy them one time I wanted to make my own SE C dressing but I love the taste of anovi in Caesar Dressing I love the taste of anovi but I could never like take him out of a can like sardines and like eat them or chop them up or anything like that I can’t see it uh it’s fine me knowing it’s there but anovi and Caesar dressing 817 says onions 817 says brussels sprouts brussel sprouts is the one seed by far 682 cottage cheese 903 guacamole now what if you reversed it though what was something you liked as a kid now you can’t touch cuz to me it was those Vienna sausages as a kid I thought they were good I gag thinking about eating them now it’s so disgusting I want to say like baloney but like you know Matt Pitman has kind of brought that back people their with their smoked baloney rarely you know you I I can go for here and there pan frying it like on a grilled cheese the reverse for me is uh deviled eggs because as a kid I love them but I got I had like five or six one Halloween night or something when I was a kid and I threw up the next morning Halloween Dev egg’s big big Russell tradition of Halloween you throw rolls like what what’s going on in L egg their house we’re making devil eggs this put a lot of effort let’s let’s get that papro never come off that paprika would never come off their window this is just like it was when the Rangers were in the World Series I remember that night now cuz they played on Halloween these are the weird lives of wealthy people right there that’s uh some of the answers caviar that egg stay in the mailbox some of the uh answers off of the twitch uh a lot of people swaggy booties uh dur Hunter 44 they both say Mushrooms Opie world says grits on the YouTube uh beardo says black olives Nicholas Gonzalez says raw an chovies are great so he loves those and then beardo as the the food you liked as a kid that you don’t like now Gerber so that’s a little bit of a a cheat I still like it all you’re disgusting I know I I know one girl who she was so desperate to lose weight man she was eating baby food at the in her 30s she was eating baby food for real say do I know this person don’t oh you don’t I bet you can guess what I was going to say I definitely know who you’re thinking of I definitely do ask I don’t feel like having my phone light up credit here on Sean at RJ the F Payton Russell your nudes just got leaked which could happen all right talk about that yes so uh Apple I don’t understand how this is even possible because I would think that if you’ve deleted photos or whatever else that you wouldn’t be able to they’re gone they’re off of a server whatever else but the new iphone update something chop was telling us about during a break at the end of last week the new iPhone update has some people saying that with the update their old nudes that they’ve deleted are popping back up in their like photo albums and that they’re which means that would have to be living on a server somewhere wouldn’t it you can’t just have that return out of thin air that’s why I’ve disabled the cloud man like I I’ve had no Cloud for years and now I’m trying to switch over computers and I’m running out of storage and they’re like just go ahead and enable the cloud and do that in free all the swords for your photos and I I won’t to I don’t know why I’m fighting it because I know all my info belongs to everyone else anyway I just I back stuff up on my own I don’t even bother but this is once again another area where Android has Apple beat once again you guys are uh you guys are taking the cult of apple and I am over here protected and safe with my phone updates uh so your nudes just got leaked Payton Russell what’s your response what are you telling people if it’s like getting circulated around your social media you’re getting tagged in it are you ignoring it what are you saying you uh you r hide forever you know once they’re out there they’re out there cuz I mean let’s be honest unless unless you got the biggest one you’re you’re screwed here unless you’re shopping at Whole Foods I you know what I think the the play is here your Vienna sausages at Whole Foods what I think the play here is be a segment on the show every day I think I think the play here is AI no this is a deep fake look come on you we we’ve all seen like I mean how easy it is to manipulate things this is somebody trying to assassinate my character that’s how I think you the the pton kind of on to it the answer all has to do with what you’re working with you know people have intentionally leaked that stuff Antonio Brown would be thriving it he would say hey Yep this is me for street cred yeah now if it’s embarrassing and grower versus shower and all that stuff then you talk about hacked but if you’re just talking about like in general even if it’s impressive you also maybe have a a certain like for instance a a public job or whatever else like if you’re a politician it doesn’t matter if it’s impressive you you you’re going to have to have some sort of response to it and so president the deep I think the Deep fake is clearly yeah all the way back to 1992 I think the the the play here is that you ultimately just say in this modern era anything can be fake you can recreate Tupac’s voice you can do whatever so there you go all right one last one here before we get out of here for ask creddit Sean who is the most evil person you have ever met in your life like personally met yeah the most evil or experienced hey man like somebody maybe you actually experienced them instead of just a passing like wow that’s a great question I don’t have an immediate answer evil pure evil hm I’m trying to think so the most evil person I’ve ever met in my life orski was no cuz I didn’t actually talk to him I didn’t meet him I made sure to walk off the set before we did did all the fake glad handing afterwards wow not that jel did I didn’t even see what happened but I didn’t want to be there in case it did happen uh the answer to this is uh a a former boss of mine from like 12 years ago something like that who I had to take care of through HR but that was the most awful individual I’d ever met in my life I’m not going to specify names here but there are certain women who have destroyed like relationships like people that I knew close wives girlfriends that just systematically destroyed them and the relationships around them evil evil evil people the most common answer here is uh either an ex-wife or an in-law is the answer we’re going to hear pton who would you say probably somebody who I don’t know what cuz you’re you’re Mr you love dogs over people so what is it somebody who gave a dog up no very specific here my fifth grade science teacher he would judge kid like he just was in a he was old super old not going to give away his name but he was super old uh he just he’s probably dead so oh yeah Mr G is his name Mr G you hate a guy whose name Mr G sounds cool no uh cuz he would judge kids based off what they wore to school like if you got a bad test grade he wouldn’t like try and help you out he would just be like shaking his head disappointing you he would never try to help the student he just was miserable the whole time the play Let’s Ask Reddit Brian brought Us’s favorite segment of the week and maybe the tolos even though I think Bobby just made that up the play-by-play voice of the Minnesota Timberwolves to preview the Western Conference Finals joins us next [Music] [Music] hey [Music] hey [Music] [Music] [Music] hey [Music] hey [Music] hey hey [Music] [Music] heyy hey [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] Uber has a little of V products I got to remember that well you know they say in order to remember something you have to forget something else okay now that is a very cute haircut that’s like a little shag I’ve never seen that before well I mean of course you have it’s the Rachel oh is that your name no I mean like your name no I’m Jen my name’s Jen right but I just mean like this is your haircut but that’s hair on your head I’m not saying this is your hair okay freaking me out a little bit [Music] [Music] leave it on with sha and RJ right here on the fan Conley picks the pocket of Jamal Murray Conley Feats it tazas down the lane extra PA to the corner and sets himself fires the three he hits it it’s 9282 the Wolves lead by 10 with three 5 left to play an unbelievable turnaround here in the second half and that is the call from the radio playby playay voice of the Minnesota Timberwolves his name is Allan Horton as we get set for game one of the Western Conference finals tomorrow night at 7:30 in Minnesota good morning Metroplex Sean sharf and Bobby belt with you throughout the entire week choppy is off on vacation we got pton and ryry in the back we are live on the fan cam twitch and YouTube and Charles Barkley asked uh Anthony Edwards hey man I haven’t been to Minnesota in about 20 years what do I do where do I go and I think AE was just like bring your ass man bring your ass I think the only time I’ve been in Minnesota was for the Super Bowl coverage in the mall that’s it did you ever leave the mall we left the mall for a few meals but I don’t remember leaving to try to do anything or go anywhere that’s where we ran into jayen Ramsey when he took a little shot at the Cowboys for not drafting him I at a uh kind of like a stir fry place I can’t remember Habachi that a Habachi place in the mall when Jaylen Ramsey came in and out I think that’s one of my biggest regrets to this point in the Cowboys coverage was you remember the first day I was starting on the show on the morning show was coming off of the Minnesota game on the road and I got in the flu and wasn’t able to go to that stadium so I missed that St I was really excited to go there and check out the state I think it was like really freaking cold though it was supposed to be like single digits that whole weekend and so I wouldn’t have gone out but I mean it was something where I actually I’m mad that I missed the stadium cuz that’s renowned by everybody as the best stadium in football as the one in Minnesota plus we were there in February so it was not warm no yeah that would that would be a problem all right um while we wait for the Wolves play-by-play voice Dereck Lively the Battle of The Bigs right as you have Reed you have cat you have goar taking on lively and Gafford do we have him on we good to go now let’s bring in Alan Horton uh on the DNM leasing hotline here on Shan and RJ good morning Allan how you doing Sean and RJ I am great how are you doing well thank you for joining us uh Barkley asked Anthony Edwards what there is to do for him in Minnesota or where to eat what would you tell Chuck I don’t know I don’t know if I have any recommendations for Chuck um I think it is going to be a shock for those guys to be coming to Minnesota it’s not a place like they admitted that they’ve that Chuck’s been said he hasn’t been to in 20 years so you know it’s just a it’s a new era it’s a new time and and the Timberwolves are uh you know excited to host the TNT crew can’t wait for Draymond Green to get here to be a part of that and his hatred for Rudy goar so it’s h it’ll makes things spicy I think Allan be honest be honest after Denver ran off three straight did you think the series was over yeah you know I I went through a variety of emotions in that series I would say I thought the Wolves were going to sweep the dugs after two games the way they had played the way they dominated the winning twice at ball Arena and then yes after three straight joic performance joic Le performance I thought it was pretty much over for the Wolves but winning those last two games I mean to win game six and seven and then have game seven you come back and from 20 down with 22 minutes to play um unbelievable way to finish off a game seven greatest comeback in game seven history and um you know this team the one thing my partner Jim Peterson and I said on the on the game six broadcast we just couldn’t see the Wolves going out and four straight like we it just this team was too good during the regular season it’s got Too Much Chemistry they’ve shown too much fight and too much heart to go out in four straight that was one of the things I was hanging on to in game six um and they just they I thought they played marvelously the last two games Allan uh we had the benefit of being able to sit back knowing we were in the west finals and saying who do you want who do we want to win between Denver and Minnesota from a matchup standpoint let’s reverse the question better slash worst matchup wherever you want to take it between the Mavericks and the Thunder for the wolves um you know I actually didn’t have an opinion on that I thought either way I think um creates some challenges I I kind of wanted to play the Thunder that was my point of view um simply because of sort of OKC’s well two things their lack of experience and their lack of size up front you guys took advantage on the glass um they just don’t have a lot of size and and I cannot I can’t believe at the trade deadline they only acquired Gordon Hayward and that didn’t really address their their rebounding issues yeah they just basically have chat to to and he’s not at the size and strength um you know he’ll be more dominant as the years go on on the glass but um he needed help and he didn’t have any um so I would have led I would have I would have leaned more towards going against the Thunder um just knowing that donic and Irving can be so dynamic in the back court and the wolves have um like a lot of teams have struggled when they’ve played um have have struggled to kind of contain them what’s Minnesota’s weakness well I would say that um their offense is not in their strength right I mean they’re middle of the- pack offensive team and so there can be times when um it looks pretty ugly at the offensive end and not consistent um I think in games three four and five against Denver you could point to that end of the floor and say that um you know the Wolves needed to pick things up but it’s all intertwined right like your def once your defense plays well you start playing well offensively your offensive your defense can trigger your offense they’re all tied in together um and in three four and five both of those things really struggle but I would Point more towards the offensive end the lack of lack of consistency I think this team has you know when they’re on offensively they look good but that just hasn’t been a consistent basis throughout the whole season we’re talking with Timberwolves play-by-play announcer alen Horton here on Shan and RJ on 105 through the fan Allan when you know there’s been a lot of talk uh already about just how big the wolves are and how big they play obviously with you know Nas Reed and Cat and gobear and you know we’ve had our own discussions here about how you know that’s going to be difficult for the Mavericks on the glass and you know they’ve got their two bigs that they’ve gotten rotation but they’re missing Maxi kleber right now where is that a detriment though for the Wolves where have you seen that you know that big lineup burn them a little bit I think it’s hurt them mostly in transition and being able to increase the pace a little bit um you know when you’ve got two seven Footers on the floor basically at all times um it’s it’s it’s tough to get going a little bit because those guys just take naturally take a little more time to get down the floor and um you know Chris Finch often talks about wanting to push the pace and take advantage of some transition opportunities which you need to do but that’s tough when when two of your Five Guys on the floor are still in the back court uh you know haven’t crossed mid court yet and the other two guys or three guys are up in the front court so I would say it’s hurt them a little bit in that department but I tell you what it’s been um you look back to last year with those same three guys those combos never worked the cat Rudy combo was like a plus zero net rating um the the Rudy Nas minutes were a negative the cat Nas minutes were negative this year it’s completely flipped they’ve figured out how to play together all three combinations between Nas Rudy and cat have been really positive net ratings almost a plus 10 for each of them and so it’s um it’s it’s really evolved into something pretty Dynamic where the Wolves don’t even really think about it anymore it’s it’s not really two Twin Towers or seven Footers on the floor it’s it’s now cat who’s become comfortable in the power forward spot and Rudy goar at that Center Spot and Nas coming in uh whenever he’s needed and if Rudy and or cat gets in foul trouble he’s can easily come in and play 30 minutes a night Allan has cat been cool how how has he adapted to like the Anthony Edwards takeover it was supposed to be cat next franchise players and Anthony Davis comparison’s going to rule the league and now we all look at it as as as ants team how has towns dealt with that they’ve dealt with it masterfully I mean and and it stems from both those guys being good people have great personalities and understanding that they need help um yes there’s no doubt when an came in as a number one pick the number one pick Carl Anthony town still had that was his team but ant has risen obviously to a level where he’s carrying the team on a nightly basis at the off defensive end and and and cat has has you know that’s not easy to do to become to become sort of second fiddle if you will but the wolves have never tried to make him feel like he’s a second fiddle like it’s you know I think we like to put these labels on okay who’s the who’s the one on your team who’s the two who’s the three and to a certain degree you need to think about that stuff but as far as the team goes they’ve just acquired all this talent I mean Rudy is a you know he’s he’s a defensive player of the year for the fourth time um so he’s we don’t even me mention him in terms of ant and and Rudy and Mike connley is like um you know in terms of ant and Cat and and you mentioned Rudy and Mike Conley and then you got a young and upand cominging sort of Jack of all trades and Jaden McDaniels who can have big offensive games who’s a stellar defensive player so they kind of look at it more like just the ACT you know acquiring all this Talent putting it all together uh but there’s no doubt that that Aunt Aunt is number one and cat is number two and it’s been it’s been a seamless transition um and all you have to do is at some of their postgame press conferences when those two cat and an are on the podium together like they were after game seven and they’re they’re hilarious together and that and that um that’s genuine and when you have that kind of feelings for one another I think it translates to how you play on the floor Allan you know when you take a look at how the Timberwolves which we all know how great they are defensively and you know there’s been a lot of talk about that but how would you expect them matchup wise to approach the obvious question of Luca and Kyrie the Thunder went with a lot of you know double teams that opened up opportunities for PJ Washington and Derrick Jones Jr in the last series but how would you expect the Timberwolves to approach those two in terms of matchups yeah it was it was interesting going back to the Denver series is how they matched up against yic and Murray and the different things they did against yic specifically that at first they they didn’t want to double him and let everybody else get loose but jokic was still able to get loose and he was able to get everybody going at the same time which was his masterful game five I believe it was where he had 40 points assists and zero turnovers then the Wolves went more toward doubling in the last two games um and making sure jic didn’t beat him and nobody else could knock down a shot so you know that’s that’s the that’s the big issue when you get this deep in the playoffs you’ve got to pick your poison are you going to just match up with Luca and and Kyrie with the combination of Anthony Edwards Jaden McDaniels then nille Alexander Walker coming off the bench uh you going to try it’s it’s it’s it’s different in doubling a big versus some Wing players in Luca and KY that becomes a little more of an issue um and those guys passing is so Elite especially Luca I mean just he’ll pick you apart and if you just kind of softly run a double at him he’ll find the open man and um you know the way PJ Washington is shooting it right now that’s that creates a big problem that that you can’t afford to leave him and some other guys uh if you put good shooting around those two it’s it’s really a conundrum it’s um I think you’re going to see a lot of different things in this series adjustments readjustments and then adjusting again so I think we’re going to see a lot of different defenses in trying to slow down Luca and Kyrie you have called NBA games for a very long time been around the league for a long time when you take a look and and think back over your time watching NBA basketball how good within the context of the last 20 or so years is this Timberwolves defense and what is it that makes them so good is it just Personnel uh it’s personnel and and sort of the attitude that they play with ston Turner is longtime coach in this league and he’s sort of the defensive coordinator um and and they’ve got them play on a really high level I mean last year when things um you know weren’t quite clicking and the Wolves still made the play and they made the first round lost to Denver you know their defense was 10th uh but it didn’t really feel like a top 10 defense it wasn’t quite dominant I think when you look at the top 10 defenses in the NBA in the regular season I’m not sure there’s top 10 means what it used to mean I think the Seven 8 nine 10 defenses probably aren’t that great I think the top five is really what the elite group is they’ve been able to take the next step this year by adjusting what they’ve done with Rudy Rudy’s been more comfortable second year round um he’s trusting his teammates his teammates are trusting him they don’t just funnel everything to Rudy which they thought they could do last year and Rudy would just clean up all the messes um that wasn’t the case and so it starts with Rudy and then it continues out to the perimeter in the point of attack defense they’ve really been stressing um you know stopping ball drives and and getting pressure on ball handlers and they’ve got just some dogs defensively in Jaden McDaniels and and nille Alexander Walker um and Anthony Edwards has risen to the occasion during the regular season a would kind of have to you know they wouldn’t put him on the on the on the toughest matchup offensively simply because he carry such a big load offensively but in the playoffs I mean he’s been playing both ends at a really Elite level he just absolutely shut down Jamal Murray in this Denver series and he switched to Jamal Murray I think in probably in game five I think it was maybe four maybe five um and basically held him under 30% shooting in the series he was the prim yeah who is more disliked between Rudy goar and A-Rod nationally what what is it about goar that turns off Draymond whatever others and have you met A-Rod yet oh yeah yeah R Rod’s around the team uh we’ve had him on the broadcast before and uh a-rod’s great and you know he’s really jumped into the you know his he does a lot of the um what is it the fox uh baseball stuff so he’s really polished as a broadcaster he really enjoys doing that so he comes on and he’s he’s he loves uh getting on the microphone and um and doing that you know it’s a great question about Rudy goar and his his um how people feel about him across the league it’s amazing once you get Rudy goar on your team and you see him you talk to him you get to know him a little bit and you’re like this guy’s unbelievable person he’s just a great personality the way he approaches the game the way he works on his body um to prepare himself uh on a season-by-season basis just you love everything about it and then you see the way he’s anchoring this defense the way he’s the defensive player of the year not just blocking shots he deters shots the way he rotates all the little nuances of the game you love but you only realize that I guess when he’s on your team he’s absolutely hated around the league and I don’t I don’t know exactly why I don’t know why players don’t like him um I don’t like that there’s some some he has some issues with some referees around the league and certainly the fans are yelling things all the time during the regular season when we go uh around the league it’s it’s really I don’t know if it’s the the touching of the microphones or the whole covid thing that they kind of blame him for that yeah that seems a little ridiculous at this point um and I don’t know I don’t know what else you point to Alan thank you so much for the time man we appreciate it hope to check in again have a great call of the series I appreciate it guys thanks K the Wolves play-by-play voice Allan Horton on the DNM leasing hotline how is she stored in your phone and we need someone to break down the Hip Hop fight that someone like me can actually understand that’s next with below the belt on the home of the Rangers and cowboys 1053 the fam but it is not hard to understand [Applause] [Music] oh [Music] n [Music] [Applause] [Music] pap [Music] oh [Music] oh [Music] [Applause] [Music] he hey hey [Music] [Music] he [Music] hey hey [Music] he he [Music] he he he [Music] it’s true you’ve got to forget something else to R remember that Uber Eats has groceries no that’s absurd hey remember when you used to be a what was it a pepper lady pepper lady wasn’t it cinnamon sisters M basil babes saffron Squad nutmeg maidens precur no nutmeg maidens I just said that was it Spice Girls doesn’t sound right was it Sone Squad stopping by to play H low to preview Mavs Wolves at 9:00 that will probably be choppy’s biggest regret of being out on vacation is missing Hyo Al I don’t know I was uh I was kind of kicking his ass at the end of last year when we were uh when we were doing cowboy stuff cuz I mean I had a couple I had like back-to-back nineo games so I mean choppie is uh you know choppy seated the throne a little bit hio :00 and that’ll be following below the belt here on Sean and RJ thanks for being a too all that stands for turn it on leave it on we were talking about benifer during ask Reddit uh as we were talking about the most attractive women the oldest most attractive women and I had thrown Jennifer Lopez out there I don’t know whether this is fake or not it kind of looks fake but it’s still brings up a question that I had for all the tolos uh the Twitter said oh my God look at Ben Affleck’s phone he saved Jennifer Lopez as Jennifer afflac as the contact it’s a picture of her with Jennifer affle it looks kind of fake but it doesn’t really matter I wanted to know what you saved your significant other under in your phone and does anyone like write it out like like Ben possibly did here so I I just wanted to know what you saved her or him under at 877 881 1053 is it the cute nickname you have the heart in front and in back I’m I want to know what it is wifey wifey okay at first I just saw the huge phone number yeah and I thought oh you don’t even have it oh man dude okay why because it doesn’t come up as a name tell tell tell me if this is if I know this is petty but tell me if you do this too or I’m just the only psycho who does this if I don’t like someone and I’m on group text with them or whatever else I will passive aggressively just you’re never getting saved in my phone you will be the number within the group I know who you are and I’m in a bunch of group chats with you but it’s just going to be your phone number I don’t think I have people saved in my phone who I don’t really like old people that I haven’t erased and gotten rid of I have to well see cuz the thing is do you still have X numbers in there just curious ex-girlfriends do you still have their numbers in there no wow what type of topic are you starting trying start just cuz I have like ex-girlfriends that just like you know their numbers been in my phone their name’s not the same as was it was whenever we dated but like I still have their name in my phone he’s got it in there as like something like good year or like oh Pizza wasted my money oh my gosh boy you are trying to get in trouble lately with menen and she’s she she is not one I it feels like to me MacKenzie’s not one to mess with not one to trifle with so yeah but she seems really cool she is but I I just think like she’s going to hurt his feelings now if she hears the segment back but I will passive aggressively just not save somebody’s number in there for a very long time and it’s caused an issue to where I’m like what’s this number I don’t recognize it right away oh this is somebody I have to talk to to just about every other day yeah and I missed it but yeah wi and my phone so yours is pretty standard let’s see what the tolos are texting paye what is McKenzie saved under uh Homemaker is what it is stale laundry I’ve never been the one to put Milo oh Milo McKenzie I want to know what she has him saved under now um no I it’s always been just the first name I don’t go like first and last name it’s been the first name and then I’ll I have like a red heart next to her name really you put the heart and then I do have the photo though you know on the iPhone you can put like the photo do have the photo of her you guys are so that and her location I mine’s going to be the cheesiest then I’m going to get made fun of I was hoping y’all had something worse than that can’t wait oh God what is it Pooh bear or something no it’s french fry oh let me tell you why it’s not like a there’s nothing you can say there’s nothing you can say that’s going to make us better it’s because when we were dating and she’d get off of work I’d be like oh like you know what are you eating for dinner where you headed and she was always in the McDonald’s drive-through line and she’s obsessed with McDonald’s and obsessed with McDonald’s french fries so I thought you know okay this will be the name this will be fren that is so cute oh gosh so adorable I was I cannot believe that that is aor I cannot believe that you guys don’t have a cheesier like cuter softer one than that uh let’s go to the the uh Franklin Frank injury attorney’s text line for some 785 she’s in there as Wonder Woman she was a breast cancer Warrior and the most badass woman ever um let’s see here wife 972 says money spender uh 435 spray tan fantastic DeMarco Murray reference there oh yeah that’s that’s a solid one uh let’s see here uh 972 wifey uh 210 I have my ex-girlfriend’s saved as spam call on the phone I think that was an unethical life ha act never pick up a Spam call then yeah uh 910 ice wife uh ice ice wife uh 214 babes um 254 my wife is under the name devil and in her phone I am Jack for Jackass wow yeah I’m in Kristen’s I think is okay look the kids use the phone too so I’m in I’m in her phone kid I’m in her no I’m in her phone Daddy oh you definitely love that I don’t I’ve in there as I was in there as like hubs I think at one point okay but now I’m in there as Daddy yeah mine’s just stand I give her allowance yeah ex 877 881 1053 so I was just curious uh this who puts in like the actual full name Jennifer afflac in there that is weird that feels very impersonal and that’s like controlling because you’re not you’re not going to put her in as JLo or Jennifer Lopez it’s Jennifer afflac like did she really take his last name fine he’s in her phone as Ben Lopez yeah exactly that’s how I know it it has to be fake 254 sandwich maker this isn’t mine this is uh this is theirs all right Bob you want uh Texas beach old friends or Bluey um let’s do the uh let’s do Bluey okay I I think blue is a good one because I think that’s one that a lot of people in the audience can relate to so there is nothing I’m sure you R is that oi’s favorite show uh not a favorite but uh it’s it’s been it’s been up there I don’t I don’t know of to me that is a Bluey for those of you that don’t know it is a Australian children’s show they’re like they’re short too they’re like seven episode that’s my problem I’m like can you be longer to like distract them more yeah that that’s an issue to me is that I would think Cory has Adrien Majors he just has the full out name listed there for wifey which we’ll ask him about at 9:00 yeah that’s a little odd Corey I I’m I’m a little surprised by and by the way PJ Washington on with KMC today at 10:30 wow what a get uh so a Las Vegas restaurant had hosted a Bluey event for kids they had said hey we’re going to have a uh it’s going to be an event you bring your kids out you get to meet BL there it is you all know that song turn it up pay turn it’s good yep Mom it’s a great it’s it’s a great kids show I think it teaches the kids all sorts of great values everything else there was one episode they were watching the other day Kristen like took a photo of it and sent it to me the girls were balling their eyes out where they were like yeah cuz they were going to they were moving it it ended up they didn’t end up moving but they were the girls were saying goodbye to like all their stuff and all the memories they had made so the kids got all worked up about it but kids and parents alike love blue you don’t mess with blue with host parents and my gosh the bluey restaurant this restaurant that had decided to hold a Bluey event for kids I’m going to turn this around and show you look at the bluey that showed up oh no it is legitimately oh go a it looks like he’s going to play paintball it looks like yeah it’s it looks like a a poncho for rain that they just painted to look like blue what else would a poncho be for Bob it is you know what I’m saying I’m just trying to talking to Josh Le no I’m talking about one of the ponchos that goes over your head not the Poncho like you wear like a a traditional uh Garb didn’t even react to about joke pay you did thank you that’s cuz I was I was trying not to get uh I I wanted to make sure that I was clarifying my position and that was the uh that was the end game but this restaurant in Las Vegas issued an apology after the bluey themed event went wrong the popular restaurant train dirt dog put on a free event on May 11th that advertised games treats face painting a chance to meet bluee however the operation began heading south when some 3,000 people responded to the restaurant’s Facebook event and staff were left entirely overwhelmed when hundreds of parents and children lined up down the block to meet Louie much to the disappointment and Ryan’s got it on the fan cam much to the disappointment of when they made it to the front of the line they were greeted by quote a guy in a onesie that’s described by One off-put customer but this is this is definitely one of those Billy Bob Thon this is definitely one of these expectation versus reality things but yeah that is that’s bad santa I mean the guy look he’s got Jay’s on in the bluey outfit and and the little Hood over but that’s that’s so bad and that’s something that parents will get mad about that you start messing with blue you get their kids hopes up they are going to be pissed yes you uh you want beaches or you I I don’t want to do this Chad Hanks thing now explaining Drake Kendrick cuz I heard you guys gave Freeman the whole Expressway last week while I was out so I don’t want to like redo topics I mean I look I can represent the segment to you how however you like our twos out there the people on twitch.tv/ Dallas fancam just give us some feedback what did you think of Carter’s segment breaking down the Drake and Kendrick beef and then I can show Sean some of the feedback so he can see how the segment went uh I don’t know we can go do you want to go nude beaches yeah let’s go with the beaches okay so uh RJ choppy we gave him a little bit of hell for he likes to pretend that he’s he’s a little bit I’ll be honest he’s a little bit of a Pik me he’s a little bit of a pikme okay he’s the the loud boer’s like oh I’m down for anything but then when he gets the chance to go to a nudist resort he’s like you know all of a sudden all that uh you know conservative Catholic oppress like growing up the the repressed sexuality comes out of choppy and he’s like I can’t I can’t do that I I want my girls in turtlenecks uh but the reason why maybe he didn’t do this is because in Mexico why waste your trip in Mexico on a nudist resort when you got two of the best nudus beaches right here in the great state of Texas wow yeah so he didn’t go to the nud hotel in Mexico but he’s got a couple options here one there’s a nude beach in Austin I didn’t even know there were like beaches and is this just a lake later is this just a lake off somewhere and then the other is in South Padre Island so these were on a list of the 12 best nude beaches in America pton I feel like and this was according to actually hotels.com one of them is Hippie Hollow near Austin and then it’s UFO Beach on South Padre Island so my only thing is if hotels.com is ranking this I would imagine they’re just going more for like amenities not like the attractiveness of the nude people what if you get that assignment you’re like go rank the nude beaches are you kidding me that’d be awesome although don’t you feel like you’d be more disappointed with a nude beach with like some of the National Geographic I feel like covers that are walking around I feel like the people who are going to the nude beach are the exact people I don’t want to see nude right don’t you think you’re leaving a nude beach definitely more disappointed it’s called Hippie Hollow just go to Whole Foods from the payload the pay payload yeah there Hipp Hollow and then UFO Beach those sound like hippie spots so let us know if you’ve been to any of them Sean Bobby pton and ryy live on the fan cam twitch and YouTube is someone in the NFC East Building A Juggernaut that’s next and below the Bell right here on 1053 [Music] [Music] he [Music] n [Music] oh oh oh oh oh [Music] a [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] a [Music] oh [Music] n [Music] [Music] [Music] do you think it’s true that you’ve got to forget something else to remember that Uber eat has groceries no that’s absurd hey remember when you used to be a what was it a pepper lady pepper lady wasn’t it cinnamon sisters M basil babes saffron Squad nutmeg maidens prur no nutmeg maidens I just said that was it Spice Girls doesn’t sound right was it cphon Squad [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] the great Bobby belt you ruined the morning show don’t make me take off my belt don’t make me take off my belt we’re not when will the standoff end not between CD lamb and the Cowboys but between CD lamb and Justin Jefferson oh more on that in just a second more leaves first off we didn’t get a chance to mention this yesterday uh the news that had come out over the weekend that David Johnson the old Cardinals running back retired after eight seasons and the only reason why I mentioned this obviously he’s going to be remembered as one of the dumbest trades ever when Bill O’Brien ships DeAndre Hopkins off for David I honestly feel like in the court of public opinion with Texans fans that was it for him that was when O’Brien was done was when he made that trade but David Johnson who had 7,000 yards from scrimmage almost throughout his career 58 touchdowns announced his retirement and out of all the guys that we’ve talked about consistently over the years of you know the running back market and how it affected them and all the different kinds of things that happened to that position David Johnson is one of the guys who I feel like man that dude just missed the boat like if he would have been 20 years ago he could have been Marshall Faulk he could have been leanian Tomlinson he could have had any one of those now he did have one really profitable year he made I think he was actually on the tag but he made $13 million in 2018 but for the most part his career earnings were really muted relative to the rest of the running back Market even Zeke Gurley because it was around that time if you’ll remember it was Gurley Zeke and David Johnson and the question was all right who’s going to get done who’s going to get their big deals and I remember talking to David Johnson out at uh Andy Albert’s uh Fant fantasy football convention he was out there talking about the money that was being thrown around with some of the positions with quarterback and you could see the like uneasiness on his face about the idea of like I know my windows closing for this position to make any money but David Johnson to me is going to be a trivia question 20 years in the future I can’t believe you spent 3 minutes on David Johnson with 4,000 career yards and I thought I was going to go and see some Marshall faul type receiving numbers he had he had one season with 80 catches but congrats it segment 4 minutes on David Johnson that was not 4 minutes that was a good uh minute and a half or so and it was just in general about the idea of that dude was one of the most dynamic players I’ve ever seen and he’s ultimately now going to be relegated to a trivia question he’s Robert Griffin thei he’s one year and disappear and missed his window to make his money but David Johnson now retired uh the commanders made a massive hire the other day and they continue to stack up their general manager was are you doing this because of Twitter yesterday the GM was trending throughout the day in the Metroplex the what the commanders are doing and the GM was trending no this was just something like I put this in there actually on Sunday we just hadn’t gotten around to it yet but this is Adam Peters who is the general manager for the Washington commanders and was a scout for the Patriots for six years before then he went over to Denver when they went on their Super Bowl runs with pton Manning and then he was the vice president of player personnel and assistant GM in San Francisco for 7 years and that San Francisco culture is something that Washington when they went out there and made their hire and decided they were going to kind of revamp everything they highlighted that and said we want to bring that thought process in so when you look at what the commanders have been building so far they bring Adam Peters over from San Francisco they bring a couple different italan evaluators over from San Francisco to fill out the scouting staff they make the Dan Quinn higher who I think we all feel like Dan Quinn is a guy who could still have success as a head coach he’s not a retread like lazy hire that’s a guy who earned his next opportunity was a good coach here in Dallas and to me if you’re talking about what that organization needs after years of instability and after years of bad publicity Dan Quinn is about as steady a higher you can make in terms of people thought that about Ron Rivera too that’s true but in terms of military hardcore representative of culture get the ping pong tables out there is that aspect of it but I feel like with Quinn wouldn’t you agree like we feel like he’s a little more on The Cutting Edge no doubt like Rivera was still somebody who we felt like had the game had kind of passed him by a little bit so Dan Quinn is still somebody who I think is going to do a good job there they go out and get Cliff Kingsbury and Cliff I know I was having conversations around combine time and somebody had mentioned about Cliff going to Washington and they were like look Cliff Kingsbury having two years essentially to be an analyst at USC and just sit back and watch NFL Trends and like there’s no telling what he’s going to bring out when he gets to the NFL in 24 like he’s going to have he he’s such a hard worker and he’s such a bright mind he’s probably drawing up drawing up some wild stuff that we have not seen before so he is a hard worker yes which is interesting that’s something that I’ve heard consistently from a lot of people cuz you get the idea that he’s coach bro like that’s the whole perspective on him that’s the whole per his hair yeah but he’s apparently somebody who it’s like no that’s a Jason Garrett level clock in clock out sleep at the facility type of guy wow and that he is obsessed with football and always has been and that he’s somebody who you know is always trying to think of how can I push things how can I take advantage of alignments how can I take advantage of rules and trying to push the boundaries that way and so they’re like Cliff Kingsbury coming in here in Washington especially now that he’s got somebody like Jaden Daniels who you can do some things with in terms of his Mobility that’s going to be a tough pairing for people early on to pick up on some of the concepts that he’s created Ben Johnson a guy who do you take that job of your kingsberry if you don’t love Daniels or Drake May uh you take that job to be like okay I’m probably going to be judged here I am going to be judged here big time and we’re not going to get Caleb unless you were told maybe we’re going to move up to get Caleb but you have to take that job having to love the quarterbacks that we’re going to go to I mean that’s a that’s a good question because he went Washington was at too right yes okay yeah you knew you weren’t getting Caleb um but that’s an interesting question because I don’t know how how strong his desire one thing I don’t know from talking to people I don’t know how strong his desire was like I have to get back in the NFL like you know how there are some guys McCarthy got to that point and that’s why he did the stuff where he’s like I’ve got to get back in here I need it yeah and I don’t know if Cliff had that same feeling like was he comfortable with what things were doing the other angle of that could be that with Caleb Williams leaving USC Cliff may have felt like all right time to get out of USC now like not that he was calling plays or whatever but it may just been an opportunity where it’s like hey I don’t want to start over with somebody that’s not going to be as talented this may be as high as my value is right now to get back in the league and so I think going to Washington and pairing with Quinn and knowing you’re going to have a chance to run the offense you’re working for a defensive coach you’re going to let him be in control and do things like that I said Ben Johnson a second ago Brian Johnson the quarterback’s coach there is a guy who was really highly thought of before last year things kind of went sideways in Philadelphia he was the offensive coordinator in 23 for Phil pH Adelphia but before that he you could not Heap enough Praise on him for what he had done with Jaylen Herz as the quarterback’s coach in Philadelphia and before that he was a guy who had some success coaching at Florida Houston he was dax’s quarterback’s coach his last two years at Mississippi State that’s one of the reasons why some people felt like if dak’s contract had arrived a year early that Washington would have potentially been in play for him as a free agent cuz Dan Quinn knows who he is Brian Johnson believes in Him Dak believes in them Cliff gets a chance to work with a veteran quarterback and then you can use your draft resources on something else all of those hires are fantastic for Washington for Washington makes you feel like okay they might be building something a little bit special the commanders made another hire on Sunday they hired Lions executive Brandon sosna who is the senior and they hir him as senior VP of football operations he had been in Detroit as the senior director of football Administration over the last two or 3 years and his whole job was to oversee quote the strategic planning and management of the salary cap as the team’s primary contract negotiator so this is the guy sitting down in rooms negotiating with agents making sure that you’re working the cap correctly we’ve all marveled this off season at how come Detroit can pay GF can pay Su can pay Alan raw St Brown can do all of these things and not seem to have the same sort of constraints that the Cowboys do and it’s because he gets a lot of credit 31 years old you know Andrew Brandt the uh business Sports Guy this is one of Andrew Brand’s former students at Villanova so brand had glowing things to say about him yesterday and that was Brand’s responsibility a guy who would do contract negotiations operate that sort of way so this is another hire that when I texted people yesterday about it some different agents that I know and I was like hey what do you think about the Washington hire here universally just Washington just got better Washington’s going to be better on you know negotiations they had a ton of cap room this year somebody explained to me that they’re spending a bunch of money they know they’re start bumping into they’re going to need to know how to manage this money with the cap issues that they have or or or that they’re going to be spending they hired someone from the Ravens too yesterday that’s why Peters was trending he was someone who had been in the Ravens uh uh front office they are snatching up all of the best talent values from all these consistent teams San Francisco Detroit Baltimore well let me borrow from my good friend RJ choppy and say whoopy freaking do who’s the quarterback yep cuz all your nice little fancy hires and all your collection of brainiacs will do nothing and mean Jack Squad if Jaden Daniels isn’t good and they will all get fired and run out so whoopy freaking do to borrow from Ralph James true that is true and he’s right that is true but if you’re talking about let’s look unless they build the trento for Ravens would you have said whoop like like let’s look at it this way there’s a guy coming from San Francisco and the San Francisco culture has been really successful yep I think we all would have felt like you freaking do with some of the guys that San Francisco had in place at quarterback garoo they drafted Trey Lance High it busted and they still survived it they found a way and so I’m this this is a culture that has had success doing things a certain way and establishing things a certain way and so the concern here is just Talent acquisition is going to be better in Washington they’re not going to shoot themselves in the foot the same way anymore you’ve got really bright Forward Thinking coaches on offense and defense and now you’ve got somebody who knows how to maneuver the salary cap in a really effective way that agents really respect negotiating with so an interesting hire in Washington nonetheless uh Justin Jefferson is not at OTAs for the Minnesota Vikings uh he is obviously looking for a new contract so he’s sitting out Cowboys OTAs I think they begin today we won’t have access until tomorrow uh but I think they’re back in the building today and then we’ll be out there tomorrow and CD lamb is not expected to be there obviously somebody who missed some of the voluntary workouts so ota’s CD lamb is not expected to be there and we’ve talked this whole time about what if he’s waiting to see what Jefferson gets and then he’s going to try and figure out where his range is see the Le fall I think it’s been it’s been brought up to from a couple different people that I’ve talked to that it might be the reverse in Minnesota too that Justin Jefferson is going I need to see what the floor is before like cuz I’m I’m the market Setter but I’m not going to set it for everybody else you’re going to tell me where’s the floor and I’m going to tell you how much better I am than everybody else and you’re going to pay me like it and so there might be a little bit of this standoff if CD lamb is waiting for Justin Jefferson Justin Jefferson might be waiting for cidd lamb yeah and you’re this holding pattern that remember we hit with um Dez Bryant and Demaryius Thomas remember when they were both up at the same time and there was even accusations of collusion that their deals got done within 2 hours of each other I think it makes more sense for Jefferson to wait on lamb than the other way around yeah lamb I think you can establish exactly cuz if I’m the Vikings I can’t go back to je Jefferson and really say no Justin can get whatever he gets and I can still go back to CD and be like come on like you’re not there yet yeah I can say no to lamb easier than I can to Jefferson now cidd gets a crazy crazy number resets the market and I’m Minnesota I’m like crap but it makes more sense to me for Jefferson to wait makes sense or land way I’m not I’m not crapping on the strategy I just think it makes more sense for Justin yeah cuz Jefferson needs to know where’s the floor cuz I got to tell you exactly how high above it I am yeah exactly he doesn’t have to say it’s not it’s as simple as 1 million more he could be like all right I’m 4 million more yeah I am the ceiling and I need to know where where I go and the roof uh there it is below the belt on the home of the Cowboys 1053 The Fan a special guest in studio for a Western Conference NBA version of higho to get you ready for Mavs wolves Cory Majors from KMC joins us next but you already know about and Cory knows cuz he’s always eating Brandon her food out there [Music] he [Music] [Applause] [Music] he [Music] [Applause] [Music] do you think it’s true that you’ve got to forget something else to remember that Uber Eats has groceries no that’s absurd hey remember when you used to be a what was it a pepper lady pepper lady wasn’t it cinnamon sisters M basil babes saffron Squad nutmeg ma precur no nutmeg maidens I just said that was it Spice Girls doesn’t sound right was it Sone Squad [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] is oh [Music] [Music] now we’re fist pump time on the fan cam twitch and YouTube thanks for being a total that stands for turn it on leave it on I’m Sean Shar a long side Cowboys Insider Bobby belt we got pton and ryry in the back and special guest in studio for a Western Conference NBA cuz we have so many Western Conference Finals taking place around here Cory Majors from the KMC Masterpiece for a Mavs Wolves high low good morning Corey thanks for joining us and PJ Washington will be on your show at 10:30 today yes and I was also I know this is like a two-day tease but Josh howold joining us at 11 on Friday so that’s three days what’s today today Tuesday yeah when I was out it’s very easy to lose track of the actual days because my wife would be like what is today what and like how do you not know what day it is and then when you’re out you don’t have to work or worry about it it’s easy and by the way Cory’s first words when he came in Helen mirin yes yeah he’s along with the rest of the tolos with this Helen mirin love man maybe like a decade ago but not now I also agree with you though on Jane Seymour like I saw her on a Bond movie back in the day and was like who is this and check I was like oh my gosh it’s Dr Quinn this was Helen Mir in the 70s yeah I mean she’s yeah still she’s still like an amazing like to see her in a Whole Foods okay a lot of callbacks here uh on Sean and RJ uh choppy’s favorite game that’s why we decided to play it while he was out to make it sting a little bit more is H low and pton Russell has put together an NBA version of it for the West finals that’s right baby RJ zba Cory mahor is in let’s get it going tell him give him the good news when you won uh on the happy hour the other day corporate company yeah the corporate like Zoom meeting every month he uh BP Brian per said uh he and the winner is Cory mahor just kidding I know your name’s Majors so he heard our correction of it I think all right all right that’s to it’s better than my guy over here that was that happened in a meeting one hey man it is a current version of Timberwolves Mavs Western Conference Finals high low all these are players that are currently on the Mavs or t Wolves roster all right no coaches no coaches no A-Rod current Mavs current wolves correct all right I suck at this game you do I’m terrible freeze up too every time so Bobby told me that Shawn should go first M um so Sean I will lead off with you here high pitch or low pitch let’s go hi got to play with the flow of the game you know he had it going um got us out to a early lead and uh for me you know I’m I’m comfortable you know waiting till the second half and i’ I’ve done that a lot throughout my career yes you suck P you give the easy who is Kyrie Irving did you all think it was Kyrie no wow Cory I did too that’s that’s his voice and he’s talking about second half takeovers else it’s all right we got Clues here clues for two points here Sean clue number one he has lost to the Mavs in the playoffs before but his dad rarely lost while participating in the [Music] Olympics was this guy’s dad in Olympian I don’t know I’m going to guess that this is Mike connley well done who’s his dad I I only got it because he’s seni John Conley I don’t know jackass you don’t know you just you don’t know you don’t know gold and silver metal no no like his sport I know his name oh triple triple jump triple jump yeah that’s it you just said it with a sideways face like I don’t know what Wikipedia told me last night but one of those all right either way two points Bobby hi hi Jean I mean for us we always feel like we can win no matter how how uh many points we are down so for us just continue to fight and uh just stick to what we know and uh we do best first I feel like when we get out and run we’re a whole different team and we did a great job of that in the second half do you know who it is no um M you know mahor PJ Washington no he did that on purpose he knew he knew he’s like you know you know you know what made you guess that unbelievable that was going to be my guess but is that well I don’t want to reveal my strategy I’ll tell you after all right dang ITC guest at 10:30 this morning Bobby belt starts off with a late P early but PJ known for his late threes Cory Cory Majors go hi here hi show me your meat who said that come on we’ll get three points on the board Cory wait that’s me that’s you that you he got it right no I was just joking like what is going on look at Payton showing off this personality right before he leaves for V pitch low pitch Cory uh I’ll go high you know it’s definitely going to be a dog fight you know both teams got a lot of a lot of animosity going into the game you know everyone wants to come out and throw the first punch but it’s going to be able to who could take the first punch and then throw another I’m going to go Anthony Richardson on that one Anthony Richardson I mean Anthony Edwards I’m sorry Anthony Edwards sorry all right clue clue me clue number one for two points he was born in enemy territory for Dallas fans but drafted by a recent opponent for the Mavericks the hell is that supposed to mean repeat the clue he was born an enemy ter for Dallas fans but drafted by a recent opponent of the Mavericks can you use it in a sentence we need to have the answer by the start of your show um Carl Anthony towns we get two Clues here Cory one point this rookie is Philly Bourne like Micah parsons’s but attended Kevin hein’s College as well Duke Derek Lively Kevin didn’t go to do that’s not Kevin hagman’s College Kevin is giv the he did you don’t give him ivy league credit he went to un no he didn’t oh where he go he went to& M and UTD yeah you know what it’s all the same um it’s not Duke that’s all that matters so three to two to one Bobby Shan and Cory man I got that one of me right so all right should be four points all right I will uh I’ll go low here you know we got high players that we have me and him are included on this table but like I said we we don’t have a big three we got a big 15 you know we every single person on this team means a lot to this team and they help in so many different ways and that was a tremendous mistake to go low um Josh Green that wasn’t an Australian accent clue number one for two points Sean some people are allergic to this Beast as he scratches at boards on a daily basis some people are allergic to beasts to this Beast okay I like the clue well done paye well done car Anthony towns okay Sean with the lead by the way Four 3 1 Bobby in second just because I know it’ll make Shawn mad hi Jean yeah um especially missing all those free throws it’s tough to win a game when you when you miss half your free throws in the game it’s I mean it’s just got to go up there concentrate and and lock in to what we doing and knock him down sounds like Jason kid um I think Daniel Gafford idiot clue number one here for two points strategy after I will he was familiar with the Sin City and the windy city before coming to Big D uh Derek Jones Jr Bobby in first place okay okay I didn’t have J written down all right Cory Cory high pitch low pitch you got to get by way who’s winning hi uh I don’t know I don’t write down score Cory you said hi yeah hi your mom I’mma Miss shots I’m not gonna make all my shots I don’t care how many shots they miss if they’re open I’m going to pass it every single time I see the work that they put in you know so yeah I don’t care how many shots you you take make or Miss I’m going to throw it to you if open I’ll take you Anthony Edwards again dang it Cory majers and I think you made the point I think it was you yesterday on your show loving the way that Edwards played he played the right way I thought in game seven if you just looked at the box score uh if you were allowed to just watch one minute like choppy you would have said oh he choked he came up short but no he was he was that was the strategy of Denver even watch like the the connector passes I know you don’t get that you get in hockey but the connector passes he’s the one that leads it all right I’m tied with mahor and the other [ __ ] is up one yep you’re last 544 tied for second not tied for last let’s go high we know that they’re a great team uh young but plays well with one another uh takes great shots um you know they they defend this has to be a MAV talking about the Wolves has to be Kyrie Irving dude idiot Payton need that PIN got a great clue here though for two points Sean okay man this player’s dad has has made multiple appearances on the morning show for his controversial takes that is [Music] stupid oh Sten a yes Tim Hardaway yes how do they how no offense how do how how do they still put Tim Hardway senior on television what how do you not i’ put him on every day if we could let’s get a daily with him God craps on the teammates the the the style of play like everything he just tells the truth oh he does Tim Hardway senior hit sponsored by Harrison buter pton who’s in the lead it is Sean Shar oh what keep score I like it I like it he picked now he’s keeping score just needs two I believe for the I do two gets me the win um let’s go let’s go low trying to win do anything possible to win I feel like I didn’t really impact the game throughout the course of the game so I had to do something I mean I wanted to go out there and you know put my fingerprints in the game that’s something that I do best yes no way there’s no way um no way you know n read I don’t like Payton’s body language here gosh someone check his computer there’s no way there’s no way he got that wow this is what I do that’s unbel this is not I I want to make it clear I want to make something clear right now this is not choppy’s game anymore this is not choppy’s game anymore this is my game this is my territory this is my house that’s ridiculous you get the PJ Washington Flex here I’ll tell you what honestly PJ Washington honestly the whole thing that made me think it was him when I was saying my strategy was I know him and like he played a timberwolf so then it was going to be a Maverick and then when he went Maverick there I knew it was going to be a timber wolf for you at I didn’t go every other one though no but I I saw your pattern I found it and I knew this was a Maverick how many do you have left do you have one left over I got one more all play one for Cory you want H hi go uh we have relationships that extend off the basketball court and that’s all I can ask for uh so as a person um again I felt like I was at home whether I was playing a game or not um got to see a lot of smiles got to make some kids really happy gosh I feel like it’s Kyrie [Music] Irving Cory M hey Kyrie and Aunt really serving it up for the guest I’ll take second place ultimately yeah you finished last right we shouldn’t even have played that how Cory Majors Cory got a onep pointer in there and still beat you we’ll talk to you thank you guys Cory mahor is getting it done from the KMC Masterpiece all right we got to pay homage to choppy uh not just by playing his favorite game in high low we got to take his segment Bobby has a college sports keger and we say goodbye to pton Russell heading off to Vegas next on Shan and RJ 1053 [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] he [Music] [Music] [Music] he [Music] he [Music] segment here brought to you by state of the r loss that’s soda cars for kids donate today at cars for kids.org and also brought to you by the personal injury lawyers Frankle and Frankle if you’ve been injured in a car or truck right call Frankle first 214 or 817 333 3333 with Frankle and Frankle there is never an out of pocket cost they only get paid when you win Frankl and Frankle the go-to car Rec attorneys in Dallas now it’s Leon D settle waiting Bard onetime ripped wide rebound newon Hopkins scores Ryan newon Hopkins power play goal three nothing Edmonton in game seven so it will be McDavid and the Oilers Edmonton radio obviously with the call taking on the Dallas Stars game one of the Western Conference Finals 7:30 Thursday night at the American Airlines Center and of course the AAC is set to be the first Arena to host NBA and NHL conference final games in the same season since this will be a perfect RJ choppy trivia question I think I actually saw this yesterday I think was it the like the devils in the Nets or something what year uh 06 03 Buzz him damn especially after he won high low yeah I get it you got to get your buzzes in to feel better about yourselves after you lose games so consistently really it’s been over 20 years since one Arena hosted I thought Boston would have at least one of those like like Bruins and Celtics yeah that’s why we don’t ask you questions PT you don’t know Buzz yourself uh NBA and NHL conference games at the same arena for the first time since 03 and it’ll start on Thursday night another NBA note Shams has reported that the Lakers are infatuated with JJ reck’s potential viewing him as a Pat Riley like coaching Prospect so they have interviewed JJ reick Sam Cassell James bgo bario I don’t know from New Orleans um so that is that’s according to Shams I’m predict JJ reck is going to be very successful I think probably but I mean I also think back on guys that there was just certainty about his head coach like Mark Jackson was one that everybody said during his playing career like that guy’s going to be the best head coach in the NBA when he finally steps away and it just couldn’t make it work a good head coach there was an interesting article from the LA Times last week that talked about reic as one of the guys they were targeting obviously and I’m trying to remember who wrote this one of the LI times colonists was talking about talking to people within the organization there was a lot of split opinion that some people felt like reck is a savant reck’s going to be a great head coach for years to come he’s going to connect with players he’s perfect and then there were other people who felt like there might be because of this connection he has to LeBron there might be some innate bitterness in the Lakers locker room if he becomes head coach Udonis has him the other day on television I thought was really really good and he kind of dismissed reic for LeBron like that’s not going to work that is not going to work with the way the guys view that in the locker room I believe that was Udonis hm with JJ said something similar and they also had mentioned that there are others who look at it and say hey the Lakers job you’ve got to be built for that that’s like Cowboys head coach in football and this is an inexperienced coach who is trying to take on a job that even experienced coaches have just flopped at like I mean Rudy Tom jovic ran into that in LA and so it’s it’s he talks more X’s than knows than anyone on television he’s clearly a fan of the analytics um he has a strong personality obviously he’s went to Duke so we all think he’s bright um relatable just got out of the league like I would think it’s easy to say this now but all those things seem to line up on paper I I don’t know him versus Nash Let’s just let’s just compare that cuz Steve obviously lovable dude I don’t know how he was I didn’t hear him talk a lot of x’s and o’s you’d assume he was brilliant with it like you’d assume with Jason kid brilliant with it um forceful analytics I don’t know the answers to all that stuff see that’s an interesting thought though about like JJ and you know the way that he’s got the X’s nose and the analytics and everything else and we see how bright he is do Luke Walton was the was the last chosen one yes yeah is there is there a is there a connection here though like is there a little bit of a Romo factor with reic though where it’s like other people across the league would be like I could do that too dude I’m just not like and that it’s like is reic saying anything that’s that groundbreaking compared to other people who play the game of basketball and go like yeah I know all this stuff too it’s just he’s talking into a microphone and like kind of ego stroking a little bit well let’s actually hear from JJ uh previewing the Western Conference Finals Bobby pulled this audio from the old man in the three pod and he says this series is going to be all about defense it’s felt like a defensive playoffs right and I think this probably encapsulates these playoffs more than anything because I I look at this as a defensive series Dallas of course number one defense in the NBA the last 20 games of the regular season um we’ve watched them against the Clippers we’ve watched them against OKC they do a lot of things really well um they have a lot of size they have a lot of length they’ve got the engagement from K Kyrie and Luca Josh Green Off the Bench providing the ball pressure component which I want to touch on in a second um and of course Minnesota uh who you know I think has been hyperbolized as people saying it’s been the greatest defense they’ve ever seen I’m not going to go that far but certainly the best defense in the NBA this season and uh a a very formidable uh group um some of it is Personnel some of it is schemes but this is a defensive series I I think this is honestly going to be such a throwback series cuz you saw all the issues that that they caused for the Nuggets that the Timberwolves caused for the nuggets the Mavericks have obviously like he just mentioned there end of the season they were the best defensive team in the NBA down the stretch and they’ve played really good defensively for long stretches with Oklahoma City and with the Clippers and so I think we’re going to have a lot of unders being hit for for this series with these two because this may be a lot of 9290 or you know 9997 like I I think this is going to be close it’s just going to be they’re going to be times where we’re going to be frustrated with how ugly it looks because the defense is going to be so good and then reck finally saying the Mavs are in for a tough series if they aren’t able to force Minnesota to double 77 Luca and I thought at times in the OKC Series he did get two on the ball uh and you know it’s PJ Washington in the corner right it’s they’re playing out of rotation Josh Green gets a drive they get a lob right so if Minnesota can stay out of rotation and just basically say we’re going to trust Jaden McDaniels uh we’re going to trust Anthony Edwards we’re going to trust Mike Conley we’re going to trust nikil Alexander Walker uh to guard these guys and make life miserable then I think Dallas at times will have trouble to score and that’s not to say Luca Kyrie are not going to make ridiculous shots luuka Kyrie are not going to have 40-point Outburst against this defense I’m not saying that they’re two of the greatest offensive players in the world but if Minnesota can stay out of rotation and not put two on the ball against this team what does that do Steve it’s the other guys who shut that water off Ian that’s honestly the biggest reason the Mavericks moved on from the Thunder is not because of Luca or Kyrie like there were couple different games there where it was Tim Hardway junr going on a you you missed that being able to have the opportunity to talk about Tim Hardway Jr going on a 100 run against the Oklahoma City Thunder all by himself in game two but Derrick Jones Jr Derrik Lively it was PJ Washington obviously for a large stretch of it the role players you know honestly pulled that series out for you by making shots when those opportunities presented themselves so if if Minnesota feels like they can just guard you straight up and they don’t need to create that open Rotation then yeah that’s going to be that will be problems if they can just guard you straight up like that and earlier today when we were talking about the Timberwolves play byplay announ he had mentioned that he had mentioned that you know they tried it at first with Denver that they tried it with yic of just hey let’s play him straight up and he was still able to cause problems and get guys the ball and so then they’re like all right well then double him I guess we’ll just have to do that so Luca similarly is going to have to do the same sort of thing he’s going to have to make him pay and show well we got to double him because he’s making things happen regardless we got to slow him down there it is Bobby bell with a little preview grabbing the audio from JJ reick apparently a guy that the LA Lakers are in love with from a coaching perspective uh we’ll save college keger for tomorrow to give you even more time we have to uh say proper goodbye to pton Russell who is heading off to Las Vegas to Vegas for the rest of the week how he got the girlfriend to go ahead and sign off on this does she take other like separate girls trips does she have a future pass cuz you’re going with Los amres Los amres yeah um you know there have not been any uh trip scheduled yet with her girls group she has a few friends there from college now have you been on a trip with her uh we’ve been to Houston and Louisiana cuz we went to her Texas Tech bowl game you know that’s where I wore Texas Tech shirt that I got blasted for and we went to visit a friend of hers from College in Houston so that’s the only trip um but then we have Italy here in couple months oh you’re go you’re going she got the invite yeah wow that’ll be a family trip but she got the invite to go so we’ll be out there for about 6 days so is that where you’re proposing is Italy uh no no that is not I have not uh but I need a Diamonds Direct Hit up or something I got you Yosi Yosi texted me the other day all right so what’s on the itinerary give me like the top three things you’re most excited for uh I mean uh the burles show is is up there for sure what a little per I’ve never been to one you know um you know is this expensive to go to I don’t even know how like how’s a burles show compared to a strip club what what do they do I don’t know I think there’s supposed to be like I just Envision like boas that’s it yeah I think like that’s the thing I think it’s supposed to be a little more um like like entertainment driven just with nudity and not just um girls girls girls playing on the stage and yeah burles show developed in the US Cy be designed for exclusively male patronage compounded of slap stick sketches dirty jokes course numbers all right so this is kind of a show yeah it’s a show I think tickets I I don’t know if we’ve bought them yet um but they’re about 50 to 60 bucks and it depends where you sit too you know if you want closer to the stage it costs more than sitting in the back right right all right so burles burlesque show number one uh the High Roller what is that the ferris wheel we didn’t do that Tim got us tickets for it while we were in Vegas and we didn’t end up doing it can drink on there as well oh you can drink yeah and how do you know Bobby do you know how long it takes to go around cuz I think it’s a pretty good trip 30 minutes say it yeah I want to say it was like 30 minutes to an hour when we were asking people about so people just get on there and pound drinks that’s it I mean that sounds like my kind of party I was down to do it but all right so you’re all going to get on there yeah right I think yes um we have we’re going to a Gordon Ramsey restaurant I’m not sure exactly which one out there is it burgers or for something fancier uh probably steaks I think we’re going to try hit steakhous cuz we’re going to a sushi place I think Yellow Tail out there okay um and then I think we’re going to try the Caesar’s Buffet I don’t know if it’s the one you guys went to but we got to hit a buffet I think it’s like yeah it’s 80 85 bucks but look we’re there to spin can’t cheap out do you love Seafood love Seafood all right cooked raw give it to me okay well I I have to figure out the exact Buffet we went to what I mean yeah I have no idea I didn’t go what was uh pton what is your your confidence level of coming back home she’s she’s not listening right now you’re okay what is your confidence level ofing back anding like you can comfortably relay to McKenzie sing that happened you mean like 70% like that there’s nothing he feels like well I can’t I can’t tell her that that happened 70% I would say back in all Buffet Caesar’s Palace that’s it okay then I think that’s the one we’re going to the back in all Buffet it’s worth all the hype if you love Seafood fantastic cuz he’s got the uh the snow crab legs right well it’s it’s got everything it’s got everything now what’s your gambling strategy and how much are you able to lose so I went back when me and my friends went to Vegas in October I took 1500 and I didn’t use the 1500 all I lost about you know, 1200 something like that but um I’m only taking a grain this time what are youing that’s yeah exactly and there’s an end game to it it’s not just sitting there like to feel bad about myself cuz we have more on the schedule now that we’re actually going to doing so I think the gambling is going to be less now than it was back in October so I’m only bringing around a th000 and my strategy is just to play high dollar tables like25 $30 range that way you know if cuz if cuz you can’t really like nickel and dime your way up to you know get a a couple hundred bucks you know in the profit you’re either going to win it all or you’re going to lose it all I think we’ve talked about this Sean before that you’re like you know hey you’re going to bring a th you’re either trying to win you know a bunch or lose it all yeah you know cuz cuz if I there if I went there and won 75 bucks for the trip I’d be like I mean that doesn’t change my life not you know I’d rather just lose it all so yeah I agree with that uh and drink of choice what’s your strategy obviously the free drinks whatever they give me I know there’s not much what type of drink do you want the free drink like I still to this day I wish you could have been there when we went out and watched we were Buffalo Wild Wings and we watched the Mavericks Jazz game and he took a shot of I think it was Buffalo Trace he took a shot of Buffalo Trace and we’re all taking it everybody everybody’s fine double except Payton who goes H it’s stuck up my throat it won’t go down Hur I I coughed twice Mark that and that was uh and that that was that and Bobby made a big deal about but what type of drink vodka Red Bulls I’m into those Moscow Mules I’ll do um now will they bring you a Moscow Mule sitting in a black you got to order that but vodka Red Bulls I’ve done or I mean I’m fine with the beer okay I’ll go a few beers cigars guys trip you know maybe so we have not talked about yet but we did that in California we all got cigars when we were out you going to send a sports book oh yeah I got to go to Circa cuz I mean we’ll have uh the Mavs and Stars playing every day there oh that’s right all right he’s going to be picking up so many extra shifts when he gets back from all the money he’s lost yes all right have a good trip paye uh we’ll see you in the next segment cross talk with the KMC Masterpiece is next tolos you’ve been hearing me talk about my [Music] n [Music] n [Music] [Music] [Music] a [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] w [Music] n [Music] [Music] brought to you by Classic Chevrolet Classic Chevrolet in gravine is the number one Chevy dealer in the world more Silverados than anyone else this is Texas this is Classic Chevrolet together let’s drive relax enjoy the difference based on new Chevrolet registrations 2023 Let’s cross talk with the KMC Masterpiece here with Kevin heglin Mike bassic and second place winner from Hyo today second place finisher who finished last in that game guy didn’t another guy who didn’t go to Duke me Cory what’s coming up uh PJ Washington joins us around 10:30 today and uh Puck around and find out at 11:00 former Seattle Seahawk Jamal Adams is visiting today with the Baltimore Ravens now before you crap on it and laugh when when the Ravens do things that the Cowboys don’t doesn’t that make you second third and fourth fourth guest Bobby yes oh sure no I lyen bomb uh his butt isn’t big enough for us here Jamal Adams were willing to talk to him they also drafted another player signed someone I can’t remember they got Odell yeah well that that didn’t work but but they did no I actually we talked about this we talked about this right after Jamal Adams got released like I would I would reach out and see how much it it would be like he’s not he’s not just this black hole player he’s not like he’s not somebody who is not worthy of a 53 spot it’s just he’s not worthy of 12 million or whatever it was what great analysis Kevin that was good that was a particularly that was a particularly thoughtful I was trying to decide in my head was Jamal Adams the one who had the thing with his brother or am I thinking no that was Earl Thomas Earl Thomas mixing up your safeties that wanted to come to the Cowboys yes there you go all right then I’m in yeah Jamal Adams has his own issues like he uh he has no problem just sideswiping like the wives of reporters in New York long after he’s gone and then going like well if he doesn’t want the smoke don’t come at me oh that’s right and you’re like that lady didn’t bring it up yeah exactly I do remember that what’s up Michael nothing I was just looking at Bobby going just thinking in my head being a non- Cowboys fan now gosh I can’t believe CD lamb sitting out I wonder if he’s going to really like lower his standard to what Steven Jones wants to give him or wait out Steven Jones until daddy tells Steven what to give and then he gets what he gets it’ll probably be 10 days into Oxnard like we already know how this is going to play out Stephen says no Daddy comes in and says stop doing it this way just give him what he wants and then they hold a press conference saying he’s the greatest wide receiver ever look at his numbers look at all this stuff we never had any issue this and that but right now they’re going to play like this hard stance where Stephen’s gonna come out and go hey there’s only so much pie I don’t know I like CD might be making them wait for Jefferson who’s not showing up to Vikings practice Yeah I mean you he needs he could be figuring out exactly where the salary like level is that he needs to be at I honestly think even if they don’t have a deal done if training camp rolls around he’s not sitting out he’s showing up like you you do the sit in now no like yeah he may sit in or he may just he may even practice too but he’s not going to just he’s not going to do the Zach Martin where he’s like I I will sit out and I will sit out and and collect all these fines like he’ll he’ll show up yeah but didn’t last year is long as you show up people did this last year why am I drawing a blank on players in the NFL who now go to camp but then don’t practice Yeah because then you’re not getting fined I don’t think that would be CD though I do think CD would practice but ultimately I we’ll see if they actually get a done or not they’re they’ve set this up to be on oneyear evaluation with just about everybody in that building right now Kevin are they still going to be like that’s fine did you guys talk about Trevor Lawrence getting paid what do you do with your Jacksonville Mike uh wearing your teal Jersey and they’re talking about 50 million a year for for Trevor right now he’s shown potential so he’s shown the ability to be that guy but he hasn’t consistently done it most owners so I’m I’m gonna tell take Jerry and Stephen here and say they’re just like 95% of NFL owners in this case they just pay the guy sure they say screw it or who else you GNA get right I hear this from let’s just take uh Mickey Spagnola for example he would come on here and go what’s the plan if you’re going to fire the coach what’s the who’s the next coach like you need to have everything in place to to actually let go of a quarterback who’s good not great you need to have everything in place to fire a coach to have everything assembled for the next right next thing and so I get it so Trevor’s going to get his money because if you let Trevor out on the open market he would be the highest paid quarterback in the NFL because nobody ever goes to real free agency Jerry created a cap situation where is brilliant by him that no great player or good player ever really gets to free agency so you never have an open market on what players really should get paid or could get paid so I look at it and go Jacksonville is going to do it they’re going to live with Trevor Lawrence for the next five to six years and hope that the inconsistency that they’ve seen that he ends up being the guy where they see flashes of and con Tony KH tell us they’d take him over Patrick Mahomes what yeah yeah Tony Khan also sat in the draft room with a neck brace on from a fake injur hurt what do you mean fake injury dude see him get dropped that way it was amazing I mean if you as the J family would you take Patrick Mahomes over Dak Prescott he’d say no we would take P we would take Dak Prescott over Patrick Mahomes they’re all going to the adults and be like that’s the one guy I would take Patrick I feel like I feel like would your feelings be hurt if you’re deck or you’re like sure I disagree like in reality ask on air but off air I think that’s the reality for sure if you ask Tony con he’s like yeah I can’t say that on the year how do you think that’s going to go over with Trevor Lawrence’s agent and the team that I just said Patrick Mahomes is a better quarterback than Trevor Lawrence yes it’s factually true but I can’t say it on the air I can’t say it publicly where then people would use it Kevin explain the uh greatness of Conor McDavid as bass it got his wish and maybe Cory that the Stars will face Edmonton g g give me all the hype I mean he has the best parts of so many different players like he’s like a Nathan McKinnon plus and he can also get back some defensively which is not something that you see from a lot of people who can put a lot of points on the board he’s a scoring machine in terms of he can score goals but he can also fa facilitate goals on a variety of different levels he’s the best player in the NHL I know he’s not going to win the MVP or the scoring title but he’s been the best player in the NHL for a while and he can deliver at so many different levels on the ice he’s scary Cory you satisfied you’re going to get to watch McDavid th this is this is cool I was kind of afraid of the goal tending for Vancouver but last night Edmonton turned it on against them so um this this is going to be a cool thing I still think the stars are the best team and and their depth as long as if the series goes long in favor of the Stars by far and Kevin says it will not five stars in five I I Trump you wow that’s I don’t okay the other team forfeits that would be great we long discuss that do you give the Pacers any chance against Boston starting tonight yes if Jason Tatum gets hurt in this game and can’t play the rest of the series or they shoot 75% that it out I think if Jason Tatum doesn’t play in the series I think it’s a coin flip okay but Jason Tatum is not questionable or H so I would say I will because the Celtics are doing this they intentional it seems like they just intentionally quit one game per series like I don’t care and that’s why we get to five yeah so I I will say that in five games Boston wins it’s the Eastern Conference is the easiest path to the NBA finals for about a 30-year period now and it’s amazing how there’s only one sometimes two good teams in that conference for three decades so you’re saying Boston of five yep okay I think they’re going to absolutely smoke them but I you gave you gave the Vegas odds they have Boston as a huge faite minus 800 or something 820 so 89% chance of winning the series are 60 sorry wolves are 63% Boston and six the Celtics do have a little bit of like tortoise in the hair to them they they do they do get a little like they lull themselves to sleep a lot and at least two games without KP but I I still think they’re the significantly better team fasic I’m trying to Hype up the uh the seafood buffet for pton who’s going to Vegas tomorrow they want to go to that same seafood buffet that we went to for the same price I don’t think he’s getting the pton Russell mustache discount then it’s not worth it go go to the win instead wait hey go to the win the win how much do you think that buffet was worth $50 50 then it cost like 90 or 80 or 85 it was with tip and everything about $100 W I thought we had conversations saying it was worth it no no it wasn’t bad don’t get me wrong but I would much rather order off a menu at a great restaurant for $100 okay then go to that seafood and you know I don’t want to say just seafood buffet there’s all kinds of food there but I I don’t think it’s worth it at all now I will say this if you can eat two to three times more than a normal human can follow then maybe it’s worth it but I can’t eat like that in one sitting why what’s good about the wind I just felt like whenever I’ve been this the buffet you fell yeah yeah I was looking around the anyway um I uh was this the off the elevator drunk at night no that was the Party media party it was the next it was the next night I was very hung over and I was talking to wolchuck and looking this way and stepping downstairs and I just missed the step I was okay though I still got a scrape somewhere um but the wind I’ve been to twice and I just felt the food was a little bit fresher if that if that makes it had Seafood it had everything like I was my big thing was I was eating bacon and sushi that was my like I yeah they had bacon everything dude that’s a weird combination you know what I was in Vegas so I just felt like I could do it so any other Vegas tips for pton his number one draw Kevin uh is a burlesque show that he’s going to see I was going to say I could see him getting I don’t want to say sucked in because that’s going to be problematic I could see him getting aured by the Pasty gals has he he’s never been to Vegas before yeah he’s been okay it guys trip again he he was the first one that saw the sphere here at the station I believe yep right he’s going to go on the ferris wheel the all you can drink you should go to a cir toay too oh really it’s super fun they have five of them out there Vegas can be hit or miss for people as in it can be the greatest place in the world for some people and then it’s just not your deal uh for other people yeah and I do like the shows yeah but I hate gambling because obviously you’re going to lose most of the time and I I just do not enjoy but you g you used to gamble a ton card games $20 a game like football like that’s fine and and there’s fanty betting yeah but I’m just not I’m just not into sitting at a let’s say a blackjack table it’s just not my deal and then coming away with oh man I lost 200 bucks but I sat there for an hour like that doesn’t seem right to me and then uh Charles Barkley asked Anthony Edwards what to do in Minnesota and I figured we could give a little bit of advice to Charles with a my one and only trip was the Super Bowl yeah was negative one go to the Mall of America I know besides the mall was there anything you can remember from going out in Minnesota when we went we didn’t get to go with y’all to that Super Bowl I’ve actually been to Minnesota they have a really nice art museum there and a St and an outside sculpture garden the Juicy Lucy don’t they have some sort of Museum there for Prince I have no clue if you’re a prince fan or not Charles Barkley but I guess you can go see the prince Museum yeah the Juicy Lucy have you had one but they’re everywhere I’ve had the burger though they’re they’re in Dallas that’s where it was created them Mike douchebag give you one 5 Seconds 5 Seconds of credibility it was all just set up your stupid joke what would you tell people to do in Dallas if they were from Minnesota coming to this series The Sun for worth go to the sun enjoy the sun py Trail yeah you know I feel like there is a lack of things when people ask me when they come here I don’t have like 1 2 3 4 five places or things to do or go see am I wrong no I mean usually you say well hey do you Museum do you want to see where the president wasur Mur or assassin like I mean that’s that’s a thing he’s not saying do it he’s just like just Muse I usually say go to AT&T or the Ford Center is actually a better tour than AT&T go to west7 go to Taran County for worth you check out Fort Worth man can you you go you won’t believe the facilities the Cowboys have and all the things you can see and it doesn’t matter at all you see the banners in fact it’s a hindrance the players have let you know that it’s a hindrance all the tours that you can take to them actually becoming a team and a successful franchise on the football field we got to start it and end it with Mike insulting the Dallas Cowboys we’re back tomorrow the KMC Masterpiece is next on the fan hectic morning [Music] [Music] n [Music] la [Music] [Music] [Music] la [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] Z [Music] [Music] n e [Music] [Music] [Music] oh [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] you’re about to be masterpiec K andc style right here on 1053 The Fan KC Masterpiece right here on 1053 The Fan where I always feel like I’m on the verge of having a mental breakdown but how fun are the next two weeks going to be starting tomorrow 877 88115 through Frankle firm.com TextLine also want to hear from you on YouTube on the twitch go ahead Mike are you already predicting we win both series because I don’t I want to have I’m going to have fun that the games are on television and I told you that it’s gravy that the Mavs made it this far so I’m very excited at the same time I am going to be sad disappointed angry when they lose do you if they lose do you all but I’m saying they’re going to lose game oh a game I lose the series I will be really sad it’ll take me probably 24 to 72 hours in that range to kind of get over it a little bit to then realize that you had a successful season you’re still there and they play on Alternate days so there’s no more conflicted schedule no more having to half and half pay attention or however you did it starting tomorrow every single day for at least the next eight days probably closer to 12 and maybe 14 you are going to have a Western Conference Final game of interest every single day Corey this sounds miserable for my wife yeah and you know what she can deal with it is what she is going to have to deal with it yeah because it’s part of my job to watch these games so she doesn’t like she doesn’t enjoy these at all like she’ll sleep next to you while they’re on no I watch them downstairs oh okay all right but she doesn’t sleep on the couch with you no she just she goes upstairs and watches some crime show about did she ask who won later yeah so she can tell I’ll tell you how she can tell if I come to bed let’s say excited yeah that’s what gets me going oh don’t I look Mike I hate myself for going down this Avenue there’s way I could definitely see the Mavericks winning being like Oh it’s go time I don’t I’ve never had that feeling but I guess when people win Super Bowls and stuff they say more people get pregnant in that town or whatever yeah finishes the game with M runs up there and he’s like it’s time to dunk but if I if I come to bed later than let’s say normal she knows most likely they lost will you quit on a game if you like you know that it’s like I did on game one I game one Mavs Oklahoma City six minutes maybe more than that you know maybe eight minutes to go I quit read things after if they’ve won cuz you’re excited okay that’s right but if I’m excited I kind of I’m I’m cool with it and I’m excited I’ll go to bed if they lose then I’m mad and disappointed and want to hear different things see different things read different things and just sit on the couch and mope yeah okay I got you now Cory I’m going to start with you and have Mike high or low as your Lifeline what that’s not what we’re doing you already lost at that game well actually you beat Sean and it is his home game high low yeah and you defeated him and embarrassed him and I don’t know if you heard but there was a piece of audio I didn’t get credit for that I also got correct at the end at the very beginning it was me oh yeah I do kind of think you won I honestly almost went with somebody else on that then I was like hold on that’s me we are going to have the great Dallas Mavericks history quiz Mike not right now you yes right now how many times going to be a Lifeline you can use mik Lifeline all right three times three how many questions are there indeterminate I’ll get them all right I don’t know that’s a word you might be right how many times including this time all right have the Dallas Mavericks been to the Western confence Finals hold on Mike give me just a second seven seems like a bad number I need to write down the Years cuz I know all right so they went in like the 88 time right against the Lakers at Moody correct not at Moody well but the year is your that is incorrect but you’re right I don’t know if you heard of Moody Madness that was not that year that was not against the Super Sonics in the first round they had a tennis match going on at Reunion Arena awesome way to can hey there’s probably more than one question they went with uh Don Nelson one time okay they went with Avery Johnson one time true they went with Rick Carlile one time true how many is that that’s four and they’ve been with Jason kid twice I’m going to go six he got it right that is correct to buy yourself an extra Lifeline Mike name all of those Seasons 88 03 06 11 22 24 that is correct holy crap Mike you now I can name you every player on the 1988 Dallas map dude hold on so you’re saying if I gave you a picture of all the players you could go and name all of them in 1988 uh this sounds like something Carter that we might need to devise potentially for tomorrow I think I could do the 11 team too now Cory what I would advise you to use one of your lifelines here I’ll let you decide for yourself name the six teams the Mavericks defeated to get to these Western Conference Finals oh defeated to get there yes so this is an interesting they defeat in the semifinals each year man this one’s tough cuz I know I know it was the Spurs one year I know no other years aside from that all right so Mike I’m going to go to Mike cuz I got a Bonus one cuz he knows crap I know five out of six 100% okay tell 1988 Denver Nuggets fat lever Michael Adams Alex English they had some injuries 06 was San Antonio that’s the Dirk uh where he gets fouled by janob because then they beat Phoenix in the Western Conference Final sometimes we get that because we think of overcoming San Antonio uh 11 was La Mother’s Day Massacre that’s right I remember that correct 22 was Phoenix correct chicken had them out by like a th000 points uhhuh and then lost to Oklahoma City obviously 03 is the one I’m struggling with my brain goes to Sacramento so that is correct Cory you’re down to three lifelines but you have gotten all can I get a bonus one with another bonus question we’ll see all right Cory can you now name Mike said some of them can you name the six teams that the Dallas Mavericks played in these Western confer Conference Finals oh sorry I did say Golden State last last time correct just tell me does this year count yes it does Minnesota Timberwolves correct I’m guessing that is correct the Phoenix Sons one year okay I’ll give you credit Mike I’m going to have to go to you again on this one all right 88 Lakers 03 San Antonio 06 Phoenix 11 Oklahoma City 22 Golden State 24 Minnesota correct you are now down to two lifelines but you’ve gotten all your questions correct all right name the head coach of the 1987 88 Dallas Mavericks head coach I said it yesterday it wasn’t George McLoud you’re close how am I close did we have another George you got 50% of it right no more hints from you oh sorry but he is correct he coached gar herd how is that going to help anybody gar herd was an assistant coach nobody knows that except for you probably even people who owned the team at that time don’t know that Richie aabot was on the staff too Cory Majors did you just touch your keyboard yeah I was trying to text back the person that said Cory has to be the worst just the worst just be funnier and less annoying maybe just try it I don’t know what that means I like Cory um I’ll be honest I was seven and I didn’t care about the Mavs in 1988 so I’ll go with I’ll go with poey Jones or you can use a Lifeline use a lifeline and ask Mike he took over for dick ma when he retired George Clemens after Jim Clemens Clemens but we’re close with the gym McLoud okay he had gray curly hair and he got fired his last game to ever coach the Dallas Mavericks was when the Seattle Super Sonic came in and won by 50 million points and then they’re like that’s enough I got the McLoud part right so the answer that he said is John McLoud somewhere in if I just said McLoud I would have been fine that year I would have allowed it the Dallas Mavericks put out a videotape called the Dallas Mavericks 1987 88 bouncing back which I’ve watched 700 million times in my life but why cuz I love that team and then they show Bill Winnington and they show Brad Davis yeah but they’re golfing and then they show Bill Winnington cheating on the golf course oh my gosh all right Co and then and then didn’t like in 1999 mtic Cal put out the song bouncing back I have no clue who that is what what Mystic Cal mystical oh keep buff me gets wow I don’t know if that was 99 Cory you only have a couple more questions left that’s all right and you still have one Lifeline what is the Dallas Mavericks overall record in the Western Conference Finals just in terms of Series wins not games uh well we lost in 88 so I’m going to say one loss in what other years was it what do you want me to help or no hold on hold on I got this i got this mic you need to get this one we’ve only been to two uh what he’s right about this we’ve only been to two NBA championship I hear where his brains going but we haven’t won against Minnesota yet and we’ve been to six so we’re two and three yes that is correct how many NBA finals games have the Dallas Mavericks played and what is their overall record in them NBA finals games correct all right so against the Heat they were 817 ask these same questions to Mark cumin he would not know Mike is amazing at this game he’s like the Mavericks rain man yeah I got it we’re [Music] done against the Heat we want we up 20 right and then the MAV started celebrating and then the heat came and dirt missed those free throws and David Stern made sure the refs were going to sway the game in a certain way and that was in six okay I mean if you yeah if you think was in five hey I won’t say anything zip it for now you might be called upon as a lifeline and then in 11 we won that in six I’m oddly stressed about this I don’t feel like I should be and then we haven’t been to another one since all right so if I do math correctly then I will go to my lifeline and ask Mike the answer to this question now you get it right they’re six and six there that is correct so 500 like Bruce Boi now Alec let me ask question quick you said when you said if you think I was that’s what made me think hold on did it go more games or less you said they won the first two and then you questioned if they lost in five that would be impossible won the first two I said they won in six and you were like if you think and I was like what the crap are you talking about Alec they’ve gotten them all correct but Cory is out of lifelines do you think I should ask him one more question to determine if he wins this game oh absolutely yes this isn’t good we only have 40 Cory seconds Majors what was the first season of Dallas Mavericks basketball don’t answer the question I wasn’t even alive for Maverick’s basketball are you sure you weren’t alive for anything that started here besides the Stars I was alive for that 1980 I’m going to need more information please it’s 1980 remember NBA Seasons go over two different years 1980 is the year I’m saying you have to take that as an answer are you sure if that is your final answer it will be marked incorrect would you like to add a year he got it 50% right so far okay that’s fa did I get it did I get it the first 50% right no no no don’t answer that % this is for the game1 that is [Applause] g you have proven we wore blue jerseys that year too the champion of all Mavericks knowledge I know all the MAV stuff in your face Mike now name all the head coaches that have ever coached the Dallas Mavericks Jim McLoud that’s not even right that’s not even right it’s John McLoud you just said that Jim Clemens there you go dick ma like I feel like twice we’re at of time um Quinn Buckner we got Quinn Buckner wow that’s impressive coming up he was him and Jim Clemens both raised their hand as two of the worst coaches as head coaches in the history of the NBA from the 817 is Mike really the reason y’all don’t get any Mavs guests on the on the show we’re going to get PJ Washington at 10:30 yeah well we’re going to ask PJ all these this entire quiz I’m just kidding up in fris coming up next will Cory still be answering MAV head coaches also do you care about the Cowboys OTAs at all the coolest new baseball card out there and the Mavs player who stands on business it is PJ Washington next and the fan you made [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] n [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] L energy this segment of the K&C Masterpiece is brought to you by cars forkids donate today at carsforkids.org and the personal injury lawyers Frankle and Frankle if you’ve been injured in a car or truck right call Frankle first 214 or 817 3333333 with Franco and Frankle there is never an outof bucket cost they only get paid when you win frankco and Frankle the go-to car and truck wreck attorneys in Dallas get in at the point we’ll look it over Advance it shoot it he SCS the hero hinan with some traffic out in front it’s a power play goal his second tonight three nothing KC Masterpiece right here on 1053 The Fan for people that were asking we will do the great Stars history quiz tomorrow we didn’t have time today we got the Mavs out there I can’t help as much there yeah we might have to lean on potentially Alec or maybe we’ll switch it up a little bit but the great Stars history quiz tomorrow now I really want to know this so we can kind of like plan accordingly because obviously you want to do content that the people are going to be interested in and Mike I’m going to assume your answer is definitely not but I want to know do you care about the Cowboys OTAs at all 877 881 1053 and Corey I’m going to start with you I tied Bobby in high low this morning Kevin my apologies do they job out of a point so Bobby got 322 I had 133 so I tied Bobby this morning is that right is that math correct I mean that would be seven to seven all right so I won there you go back to you on OTAs do you care heck yeah who can hit a golf ball 3 I know you don’t care can they hit it over the net at Top Golf Frisco yes I know you don’t care CD is probably not going to be there Michel Parsons is not going to be there but he’s expected to join the team next week do you care about the otaa I would really love to know like do the Chiefs have 100% otaa participation if the Chiefs have 100% I’m guessing not last year just because of what was happened with Chris Jones and everything that’s a good question or or up to 99% you know if they have a massive amount of it and I’d like to know what theirs are like compared to the Cowboys okay because that’s if the best teams are out there doing something different then maybe you do adjust your approach to it uh um it it always seemed like you know Bill Parcels came in with a mindset of hey we want you here but it’s up to you but if you’re not here it’s going to cost you like you you kind of understood you kind of need to be here for these things and that’s where the great line of what do voluntary mean came from right uh but yeah I I want to see the players there if it if it’s proven that it helps for them to be there otherwise and Mike’s right they don’t do a whole lot more than installments they don’t get real physical because you saw the Shaun Lee moment happen yeah and you’ve already seen Denver has already had an injury in their OTAs yeah so I I mean I would I would say that I want to I want to build smarter teams then yeah I need these guys to come in here and get some studying in with me and and that’s what I want to do to build a smarter team uh but I’m that’s one of the questions I have for PJ Washington is about adjustments when y’all get the adjustments for game two is it oh we just go out there and we play whatever they call and the coaches know what the adjustments are going to be or do y all like have a game plan of hey look we’re going to do this this and this and this is how we’re going to shut them down I don’t I’m very curious about that because I want a smarter team for sure so I think that’s what OTAs should be used for okay uh R you just had rookie mini camp OTAs start today we talked about the players who will be there the players who it doesn’t look like cidd Lamb’s going to be there as we talked with Steven Jones I don’t know like a few week maybe a month ago he said they’re aware of what Micah is doing with their training and everything like that and Michael gellin had a story today about how Parsons has been training like a boxer but is not expected to join the team again fully until next week okay so that’s kind of where we stand going into OTAs do you think boxing is one of the greatest cardio workouts there is I could definitely see that I honestly thought I I know We’ve joked about the Cowboys plenty this off season and they deserve it I actually thought his drills with the sumo wrestler were really interesting because if you can move a sumo wrestler I do see how theoretically that could correlate to moving an offense I I’m more of a like I do want him to be able to physically take on that size because that’s what happened last year they ran at him and that’s when they were at their best I want him to to physically be able to take on the sumo wrestler reposition the sumo wrestler so it’s in the way of the Run Lane you know like that’s what I want to see is get in the way of the Run Lane and if you’re not going to do that you have to have slip ability to shake that offensive lineman and get to where you want to go and that’s something that I thought was too much of a problem last year was he just got pushed out of place a lot of times and then he got worn out by it and we see this a lot on the text when we talk about hey let’s cover what people want to see and this just shows I don’t know I think this will change but I’m curious how much it will change between now and September for the 817 take otaa out of the sentence and I still don’t care from the 214 I don’t want to hear anything about the Cowboys from the 972 I’m a 50-year Cowboys fan and right now I couldn’t care less from the 325 couldn’t care less please no cowboys and so just In This Moment people are still angry and if do you think people get even angrier with the success of all the other teams uh yeah and then the discussion of their value like uh I think that’s where two things really come into play is look man look how valuable we are and we’re like yeah that’s cuz it’s our damn money that we’re spending on that that to make you that valuable like this this is part of what we invest in as fans and we want to see some some sort of result from it and when you don’t get that result you get frustrated and right now A Team you’re seeing plenty of results from it is the Western Conference Finals Bound Dallas Mavericks and right now we bring to you the man who always stands on business it is PJ washhington good morning sir good morning how are you we’re doing great now this first thing I want to tell you is not a question but a text we’ve already gotten before you even jumped on the phone please tell PJ how proud Dallas is of him the fans recognize him as a HomeTown Hero please let him know so I wanted to convey that information to you that’s great I mean I love every bit of it obviously being from here is is a dream come true so um just being able to play for the m is is is great and I’m excited every night now so much discussion leading into this Series has been about how good Minnesota’s defense is but there’s a whole bunch of us who are like have you been watching this Dallas team for the last two and a half months their defense is excellent as well does that I don’t know if it’s disrespect or not does that bother you at all or you’re like n we know what our defense does yeah not at all I mean we feel like we’re uh one of the better defensive teams in the league and uh I think we’ve shown that uh throughout the year so I mean we’re just excited to go into this series and uh we can’t wait to get to Minnesota how did it feel PJ stepping to the line after I don’t know let’s say a two-minute break for the review cuz sometimes you know you hear in college basketball call a timeout to ice the free throw shooter what was your thoughts going through your head as they were reviewing the call to see if you were going to shoot three free throws or not well I knew I got fou so for me I was just excited and and I couldn’t wait to get to the line so um I was calm in the moment and I was just ready to go in and win the game for my team PJ just about every game that I watch of you I end up tweeting is PJ Washington my favorite player and I just now that now I got you on the line are you my favorite player I don’t know I mean I just try to be myself out there and just try to be aggressive and um just do what I can help my team win and um uh just try to show a little emotion out there as well and uh just stand up for each and every one of my teammates all right the answer is yes then all right that that’s that’s the correct answer so what I’m going to start to do I’m going to quote tweet his tweet every time PJ and just say yes we always hear coaches will say players will say hey you got to treat this game just like every other game and I understand that mindset for sure but is that difficult at all to be like hey it’s just another game we’ve played Minnesota four times in the regular season versus yeah but it’s not like totally just another game um yeah I mean obviously these games mean everything to us uh we have a goal and we still haven’t achieved it yet and uh Minnesota’s in the way of it so for us um we just try to have to we have to do what we have to do to get him out the way and uh go reach our goal so PJ obviously you’re in the league for a while and hadn’t been in the playoffs uh how has it been and then do you appreciate it more maybe that you were drafted by a team that just couldn’t make the playoffs and now you get to finally your career be in the playoffs yeah I mean um obviously this is my first playoff um and I’m I’m just excited I mean I never had this opportunity so for me uh each and every second I try to make the most of it and um I try to just give everything I have and um I just want to win I mean that’s that’s all it is for me um I haven’t been obviously on a winning in a in a winning organization so just to be here is is is great for me and I’m just blessed my favorite player PJ Washington on Masterpiece 1053 The Fan everybody everybody says this on Twitter everybody’s we hear this a lot about you and it’s everybody says he has that dog in him and I was just kind of curious about that because we see it we see this like tenacity that comes out uh but it’s very controlled at the same time do you give yourself like a pep talk uh every day in front of the mirror or do you like do you just kind of hey stay ready I never have to get ready uh no I Stay Ready never have to get ready I mean I’ve been like that since a kid um it just my competitive nature uh I just love to win the game and I’ll do anything I can to to do it so um I just try to come in each and every night and just be aggressive and just be myself and that’s what we see that that part of of the dog too though is like there’s been some physical games here in these playoffs like very physical runs is that something that favors you guys do y’all like the physical style play that y’all that y’all have been up against and had to deal with yeah I mean that’s the only way I like playing the game um I think it’s it’s great for us uh obviously we we feel like we thrive in that area so um we’re a physical team and I feel like each and every night the most physical team will win so we just try to be as physical as possible this question can end up backfiring on me very mightily a couple months ago maybe a month or two ago when you were on with Shawn and RJ did you tell them about watching Miss Rachel with your kiddos yeah uhuh um definitely um I think it helps them um they love her they uh are honestly talking a lot quicker and a lot better so um I think she’s done a great job of what she does and I appreciate everything she does as well so not to distract Too Much from the basketball questions but I have a two-year-old or he’s about to be two have you ever seen Danny go and if not I would recommend it no I have not and I’ll definitely uh try to incorporate that as well honestly I think I think Miss Rachel is good but not all day he sings A Lot he sings a lot of songs does a lot movement and stuff and it’s really catchy but when it’s stuck in your head at a future game I apologize but I think your kids will like it very much it’s all good I mean they’re all stuck in my head at this point hey when when it comes to the the philosophy of a series uh I kind of Jason kid hasn’t won a game one and we’re all like trying to figure out how that goes and trying to figure out you know each adjustment that’s made along the way do you guys do y’all get the adjustments like in a pack and they’re like all right this is what we’re going to do or is it hey we’re going to roll back out there and Coach is going to call play and we execute that how do y’all know what adjustments y’all are making throughout the series um well I think coach and the whole coaching stff does a great job of of informing us and uh going through film and just doing a lot of things to help us uh change our game plans or do things differently if we see fit and uh I think we go out there and just try to execute everything they tell us so um I think they’re doing a great job and they’re they’re um obviously obviously winning so um I’m just glad they’re they’re paying attention and and doing their jobs at a high level I’m sure PJ you have a lot of friends from Frisco that really want to go to all these playoff games and the Western Conference finals and hopefully the hopefully the NBA Finals do you have somebody who just you push that off to the side you say can you please help me out with all of my people that I love and make sure that they’re taken care of for this while during this kind of playoff run yeah I mean my wife does a great job of of that I mean she’s been amazing throughout this whole playoff R for me and being there for me so um she handles all that stuff and and she’s doing a great job of it are we winning are we winning against Minnesota what’s he gonna say no he’s gonna say yes is what he’s gonna say of course I feel like we we win against Minnesota yes not that you need any play just told me Kevin so I’m okay now not that you need any more push but you guys are in the Western Conference Finals the stars are in the Western Conference Finals never in the history of organized professional sports as the NBA and NHL Champion come from the same city in the same year so it feels like it’s about that time don’t you think no definitely I mean it’s first time for everything why not here in Dallas that’s we just had 700,000 people at of Texas Rangers parade I’m sure there’s 700,000 to a million people that want to go to another parade let’s do it man definitely definitely well I appreciate it very much and my my grand plan is you check back with us before the NBA finals and then give me a review on some of your favorite Danny Go songs and then we’ll just kind of we’ll just kind of go back and forth on all of that okay cool sounds good awesome thank you very much good sir future NBA champion PJ Washington I love it I love it go get it man go get it there you go PJ Washington right here on 105 through the fan and that’s something we can dive in to throughout the rest of the show obviously it’ll come up tomorrow as well is these are two of the best defensive teams in the league and I I realized that there’s been more maybe Spotlight on Minnesota’s defense outside of Tim legler who has done a really good job of being like hey you guys have been watching since the trade deadline this Mavericks defense has been really really excellent as well yeah he’s a key part of it dude yes and I’m excited to see how the defensive back and forth goes between these two teams in the finals the Western Conference finals coming up next we’ll have a different opponent in the actual finals it’s Tom for baseball nuggets with Mike bassic the Rangers are playing again tonight we’ll talk about what’s going to possibly happen in Philadelphia next hey it’s [Music] [Music] [Music] n n [Music] n he [Music] [Music] h [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] oh [Music] this segment is brought to you by Classic Chevrolet in Grapevine they’re the number one Chevy dealer in the world more silver Autos than anyone else this is Texas this is Classic Chevrolet together let’s drive based on new Chevy registrations 2023 KC Masterpiece back here on 105 through the fan right now it’s time for baseball nuggets with Mike B so at one of the press conferen is with Bruce bochi it was funny I’ll just say somebody in The Press Room asked are you scared and Boi kind of looked at him like what kind of question is that and it was based off of asked him about Miss Rachel the Rangers dealing with all of these injuries and just the lineup that he was having to put out and the relievers that he was having to possibly go with the starting pitching that he was having to possibly go with with every once in a while right now and Bo was like are you kidding me but now I ask you guys this question the Rangers play today against the Philadelphia Phillies why you saying it like that you get excited Mike are you scared of what yeah of getting shut out just getting beaten down right now I mean it happened to us last year against the Astros right like that was the most embarrassing few games I’ve ever been fourth fifth and sixth of September right around there that was like that was miserable and it it could happen again but that doesn’t mean that I can’t win more games but it doesn’t mean that I can’t come back I’m with you it’s a it’s a early stretch but I’m like man playing this Philadelphia series I’m like we’re fine we’re going to win today the Texas Rangers gosh are 8 and0 this year when they have a 500 record yes that includes when they were zero and zero if you want to take that out they’ve been 500 exactly 500 seven times they’ve won every single time do you know who else is eight no Ranger Suarez a starting pitcher for the Philadelphia Phillies hey and he has a 1.37 ER and guess what hand he throws with crap does he throws his left hand oh yeah hey I it’s all it’s all right gonna say logic be damned I am sticking with the Rangers Victory as long long as you don’t have any follow I know they’re going to get out of this fun I just don’t see it against Philadelphia hey as long as you don’t have any followup questions I would stick with that yeah I was optimistic about the angel series and obviously that didn’t go our way so I move on that’s about enough Ranger talk for right now for me cuz let’s just see how it goes in Philadelphia and it’ll be here on 1053 The Fan especially it will be here on 1053 the fan on Thursday cuz we still our ratings count for that game so just listen to that win think we’re going to take at least one of three on everybody listen to the game on Thursday it’s going to be great all right so now I’m going to include an astro here and I have this question you guys hate the Astros the most I think most everybody who’s a ranger fan hates the Astros the most because of the cheating one right let me ask you this how much do you let’s say dislike or hate if you want to use that word Kyle Tucker who was not part of the 2017 Houston AST um he’s an irritant to me yeah not like Chris Davis was for the A’s okay but he’s an irritant in a way that like it always seemed like until the ALCS that dude just always would hit this home run that you’re like why dude come on man like what are you doing he always did something that he made a really good at bat that I just hated okay I don’t yeah I guess he’s not super high on my ear list like Altuve bregman bregman number one would you say he dropped down since he uh since he stunk so bad in the ALCS I didn’t I didn’t hate him as much so here’s the deal now I go to mlb.com we’re getting close to two months into the season and they have the latest MVP poll number one in the American League is it still SoDo is Juan SoDo receiving from their people that they asked 28 first place votes which is quite a bit and they’re just talking about all his numbers and how good he is and how good also the New York Yankees are so there’s a turnaround where it looks like they’re a playoff team early on in the year and last year they weren’t a playoff team so they’re giving Juan stto a lot of credit for the turnar around now their starting pitching has been outstanding this year for the Yankees so that’s also been a big turnaround too but number two is Kyle Tucker so I wanted to talk a little bit about Kyle Tucker here here’s what the little paragraph says about Kyle Tucker right now being right behind W stto with six first place votes and I say right behind he’s in second but not many first place votes Tucker was already one of MLB’s best players over the past three years but he has taken his game to another level this year the left-handed Slugger ranked second in MLB with 15 homers leads the American League with on base percentage of 421 slugging of 618 he has been especially hot lately and then it just goes over to help Houston get back into kind of a a like hey they could make the playoffs situ they’ve been rolling as of late so I wanted to look this up I wanted to look up the age of Kyle Tucker and why am I doing this I’m doing this off of Wyatt Langford and Evan Carter he’s still pretty young right he is he’s 27 years old now Co kind of screwed up a little bit of his numbers if this makes sense here in 2018 he gets called up for 28 games and was bad 141 batting average that’s I mean so he at 21 years old was like yeah he’s a huge Prospect but he ain’t ready okay 22 years old the next year he plays in 22 games so he gets called up late and does a lot better in limited action 269 four homers 11 RBI 15 runs scored so he shows the ability in the short amount of time like okay it looks like he’s ready for the majors then 2020 happens and you have Co he plays in 58 of the 60 games and he bats 268 837 Ops at 23 years old that’s good but then the next year 30 home runs 92 RB good right solid good player the next year uh 30 home runs again 107 RBIs last year he had 29 home runs 112 RBI so the consistency so let me ask you this based off of this Kyle Tucker’s kind of gone away from the spotlight of Major League Baseball Stars even though he did make the All-Star team the last couple years it’s clearly very good I’m wondering this with Evan Carter would we be disappointed if Evan Carter for the next couple years was just a solid player but not really producing an All-Star level but then at 25 he becomes kind of a perennial All-Star because it looks like Kyle Tucker will make the All-Star team three years in a row at age 25 26 27 as you’re kind of hitting your Prime and I’m just like maybe this really stinks for me cuz I’ve bought a lot of Evan Carter cards but what if Carter for the next two to three years really struggles to find his stardom but then does 3 four years from now I think I’ll just speak for me I will be disappointed just because I saw his stardom immediately in the postseason that’s honestly it sounds weird but that kind of works against him in terms of expectations right because I expected him to be awesome straight away because the second you saw him last year he was really really good yeah what I what I’m really you mentioned it yesterday or sometime this in the last week that he did have explosive numbers and then he’d go missing for a while in the minor leagues and maybe we just didn’t see that enough to know that that might be a reality in the pros too where he he goes through a couple months where he’s just the hottest and then he has one where he’s just really bad but I I don’t think I’ll be disappointed as long as the team keeps winning I know like y’all are I’m very committed to the through Kyle Tucker’s star I won’t say stardom through Kyle Tucker’s development in the major leagues he only had to be their fourth or fifth best hitter because they had yordon Alvarez and Altuve and bregman and at one point you know early on George Springer in Kyle Tucker’s career and Carlos karea threw out some of his development so it’s kind of like if you can keep having Evan Carter be your fourth or fifth best hitter you’re okay but that means Seager and Simeon and adolis really step up where you’re not putting cuz right now if Evan Carter doesn’t turn it around I don’t know where the offense gets the extra boost because at this point there’s pressure on him because we’re not getting the boost a consistent Boost from the guys that you expect to get the consistent All-Star offense this might be a question for another day can you be I’m seriously ask do you think you can be the team’s fourth best hitter if you can’t hit left-handed pitchers probably not because it’s a small sample size but early on he’s yeah really strong and maybe it takes him I hate saying this maybe it takes him till 25 years old sure to figure out how to hit lefties and that means you’re dealing with three to four more years of maybe an under 200 batting average against left-handed pitchers uh by the way third is gunar Henderson with two first place votes so those are your top three Al MVP candidates as we’re getting two months into the season yes I I that was my Dark Horse pick to to win I didn’t want to go with Juan stto just because he was the odds on favorite so I try to pick somebody else and gunar was my guy before Aaron judge by the way is fourth uh and then Bobby wit Jr is fifth so those are I think people care a lot more about the American League rather than the national league here obviously so those are the five candidates right now for MVP in the American League and I’m hoping that by the time we to the end of June and I know we’re not even to the end of May but when we get to the end of June if the Rangers are in this thing Cory Seager or Marcus Simon needs to be on this list yeah yeah when we’re talking about five I’m not saying they need to take over Juan stto but one of those guys needs to be on this top five MVP list with the KC Masterpiece right here on 1053 The Fan coming up next parck around and find out the Western Conference finals are set and how benefit offal has the Stars team building model B let’s talk about it all next right here on the fan [Music] [Music] oh [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] w oh [Music] [Music] [Music] w oh [Music] [Music] n [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] ha [Music] you’re about to be Masterpiece K&C style right here on 1053 The Fair KC Masterpiece right here on 1053 The Fan it’s time for a little puck around and find out 877 881 1053 Edmonton is Victorious last night over Vancouver though Vancouver made it much more interesting about Midway or the second half of the third period because they were down three to nothing scored a pair of goals the last few minutes you were wondering if there was going to be a little bit of an Edmonton collapse right there not to be Edmonton advances and that is who the Stars will take on Western Conference Finals starts Thursday you satisfied with his result I was personally hoping for Vancouver yeah Thursday start I’m sorry I am happy with this result that means it’ll be every other day uh MAV Stars so yeah I’m okay with a Thursday start Kevin is that what you’re asking I meant the result of Edmonson winning oh as opposed to the Thursday start but I’m glad to know that you’re happy with that as well I didn’t so I went into this going I feel like the stars are the better team either way yeah um you do kind of like the idea of playing a team that doesn’t have their star player one of their star go scorers but either way I’m good with it again I feel like the longer this series goes the more favorable it is to the Stars I know you got them in five that’s awesome uh if they can clean house like that I did look Kevin this year uh they were three or two and one against Edmonton this year do you know what happened in their one loss no I just know that last win they destroyed them so leading up to their their loss against Edmonton they had beaten Montreal 3-2 Carolina 4-2 and Nashville 9-2 wow and then they lost in overtime to Edmonton and lost four straight so maybe that was they had just gone and they had been on a run before that and maybe that was just a bad stretch so I’ll chalk it up to that other than that man the stars have owned this thing so I’m I’m very confident in uh in what they’re doing here I’m really really excited about about this matchup in theory cuz my answer is yes do you think this is the weakest team the stars have played in the playoffs so far I don’t know okay I it’s a good question Edmonton has one two series Vancouver was the one seed on that side I think if we look at it like maybe I’m going to compare it to a sport I know a lot better the Pacers have no like they should not be in a Eastern Conference Finals or Western Conference Finals they shouldn’t be in the final four they’re just not that good are you comparing I’m going to throw this back at you because I don’t think I’m are you comparing are we playing the Indiana Pacers of the NHL the the problem with that is the Oilers don’t get me wrong Tyrese halberton is really really good but the Indiana Pacers have Tyrese halberton they don’t have Nicola yic the Edmonton Oilers have Nicola yic they have that all round player who is ter terrifying their power play in this playoffs has been absolutely astonishing for a penalty kill for the stars that has been mediocre at best so I definitely think that Edmonton provides some challenges and I know they had a better record than Vegas I totally get that but Vegas has the defending Champions Colorado had a better record and they were the Champs before that I think this is not a bad team at all but I think this is actually the weakest of the teams that you’ve played so far in the playoffs though clearly that I’m not can’t I can’t argue that I literally I do not watch really much hockey at all besides Stars sure so I’m not watching Edmonton play Vancouver through the seven games or Vancouver play so I’m I don’t have the the feel that maybe you have I think we’re going to maybe dive into this more tomorrow but the most like clear difference is goal tending because you have seen Edmonton they switched around their goalies in the Western Conference Finals they were displeased with what steuart Skinner was Skinner was doing they replaced him and then they went ahead and made a change back and so there’s a little bit of uncertainty there in the net for them I do Wonder um I I think I think AER will have one of those stinkers in this series I I think he’ll also have a couple of games where it’s just like man he didn’t have to work that hard that defense was doing their job in front of him and he really didn’t have to work that hard and he’ll have one game where he bounces back from a stinker that just electrifies us that’s so that’s my my prediction for the otter outing Kevin what about can I ask you this sure coaching I think that’s a clear Advantage for the stars for the stars I I I do I think that uh is it yeah Chris nolock he he is no it’s not it’s not the person who couldn’t throw the ball yipp yeah he’s a rookie head coach yippy Caye I knew that was the mother they were 39 and one to start the season and then they went on like the hottest run you could imagine and kind of and then at that point you know when they lost when we were in Vegas that’s right because they were going crazy and it looked like they were going to be jugernaut cuzz Vegas we beat Vegas in the first round and Vegas destroyed their winning streak I don’t know if I would go off of just the one regular season game to make that decision the one thing I I have noticed about uh noblock though is his he will make like tough decisions to to in whenever things are going poorly Aggy brain not it’s not Chuck noblock he’s one of those guys that’s like he won’t just go we’re going to stick through this he’ll be like you know what we have to we have to make this move in order order to win this game so be prepared for some of those types of adjustments that you don’t quite expect or you sometimes you’ll sit there and go coach isn’t going to do that and he might actually do it that being said theor dude come on you got the you got the edge with theor and another thing that I looked at along the way how the Stars built this roster it is amazing the amount of homegrown talent that is on this team now I I realize the very logical response that you’re going to get to that is pavelski tanev even sean I realized though Sean has been here forever you have to have other pieces exactly and tana unless you’re the Cowboys yeah then you don’t have to work out great man has everyone in the world now seen that Meme of the teams in action the last time they were in their Conference Finals and it’s EMT Smith running around there Circa 1995 and you’re just like dang man hey anyways back to the starts right now Kevin Mark rippen was the quarterback the last time Washington made it it’s a good point if you’re comparing yourself to the commanders that is uh that’s great you win is that really competition you’re trying to win for the Stars take a look at how a lot of this team has been built he drafted rope in 2015 2017 is going to go down as an all-time great start to the draft you you got AER Robertson and hinan in the same draft you’re talking about three of obviously your best player you drafted parley in 2019 Johnston and stankoven you drafted after that you’re talking about some of the best players on this team and take a look at who’s on the ice for the Dallas Stars hinan Harley and Lindell led the team have led the team so far in average ICEE in the playoffs in fact five of the six players who lead the stars in ice time during the playoffs were drafted by this team with the lone exception being of course Chris tanv who you know what we should probably devote like an entire show to him at some point because he has been un freaking believable they win the cup we devoted the entire show to TANF I can see it Mike you were at the Dallas card show this weekend yes I asked you a few questions I’m going to ask you a question here for the first time in the history of the Dallas card show did it seem like people were asking about Dallas Stars cards Wyatt Johnston was probably just wondering if there was a fever there was still there’s still you know wemy fever is still hanging around but Wyatt Johnston was way up there because there’s been times in the past where you know you specialize at a card show and you’re like Hey we’re going to be in Dallas for the Dallas card show let’s put all these Dallas cards out and people would see the stars cards and be like oh yeah or move along this time I saw people looking for the Wyatt Johnston Young Guns Upper Deck rookie like they were looking for it and it’s it’s easy to understand why right that kid has been a freaking re well that man has been a freaking Revelation kid we have 19y olds they’re kids plus he was dressed up like a Emelia wz dressed up as Billy the Kid I don’t believe you said Young Guns right I know I I don’t know how many people are familiar those two movies i’ I have of course seen both of them numerous times but I don’t know how many people are familiar with that text in early ’90s maybe late ‘ 80s 1988 okay all right can you name all the people from Young Guns Meo Estes like you said kefir southernland oh crap labomba was in it what no hold on why did you call him laoma because that’s his like yeah he’s a buff when it comes to movies that’s like that’s like his most well-known that’s not his name I know that’s why I said crap I can’t remember nobody knows actors and actresses names Lou they always change them for L Diamond Phillips Lou Diamond Phillips and then Blaze and is that a real name yeah I mean I don’t know so you said emelo keer Lou Charlie Sheen is one of them right down in a blaze of glory comes from I think that first movie I know that’s not an actor you guys are amazing that’s I’m going to I’m going to stop on that text in what you would make your fake name since Lou Diamond made his name I don’t know if he did or not but just sounds like a madeup name oh yeah is it do dermit [ __ ] yeah that guy from the 972 I just watched Young Guns last weekend that is that is freaking phenomenal thank you seriously for for sharing that the stars have got a lot of youngsters across the board because so many of their players are homegrown and unlike maybe some organizations it seems like they are keeping the right homegrown players and aren’t just trying to artificially prop up their draft statistics to that point the Dallas Stars are in the Western Conference finals for the third time in five years that’s the best stretch since the 1990s when obviously they made the cup in 99 and 2000 and then they made the Western Conference finals three straight years then so it’s been 25 years since you’ve seen like this consistent level of excellent hockey I’m I’m try hold on you said they played the Oilers and we haven’t played the Oilers in the playoffs in like 20 years 98 own their asses playoff I remember and I don’t I hate to do this I feel like it was lwig and let’s be serious here okay doesn’t Texas own the most oil fields huh that is not as serious as I thought but since Cory brought up Young Guns we we actually have a special Masterpiece Theater for you next okay a movie you love where the bad guy wins 877 881 1053 let’s do that next right here on the fan full KC Masterpiece shows available anytime on the Odyssey [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] this segment of the K&C Masterpiece is brought to you by cars for kids donate today at carsforkids.org and the personal injury ERS Franco and Frankle if you’ve been injured in a car or truck right call Frankle first 214 or 817 3333333 with Frankle and Frankle there is never an out of pocket cost they only get paid when you win Franco and Frankle the go-to car and truck rck attorneys in Dallas KY Masterpiece right here on 1053 The Fan and it’s time for some Masterpiece [Music] Theater welcome to another edition of masterpiece the where we discuss theater with you and now to guys who know absolutely nothing about the Cory and Kevin and Mike our question for you today that’s fair our question for you today a movie you love where the quote unquote bad guy wins now I realize bad can be a point of view and perhaps you don’t think that this person is bad I don’t know Mike do you think we should go to the fantex first or do you think we should go to you first I thought of multiple movies um but I went with the Thanos one I’m sorry what Mike the Thanos one where Thanos won in the end he got the five diamonds and he had the big the big Knuckles and he was like I have the knuckle sandwich with all the diamonds you guys are leafs now and you float away half of you are now six are there six yeah there’s only you no he’s got one on the but he’s got like an extra one on the he has six Knuckles no no he has an extra infinity stone that’s all right what we’re looking for is cut number nine this is quote the Thanos movie I told you you die for that [Music] say words this a lot of weird this is a weird edit here [Music] Alec there’s a lot of music going on in the back it would have sounded weird if I cut it I know but it was just sounded like he’s like I mean he just got stabbed in the chest so I mean I think that’s pretty fair sound like me when I get done back to you Kevin what running like a race or something you grunt yeah I’m exhausted now this answer has come in a couple of times and I’m really curious what y’all’s thought is about this what do you think about from the 817 from Nate wood and and from the 915 Friday Night Lights the movie who’s the bad guy they’re saying the bad guy is Dallas Carter in that movie and so the bad guys win an intriguing question I had not anticipated cuz they robbed people at gunpoint I they did not give explan well I think it’s more that I think it’s more because the other team is set up as the good guys and then they lose and you’re like the other people must be the bad guys I think then if the case Kevin Varsity Blues because the coach all he’s trying to do is get the greatest out of these players and this one quarterback just like I don’t want your life yeah and he’s trying to make up plays yeah and he’s just trying to get established structure and victory and then they force him out John MOX they force him out they force him to leave all the all the high school kids kid not just the not just John moxon okay the whole high school so it’s not the coach all the kids might be racist and abuses his players the kids Kevin the kids need to learn structure uhhuh interesting much like my other movie so far I’m winning with the Thanos one Return of the Jedi what the good guys definitively win in return the Jedi Darth Vader trying to be a good dad trying to make sure that he takes care of his kids he doesn’t think he on solo kid by fighting his son and trying to make him evil you never fought your kid before you never like uh F fights just to teach him a out his own wife yeah I didn’t see that while she was pregnant in Return of the Jedi well he already killed her by then and he killed all those little kids it’s the Skywalk that wasn’t in Return of the Jedi guys okay this is a movie where he was trying to make he trying to make it up F fine in Return of the Jedi he tries to corrupt his son to join the Dark Side he can have a good watch if you won’t do it maybe I’ll corrupt your sister because he saw them kiss in the other movie because he was letting Chancellor paline uh know that the time you have to know that’s not right he was letting him know look hey I I’m going to get my son into this thing but you don’t need to mess with him I’ll take care of but that is that he shot him with lightning Palpatine did yeah not Darth Vader Darth Vader just stood there for a while he said look there has to be some suffer if your kid was going to the electric chair would you just stand there like for a minute I knew he was that’s enough I knew he wasn’t going to die he’s just going to suffer a little bit so that we could take over this whole situation together mhm I needed a distraction all right my real movie Kevin is a Brad Pit Kevin spy Morgan Freeman movie c number 10 I saw you with the Box what was in the Box because I envy your normal life Put the Gun Down Baby seems that Envy is my oh what’s in the box until you give me what’s in the box he just told you you lie you’re a liar shut up that’s what he wants he want you to shoot him no that movie was awesome and Kevin spacy ultimately wins poor Morgan Freeman he’s trying his best to get Brad Pit to not shoot him but do it you know he’s going to and I’m telling youy new was going to of course still to this day if my wife’s like hey there’s a box here for you I’m like if it’s gwenneth potro’s head I’m going to be very upset yes and every I take my earphones out I don’t want to hear that it was like was Kevin spy telling us throughout his whole acting career I am Pure Evil and then we found out that he was W have you seen there’s a new like HBO documentary series about him and I don’t know if it’s trying to like try to make him out to be a decent person I’m not sure I have not seen it yet but I’m intrigued by this and there are multiple Hollywood people who are like he’s not guilty let him back in into what Hollywood there’s a gate I mean it feels like it right yeah there’s a Hollywood gate I think that is an excellent one what’s the fee to get it because the bad guy dies but it accomplish his ultimate goal he didn’t want to go to prison he ultimately yeah got all those things now my movie actually I want to read some of these texts The Empire Strikes Back now see Cory that would have the ire the Empire the Umpire Strikes Back Angel would be a great podcast name The Empire Strikes Back that might have been I could see that one a little bit more Luke gets his hand cut off he also made out with his sister and Found Out Darth Vader was his dad that’s a lot but you said chose the one where all the good guys want in the Ewok you think they’re good guys but look at it from the other side interesting about Karate Kid Kevin why didn’t Han Solo when they had just won the it looked like and he’s like I’ll let you be with Luke I get it I love you but you’ve chosen Luke and she goes well you don’t get it Luke’s my brother she always like wait a second did you know that when you kissed for like 8 seconds long well because when she tells Luke I know I’ve always known what if somebody said something and she was like I’m from alderon that’s just how we do it I don’t know it was a different time it was man that’s a good point it was a different time from the 210 Rocky I do Rocky three but he ultimately wins I guess he loses and maner dies that’s a tough night your manager dies and you lose the heavyweight title yeah that’s a bummer but then he got to run in the water with Carl Weathers and their little short shorts and then they were victorious I always love though the Adrien part where she finally is like what are you afraid afid of I’m afraid okay oh dude here’s so you lose so what I mean which is a little insensitive because when he lost his manager also died so maybe he thinks if he loses again somebody else will die I don’t know have you ever seen Fallen with denzo Washington what is that about this this bad guy’s Spirit he gets electrocuted in the electric chair and then his Spirit floats in the people throughout the entire movie and Denzel’s trying to catch him and then he sings or whistles that song and he whistles or sings that song dude it is good and that’s one of those that is another one at the at the very how many people in Hollywood make demon-possessed movies I feel like every time I’m watching television now there’s like three demon-possessed movies that are going on I’m like how many people are directing and riding and doing these things they’re like let’s just keep doing these demon-possessed movies Lots yeah I’ll look into an answer on that I just answered it a lot of votes for Silence of the Lambs and I don’t know I’ve never seen it what I’ve never seen it I’ve never seen it either what I this a faver beans or whatever fava fava beans and a ice ke I’ve seen parts of it but I’ve never seen but I don’t want to watch part where he start dance I’ve never watched seven all the way through I think it’s disgusting and scary and I don’t want to watch it well then you’re not going to like Silence of lambs the main bad guy eats people and at some point when she goes into the insane asylum there’s a dude who’s doing stuff to himself and he throws it at her what yeah like the eaten people part no oh he’s the other thing yeah Silence of the Lambs is an excellent movie but yes I guess the bad guy does wi in this one mine is a little bit more obscure it’s a movie called Primal Fear Homeward Bound no those dogs got home man were they the bad guys I don’t know so in Primal Fear Edward Norton is playing this guy who is on a murder trial Richard Gear has to defend him and he has split personalities and stuff but one of them stutters and the other one is just evil and everything like that and finally they find out that he doesn’t have to go to jail or get killed he’s going to go and get evaluational get released and everything’s going to be okay and I take you to cut number eight where Richard Gear has to deal with the big [Applause] [Music] [Applause] reveal well good for you Marty I was going to let it go you was looking so happy just now I was thinking but to tell you the truth I’m glad you figured it cuz I have been dying to tell you so he faked the multiple personalities the whole time came up with Aaron nice Christian boy with the stutter not real and then Richard Gear is so upset he’s walking off he’s like come on Marty it’s like we were dancing and that end scene is amazing it really is that movie is awesome I unfortunately sat down with my roommate as he was in the middle of that movie and so when I first saw it actually the only time I’ve seen it saw it from The Middle on so I didn’t see the beginning of it so I did I kind of missed out on something there but it was it was really it was really intensely good there are so many so many good parts about that movie from the oh from the 940 every time I open a box that it’s not gwenneth potro’s head this person is very disappointed Alec the it feels like Silence of the L very concerned or as Mike said he wants a dead head to be delivered to his house that’s what this person said could be a she so far the two leaders in the clubhouse are quote the Thanos movie and Silence of the Lambs Alec what’s your movie where the bad guy wins see I had the Thanos movie ready and then uh Mike decided to take that one so I had to back up and it was one that I knew nobody was going to take was across the spiderverse the second animated Spider-Man movie because it’s always such a shock to me when Marvel movies end without the good winning that’s why I said Infinity War at first because that was such a culture shock but I thought this was a beautiful movie and the Cliffhanger at the end was awesome who are [Music] you I’m miles M Alis but you you can call me the prowler if I don’t get home our dad is going to die your dead it was so good animated spiderverse the second one okay I’ve never watched it that’s why I was like wait which one it’s like is this the one with uh Jamie fo I was so caught off guard by it I really was caught off guard by it being a cliffhanger like I was like hold on what especially since it’s 16 hours long yeah I was so mad in the moment at the theater just a little bit from the 817 my girl because the bees won at the end and killed ohud that’s mess remember that he can’t see without his glasses yeah he was home alone so we’re going home alone then too then he was in a music video with Michael Jackson it’s not I mean it is the same person but like those character arcs are not all a continuation of a singular story oh really dude I do love the idea of taking an actor and just going through all of his movies and compiling it I think Mike could do a really good segment on that find the one that Kevin spy’s a good person in yeah cuz in American Beauty he wants to bang his teenage daughter’s friends he had to have done movies before that seven he chopped off G Pal’s head wasn’t he like a professor for the uh accounting cards and was like stealing stealing money for like he had the kids do all these things like illegal things but then took all the money and swimming with sharks he’s like the world’s worst boss horribles bosses yes the world’s worst boss there us oh man do you think acting roles give you Insight was he in the who the he was an unhappy married person his wife his wife had an affair on Boss baby he was the mean say that I’ve seen that you seen boss baby it’s a cartoon right in a while what about have you guys ever seen the movie Arlington Road it’s got Jeff Daniels Tim Robins this guy is like a professor at a college and he thinks his neighbor might be a terrorist and it turns out the and it no that’s no and it turns out he was right but he gets set up and takes the fall for the terrorism oh man don’t think just pitch me no that is Bull Durham yeah but who’s the pitcher in it Tim cner it’s not yes oh Tim Robbins yes but and then he sees a does he at some point no he’s not in the he’s not in the one where there’s a tornado right twister that was Bill Paxton oh yeah they’re making really good shooter and and got Michael Jordan a championship in 93 I’ve seen this come in a couple of times uncut gems is Adam Sandler the good guy in uncut gems I guess he gets killed by the bad guy in the end he’s not a good guy but then the mob kills him you’re like yeah deal with the mob and see what happens to your head man the ending to that movie was freaking crazy and then a lot of votes for Usual Suspects so it felt like usual suspects Silence of the Lambs and quote the Thanos movies where the the Thanos movie was the ones I saw the most pop upbody said Force Gump what cuz jinny won oh but did she she died of AIDS but then she left he had to have had it right yes because whenever he was in Walker Texas Ranger wife doesn’t have it same kid Cookie doesn’t have it that is but her kid that’s pretty amazing uh Magic Johnson’s kids don’t have but what he’s pointing out is the kid is halyo Joel Osman and then Haley Joel Osman is in an episode of Walker Texas Ranger where he dramatically looks at the camera and says Walker told me I have AIDS and so it is such a shocking tournament when you first saw HIV went toown when you first saw that was it on Conan L I just saw that the other day it was like that had to have been the most dramatic moment say I’ve ever seen a complete episode of Walker Texas Ranger I’ve seen Clips on Conan O’Brien like a million times but AIDS isn’t funny and then people are saying the Titanic the bad guy won the iceberg yeah or is it Billy let everybody freeze to death he didn’t he didn’t win he lost his girl and I would argue hated him isn’t Kate winset the bad guy in that movie I watched it recently in a hotel room you did by yourself yeah not the whole movie but there was the end part cuz I was like oh let me see and she didn’t know he was going to freeze yeah no she definitely did so she dropped him in the ocean to kill him she cheated on her fiance she stole Val she got in the water she swam to go get the whistle she couldn’t whistle she was out of breath in that deal so she went and got the whistle guy she wasn’t married had premarital sex well that happens no it doesn’t where the we’re the canc Masterpiece doesn’t make it right fair enough right here on 1053 The Fan coming up next it’s time for grd iron gravy if the NFL were to expand to 18 games could the players get these key concessions we’ll do it next right here on the fan coming up in the next gag [Music] [Music] do you think it’s true that you’ve got to forget something else to remember that Uber Eats has groceries no that’s absurd hey remember when you used to be a what was it a pepper lady pepper lady wasn’t it cinnamon sisters M basil babes saffron Squad nutmeg maidens precur no nutmeg maidens I just said that was it Spice Girls doesn’t sound right was it saon go [Music] [Music] w [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] Uber Eats has LOL of V products I got to remember that well you know they say in order to remember something you have to forget something else okay now that is a very cute haircut that’s like a little shag I’ve never seen it before well I mean of course you have it’s the Rachel oh is that your name no I mean like your name no I’m Jen my name’s Jen right but I just mean like this is your haircut but that’s hair on your head I’m not saying this is your hair okay freaking me a little bit [Music] [Music] segment is brought to you by Classic Chevrolet in Grapevine they’re the number one Chevy dealer in the world more silver Autos than anyone else this is Texas this is Classic Chevrolet together let’s drive based on new Chevrolet registrations 2023 shotgun is empty back to throw they Blitz him from the safety spot and Prescott escapes that runs to his right throws on the run to the middle of the field lamb at the 50 no one will get anywhere near him lamb could crawl in if he wanted to CD lamb 92 Yard can’t see Masterpiece right here on 1053 the fan I can’t wait for lamb to Dak OTAs have begun today maybe we do the trick play for the Cowboys as well as many teams across the NFL Justin Jefferson and T Higgins are not at OTAs neither is CD lamb neither as Micah Parsons Tua is and just for a second I saw this story and it said Tua makes a huge change in the off season did any if you heard that headline right that’s what I said that’s what I told Cory it made it sound like his dad made him be left-handed started throwing the football right saw the thing his dad made him be left-handed he kind of a right-hander but he figured out how to be left-handed interesting right now let’s cover well we’ll probably get into handedness again and go around the entire NFL and dip into some grit iron [Music] gravy here we go now Corey you showed me this article the other day and Mike I believe your answer to this will be none of them okay they can get none of them but it was from some agents four potentially meaningful concessions players should seek from the NFL before accepting an 18 game regular season now these are business concessions as opposed to more popcorn or hot dogs or anything like that and and Mike when it comes to you saying none of them I do think like it’s interesting from your perspective your connection with the baseball association the baseball uh Union because you would fight I think y’all would fight for these things or have already gotten them at this point so that that is something that I as I was reading through this I was like man all these things are smart things to ask for back to you Kip the number one thing on here get at least 50% of the league Revenue so it was 47% in the last Labor agreement it moved up to 48 with a maximum of 48.8% allowed if you look at the NBA players get recently they got 51% of the money I feel like the NFL should argue for at least 50% and maybe maybe the NFL will be fine with that when the players argue for 50% cuz they’re like hey look we went up 1 to 1.8% last time when this is up and we have to renegotiate we can give him another 1% 1.2% get you to 50% I know that sounds small but that is a gigantic amount of money yeah especially considering when you hear ideas that the league might owners will be able to sell portions of their teams yes and make even more money like that so like that’s that’s an interesting approach to me and then that leaves the players going hold on but I do think that getting to that point would be a very smart decision for them it’s a it’s a small portion but it’s big this one feels like I don’t know I would have I have a pretty strong argument for them on this but what do you guys think about lifetime Healthcare now the NFL PA could advocate for the NFL to put away money that would provide for Lifetime Health care for a player usually Insurance runs out at the start of the next regular season when so we don’t have that for Major League Baseball you can keep it you can keep like after you’re done with like let’s say you play go to COBRA or whatever right so it’s like okay if you want to keep this it’s the best health care you can have in at least United States of America I don’t know the world but uh it is an un believable healthare plan but you have to keep paying for it once you retire but you’re eligible to keep paying for it after you retire but it’s not you do not get lifetime healthc care as a major league baseball player okay that being said for NFL players who their bodies would you say their bodies go through more not necessarily okay interesting okay um would it be smart for them to I’ve had two back surgeries as a former pitcher I’ve had two major back surgeries yeah so I don’t I I get we look at it as more physical and everything I’m not saying it’s not more physical but no I’m not the brain thing yes if you want to be specific if you want to go specifically do backs go I mean sorry do backs go through more as a football player than uh baseball players I say no yeah no look at but the head and the bra look at Ma Sherer right now like we’re going through a lot he is he can’t feel his thumb right now like because of nerve damage in his arm so I’d say no but if we want to go specifically to brain injury situation yes I will go to football yes brains yes everything else of the body the same knees same okay I I seen Bruce Boi walk is that is that hi is that hip it’s but knees too for catchers I I oh yeah catchers for sure and and I think that’s another thing too thinking about the future cuz Mike I mean think about that having healthc care is important like having that there is is a very important part of it but they I don’t know this I think NFL players you’d have to ask a former player but I think they can keep that health care after they retire but you have to immediately pick it up for baseball players at least you can’t just go two years later I want to get back on the major league healthc care plan one thing that was interesting to me about this is it says the elimination of funding rules and it said contrary to popular belief guaranteed contracts in the MLB and NBA aren’t collectively bargained they just became customary in these Sports because individual players exploited leverage and then it became the norm and so then the argument there would be trying to do the same exact thing but if you’re not going to collectively bargain for it I just don’t think it’s going to happen yeah I agree with you there and then an additional game check so big sticking point for the players was with the 17th game they wanted expanded salaries under the 16 game contract so this would say anybody who signed a contract under the 17 game schedule now gets a proportionate 18th check okay do you think that’s that seems fair but do you think the owners would concede to that they did eventually concede on the 17th absolutely think they should they should get that like that doesn’t seem right to hey owners are like Hey we’re going to add this new game and not pay you sure that doesn’t seem right at all do you think it’s inevitable and if so how far away from an 18 game schedule within the next two years two it doesn’t make any sense not to wow when’s the next Collective barning agreement up it’s not up for I want to say like seven or eight years take it or leave it was a 10 year deal yes these are morons but hey they get paid money to play football so I mean how can you complain that is true I’m I’m just trying to double check that but I’m pretty sure it was I I bet it’ll be before that then I didn’t know it was that long yeah it just seems like it would take that would be too far off the owners are ready to get that money to add to it like they absolutely are so yeah it it was approved sorry from 2020 to 2030 wow yeah I that would definitely be one of those lines that if the NFL owners were like we’re going to an 18 game schedule the players union has to step in yes and say guys we’re not playing this game without y’all without y’all paying us yeah and so an interesting article it’s from CBS sports.com if you want to take a look I I I found it to be fascinating for sure couple more quick hits for you Dre Bru Sanders suffered a torn Achilles for the Broncos in their workouts he’s expected to miss most if not all of the Season Devonte Parker for the Eagles announced his retirement and take this for whatever you will Mike I don’t think it’s going to convince you but Carolina Panthers are saying the new head coach is saying that Bryce young grew two inches is doing quote fantastic in the Panthers new offense are you ready to get on the Bryce young hype train no he can’t see over the lineman he’s going to have to eat fluty flakes or something I don’t know do you believe he’s 5′ 10 yeah okay yeah I think he’s 510 all right that’s is that’s what he’s listed at cleat when he’s standing on concrete in his metal or sorry in his uh plastic spikes that when it’s raining outside you have to add an extra quarter of an inch to really get the grip into the ground I think he’s 5 he doesn’t so if he’s just standing on the ground with no shoes you do not okay I like it we’re the KC Masterpiece right here on 1053 The Fan coming up next for winning teams how much does team chemistry matter versus just having plenty of talent because the mths talk a lot about their team chemistry Let’s do an next right here on the fan commercial free [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] la [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] do you think it’s true that you’ve got to forget something else to remember that Uber Eats has groceries no that’s absurd hey remember when you used to be a what was it a pepper lady Peppa lady wasn’t it cinnamon sisters M basil babes saffron Squad nutmeg maidens precur no nutmeg maidens I just said that was it Spice Girls doesn’t sound right was it s Squad [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] you’re about to be Masterpiece knnc style right here on 1053 The Fan KC masterpiece right here on 1053 The Fan this question starts out about the Mavericks yes but it’s not all right let’s just leave it at that cuz that’s a super positive reaction from Mike all right Dereck Jones Jr was talking about how the Mavericks have grown off the court and he said we go over to each other’s houses we chill kick back eat food pretty much what normal friends do you said Netflix and chill no not netf do news people know yet what that means what do you mean cuz every time it gets cold or snows they’re like looks like it’s time for some Netflix and chill and I’m like that’s not what that means it means you turn your Netflix on and you hang out yeah part of you’s hanging out wiers baby yes thank you he continued I’m glad did that what’s that from available I don’t even remember you just said weeners baby all right that’s pton Russell for you okay all right Derek Jones continued we go bowling go out just chill go to the movies we just enjoy spending time with each other and I get it that is important but what I want to know from y’all maybe Mike if you want to draw from any of your personal experience right that’s great and I’m glad that the Mavericks get along how much does that team chemistry matter versus hey we have the most Talent I think it can’t be that I think it’s a great question you’re asking but it can’t be that simple you can all hate each other and win it all probably not yes okay or we love each other so much we’re the best friends so we win more than anybody no it’s not like Kobe and Shaq hate each other in the end yes and they still won yeah I just but they yeah that so that’s the one the only one I know of I mean maybe everybody hated Michael Jordan while they Yankees all hated each other with Reggie Jackson and yet they still won multiple titles with Reggie Jackson all right it seemed like maybe through when you watch The Last Dance there were certain players that were like this isn’t very fun playing with Michael Jordan yeah yet they won six championships so I would say that there is a line in that you can’t all hate each other and win but loving each other doesn’t mean ultimate success or you get the most out of your team either would you assume if you all loved each other that would naturally translate to a little bit more like sacrificing one another because I feel I feel this way about this player so I’m going to sacrifice more if you have to have one or the other I will lean towards this Talent over loving each other okay but I need a I mean honestly you need a combination where I don’t have to be best friends I don’t have to ever go go over to your house but I do have to respect you as a teammate to want to sacrifice for you because if there’s no sacrifice especially in basketball yeah in baseball there is a little bit of Separation because there’s nothing you can do when I’m hitting there’s I can’t help you at all you are out on an island by yourself at the free throw line there’s the right there’s certain things in basketball that become like there’s nothing you can do when PJ Washington shooting free throws I can’t help you at all I can’t sacrif I at all but as you’re talking about defensive rotations you know making the the correct play not believing it’s all on me and screw that guy so I I think that it’s it’s interesting in that we can look at it as a positive but I do know this I know like mazara and Gallow loved being with each other and hanging out and everything and they would talk about you know Jose Travino and Isaiah Kinder FFA and all those guys and you know they would finish the reason that you know you drafting second and third and fourth was because of those guys like not because it was just because those teams weren’t very good but they seem to like each other a lot but it didn’t matter and so now from what I understand people took big time shots at me I’ll go back in time and and just do this when I talked about hey the 2023 Mavericks aren’t really liking and enjoying each other and they’re like no they love each other and then it’s like then they get to this year like man we have such better chemistry we really like each other it’s like now wa wait a second was I lying when everybody called me a liar uh from that standpoint because now all of a sudden we’re hearing all of these things yet I was the horrible person with 10 games to go last year when I brought up the point that hey from what I understand these guys don’t really like playing with each other and enjoy each other’s company in you know and now they do and so what would that say about me when you called me a liar last year um so I will say it does help but ultimately it doesn’t mean you’re going to get the most out of your team because you all like each other or hang out with each other that being said talent doesn’t necessarily always get it either because Kevin Durant Kyrie Irving James Harden very talented group of players right there right yeah and something just didn’t work out there did you say Kyrie Irving you mean Russell Westbrook I think he was mentioning the Brooklyn team oh okay I was thinking about the first Kevin I’m a big boy you can do you can do either team try and correct me Cory could have a point with either team though right that that yeah that is true like for some reason those dudes as talented as they were same point as talented as they were they couldn’t get over it they could what what they couldn’t find that that place and even felt like Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook often feuded where Kevin Durant and Bradley Beal and Devin Booker start to feel like maybe there maybe there maybe it’s just Kevin well he did win a championship with golden state who had what tremendous chemistry like they had talent and tremendous chemistry they could take on a Kevin Durant player cuz they knew they even said it you’re the piece to beat LeBron so we need you in order to get over this hump here so they needed the talent they were like our chemistry will be able to make it there’s like this marriage right I guess what we’re all getting to is there has to be a marriage of the talent I guess being number one right if you first you have to have the talent because it doesn’t matter how much you like and love and hang out with each other until you have the amount of talent you need to win it doesn’t have to be the best talent the most talent but there has to be an upper echelon of talent that you have and then how much are you willing to sacrifice for each other now when we talk about hanging out with each other I don’t really care about that yeah um because you can have a 35 year old guy with three kids and he just can’t hang out with the 21-year-old who’s going around and seeing how manyy people he can bang like they’re not going to probably get along yeah it took such a hard turn well I’m just giving you extremes the extreme of a family man with kids who is not going to be like I’m not going to go out to the bar and do what you want to do we we have two very different lives but we can be great teammates together does that make sense so I’m like but there so there has to be the toughest job that Jason kid Bruce bochi whoever it is has is to be able to get whether it’s 15 guys 26 guys 53 guys to sacrifice for one another how do I get these guys where ultimately this job is it’s an awesome job where if you’re good enough at it you never have to work a day in your life you can actually just do this job and somehow someway you can make enough money for yourself and for your family that you never have to work a day in your life so how do I get these guys to stop thinking about that because that is the most important thing to players and start thinking about the collective hole and that’s the challenge of a manager that’s the challenge of a head coach is how do I get these guys to sacrifice for one another to ultimately win a championship it’s very tough the the Cowboys had the the ’90s version like they had a very unique they understood their pecking order how it all like went together like it was Troy’s team Michael was hard like they all understood but they all felt like they were getting a piece of something right like they Jimmy Johnson had them convinced they were going to be getting something out of this and then maybe fed a lot of their vices along the way but they all like Mike was just saying about Boi but Kevin you had two Cowboys in a different era that Drew up plays in their hotel room together and left their wide receiver out in out in the cold I do think you give a great example and Jerry Jones would disagree with this cuz he doesn’t understand it’s a weird thing he did play college football but he like doesn’t understand this at all he has developed a team of money first brand first and he can’t see that Jimmy was able to distract those guys from the Jerry philosophy to be in the Jimmy philosophy but then once Jimmy left the Jerry philosophy has totally taken over and he’s like I get it guys just don’t look at me I’m all about money and I’m all about brand but don’t follow me and you’re like you are the leader of this organization and you keep leading us to money and brand not that CD lamb shouldn’t sit out for his money not that Dak Prescott shouldn’t play for the greatest contract in football history I get it but there’s no example there’s literally no example of the Dallas Cowboys since Jimmy Johnson leaving of sacrifice for something greater than me because your ultimate person Jerry Jones is sacrificing nothing for himself and so that’s the tough part is how would the Cowboys ever get that example in their building because there’s the example is Jerry and Jerry’s like no the example is you do this everything is for yourself you sacrifice nothing yeah everything is about yourself and should be about yourself and so Jason kid Nico Harrison whether you want to throw Mark Cuban in there or the new ownership Luca donic Kyrie Irving how do I get the most important people in this organization to show that sacrificing for something rather than just yourself will will bring more success the and right now it looks like the Mavericks and I should be mentioning the Stars here too oh yeah for sure somehow the greater good and the sacrifice takes over somehow some way and we just saw it ultimately lead to a championship with the Texas Rangers this Mavericks team in particular Kevin I think Kyrie got here last year and observed a lot and I think he had something to say in like wanting the next place of this team to go in a different direction think you saw some of the culture that was around saw that Luca is talented as he is still needs some maturity and growth sure and I think that’s something Kyrie wants to do as you see around the league guys respect him guys love Kyrie other players around the the league love him and I think he wants that mentorship uh responsibility and I think he saw that I can be that to this group in this group I can be that kind of Mentor guy in this room and but he said I need to connect with this guy this player specifically cuz I know where he can get us so I’m going to work with him but along the way they built this we’re here to win idea you know we’re not just here to collect checks and move on we’re here to win and do something special even happened in the Oklahoma City game in halftime right if might as well just pack up our crap and go back to Oklahoma City like that there is this this different mindset that changes from from I’m I know I’m a leader but I’m not just a leader here to collect a check and go hang out with my family I’m a leader here that’s also trying to do something special so what I’m curious about on the Cowboys example that you use I’m not I’m not disputing that example I wonder how long it takes to break that mentality of people around you aren’t doing it like let’s let’s say there’s multiple Cowboys players who are like I don’t give a crap what Jerry Jones is doing I’m gonna win I’m gonna win for me I’m gonna win for my team I’m gonna do everything I can blah blah blah blah blah how long until that mentality breaks if you don’t succeed or you don’t get rewarded because of it and you’re like then what’s the effing point my opinion is now never I’m going to give you things here I thought that maybe Dak and Zeke were going to be able to break it and they didn’t come close to it to be honest okay but my question is how long till the player breaks like how long how long do you think it’s to the year three they’re like it looks like year three as as a Dallas Cowboy you realize that okay this this organization isn’t about winning but I can make tons of money off of this organization interesting cuz it looks like Michael Parsons has broke it looks like Dak broke a while back like Zeke broke pretty darn quickly to be honest uh with the money Fame right you know everything else that goes with it is so I think with Jason kid we have to maybe you’re just talking about Kyrie but maybe Jason kid is the greatest coach in the history of basketball and maybe I’m wrong WR about this cuz help me out here that has had this much success as a Hall of Fame great player so Kyrie can look to Jason kid right now Luca can look to Jason kid and then can be like he went through it as a superstar player ultimately hit the ultimate success in 11 almost was super successful in 02 and 03 if I have my years right with New Jersey and so then he was ultimately successful as a assistant coach after failing as a head coach so like they the players can look at Jason kid this is very rare in basketball and kind of rare inar bird is who jumped to mind Larry Bird would be one I guess Bill Russell but this is before our time to kind of look to him but really the greatest players of all time that become Hall of Famers are horrible coaches but Jason kid isn’t Jason kid is now in a Western Conference Finals again and so I think that he can really ultimately talk about the sacrifice and what it takes to get to this level what it takes to win a championship and to be the ultimate leader of a team because he was the best player on two of the teams that went to the finals and then he was second best player I’ll say on the championship team here in Dallas to Dirk with the KC Masterpiece right here on 1053 The Fan coming up next this is the best Mavs team of the Luca era well let’s dive into the how and why of it all next right here on the fan are [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] e [Music] [Music] [Laughter] [Music] [Music] [Music] Uber eat has low of V products I got to remember that well you know they say in order to remember something you have to forget something else okay now that is a very cute haircut that’s like a little shag I’ve never seen that before well I mean of course you have it’s the Rachel oh is that your name no I mean like your name no I’m Jen my name’s Jen right but I just mean like this is your haircut but that’s hair on your head I’m not saying this is your hair okay freaking a little bit [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] and the express way here on the fan is brought to you by the on time experts jumper is Washington partially blocked Ricochet is back and he slams it PJ Washington in the right spot can’t see Masterpiece back here on 1053 The Fan that is the same PJ Washington we had on the show about 2 hours ago now is he my best friend now after that yes that’s the answer to those questions he told you is he your favorite player yes can’t wait to see him at the game and just be like and he he looks up at me and he gives me the what’s up man I think it could happen I think it will now I kind of went off on a assumption here and I can ask if you guys agree with this to start you know what happens when you assume that’s true that’s what I need to clarify is this the best mass team of the Luca era yes 100% okay good 100,000 cuz that was the Assumption I went with and Cory told me not to do that but why the how and why of this is why this is the best team of the Luca era do you want to start with size and they have two of them two centers yeah they have two legitimate NBA centers not just guys that are like all right they’re tall you know not nothing like or guys that hustle really hard and don’t have skill they have two legitimate NBA centers play great defense agreed I think that’s the biggest first part of it and then they went different routes to get those players so they drafted Derek Lively and then they made the trade for Daniel Gafford and so they’re going down different Avenues to get the size the next thing and I’m I I’m not looking Beyond this season if however for some reason you wanted to look ahead what are you doing right now Kevin we got we got to concentrate on the Western Conference Finals it’s over already no no no Mavericks players have to con you’re acting like we’ve already done it well let’s say either way maybe we do maybe we don’t think about this only two rotational players for the Mavericks are older than 28 three if you include Maxi kba which I realize normally you would he’s not playing right now Kyrie Irving Tim Hardway Jr and Maxi kleba that’s it those are the only players in this team that are in the rotation that are older than 28 and then you look at Lively is under contract for some time so is Kyrie so is Luca so is Gafford so is PJ Washington who we haven’t even really started to talk about tonight you have a team that’s going to be together mostly for at least the next two years now where it goes and there will depend on a whole variety of things including what kind of success the team under goes but that’s another reason that obviously I hope beyond all hopes that they win in the Western Conference Finals they can see a vision together Beyond this year exactly because you’re still going to try to offload Tim Hardway I know they’ve tried to do that the last two trade deadlines without any success you’re still going to look for you know wherever you think maybe it’s a six-man maybe it’s somebody who specifically is just a threo ace there there could be a variety of things but the point is you’re here now and this is a a competitive series like depending on where you read the Mavericks have about a 37 to 40% chance to win this series based on BET yeah you’re in the Western Conference finals and you have a shot at winning this but while the Mavericks look like they’re going to get better theoretically sod’s Minnesota sod’s OKC so I don’t want to take to Cory’s Point any of those future years for granted why else do you think this is the best Luca Mavericks team you have players aside from Luca that can dribble and pass Mike you’ve been saying that since we started this show let’s focus on that for just one second Jason kid said after game six tonight’s game wasn’t Luca or Kyrie making the gamewinner but the trust of Luca he trusted PJ Washington and so that’s something you’ve seen not just in a vacuum because obviously I know there was a foul free throws everything like that you have seen more times where Luca or Kyrie trust the past now are there times for Tim Hardway Jr Josh Green still run a foul of that trust sometimes to a great degree yes there are but for the most part I feel like Luca is getting rewarded more than ever at making the right pass yes I mean I can agree with you there I can agree with what Corey just said if we if we start comparing I guess are you trying to compare this to 2022 maybe but not NE that’s the best no hold on was that yeah cuz that was that was the best team that Lucas had right aside from this one so and it could be a comparison but I’m also just trying to point out the future too you’re saying the future is not going to be as good as this no I no I do think it could be as good as this I just want to point out why this is the best Mavericks team and I’m going to go back to the trade deadline it felt like sometimes at the trade deadline I know this is part of a bygone era but didn’t it feel like we made a lot of fantasy basketball trades we’re like hey this is a big name hey this is a big name hey this is a big name are you talking about porzingis and the antoan came to mind and was a big name that is true but that did not happen at this trade deadline gotcha so at this trade deadline with Gafford and Washington they were like what do you need size defense and potentially a little scoring and that’s what they went after somebody texted me this morning at 7:30 he’s a too and he was listening to the morning show and he’s like they need to stop this Nico love he traded for Kyle kozma and the Mavericks had to you know tell him no and this and that and I’m like well I if you look at the Articles cuz I was like the article say that the Mavericks did trade for Kyle kozma and Kyle kma said no I’ve already won a championship and I want to be the star player on a bad team I don’t care about winning I care about my 20 plus points and getting the ball a lot and it’s like thank God we didn’t trade for him honestly like thank God he turned that one down because if you get kuzma I don’t know if you get Gafford he might have been part of the package and then you definitely don’t get PJ Washington and PJ Washington has been just such such a stud defensively and honestly a stud offensively throughout these playoffs he’s been way more consistent offensively than I could have ever imagined uh when you were heading into the playoffs cuz he was an inconsistent score for you in the regular season so however you want to say it Mavs fans however you want to go well you don’t get any credit CU you traded for Kyle kman he said no well gr Williams in the end you got two guys that have been tremendous pickups to your point the defense the overall um chemistry on the team Kyle kosma obvious obviously is a guy that has struggled with chemistry with good players he’s he’s a he’s a good player on a horrible team he’s proven that multiple times but he’s um not a good player with good players on your team so and he doesn’t want to be that he’s almost like I know I’m not a good role player I just want to be the best player like but you’re not even a top 20 player in this league they’re like yeah so we can lose 50 games a year so I do love I do love this team I do think it has the ability to win it all I don’t know if it will Minnesota is a is a really good team you’re not favored in this series and you won’t be favored against Boston so I I look at it and go I don’t know if they can overcome Minnesota and if they can overcome if they make it most likely Boston but were they favored in any of the series were they favored against they were slightly favored against the Clippers but it was close and it was they were slight Underdog against Oklahoma City but it’s very close and this one’s not far away but they’re a little bit more of an underdog than they were against Oklahoma City and people were asking is much as you can project possibly for Oklahoma City Minnesota teams like that somebody ask hey what do you think will become of Jaden Hardy Jaden Hardy is another example that you started to see him I know he hasn’t but you started to see him get some run in the playoffs the thing we talked about yesterday with Derrick Lively that I really love not only is he playing well but he talks you know he like not at the opponents well maybe he does that too but he says come on guys let’s get together or well your Center is your quarterback on defense for at least on this team for sure in most teams it is everybody can see him around the corner he’s so tall anti Bry Guy and that’s interesting your quarterback and he’s Bryce Young’s little small and drik lley is not he also has kind of not gotten in Luca’s face but told Luca hey get your crap together like let’s go D Liv yes that’s amazing at that young of an age I’m sure he said it more like calm down we’re good Cal like kind of that not probably not get your crap together probably he said it in a he said it in a nicer way probably we need you we need you right now luuka we need we need you here with us yeah we don’t right now we can’t beat the refs we we gotta we got to be us and not you versus the refs and Kai did that to to Derek Lively you know hey I need you to make these free throws we need you as a team the the other can I add another thing Kevin to your list that I have no clue where this list came from um it’s from me okay Luca donic buying in defensively participating defensively I know we talked about defense but when I think of the defense this team puts together a lot of times I’m like Gafford PJ Derrick Jones Jr I’m thinking of those guys sure but the reality was that team again that played against Phoenix in 2022 they were really good defensively but they were better whenever Luca said I’m going to take somebody on dude Luca’s been almost exceptional whenever he’s looked healthy on nights there are occasions on defense where I’m like oh yeah like that one where he missed the shot on one end comes back and swats Shay’s shot on the other end 99 to 90 where he touched the top of the rim like Dr J or top of the backboard the commitment there like the commitment to that is is a massive factor in what they’re doing right now and and Cory I told you not to do I I know you told me not to do this so I’ve tried to limit it if you did have to look ahead there’s only one player who’s not going to be on this team if they want him to be on this team for sure and that’s Derrick Jones Jr now obviously you hope you could bring him back somehow some way but other than that everybody who you want is under contract and I’m not saying they all stay because there could be some moves in the work but if you want to keep them you can keep them and then the other thing is when you were talking about Luca’s commitment to defense this entire team’s commitment to doing the Dirty Work has shown up more than I can remember in a long time I don’t even think I saw a whole as as much with that 22 team you see players diving on the ground even for a ball you’re like I don’t know if you got a shot at it and he’s like you know what I might so let’s do it literally the Mavs only had six players Jason kid could trust in 2022 so to your point if you start looking at the minutes played Luca would play about 48 minutes you would look at uh Reggie Bullock would play about 43 minutes you would look at Dorian Smith playing 43 minutes you would look at jayen Brunson playing 40 plus minutes you’d look at Maxi kba having to play 30 plus minutes and then I’m forgetting one or oh Spencer dwit he would be playing about 30 something minutes and that would be your team that would be it Dwight po would play seven minutes yeah like you’re like we can we just have to play somebody for seven minutes throw them out there and pray to God and now they put Hardy out there cuz like I want to change it up see because exom was struggling offensively so like maybe offensively this will help us out because of the double teaming of Luca donic and that’ll be interesting I know that I’m getting a little bit off topic here but staying pretty on topic is I heard on the morning show they played a JJ reck type of they played a clip from his podcast I believe in the three and it was just talking about this series and saying because Minnesota is so gifted defensively if they can play Luca one onone or if they can also play Kyrie one-on-one and and give zero help then those Corner threes or the baskets that Derrik Lively sorry well Derrick Lively I’ll throw him in Derrick Lively Derrick Jones Jr was the one I was going to say but both of them let’s include both of them PJ Washington and what he’s been able to do offensively in the playoffs they’re like if you don’t let them get those looks then now what does Dallas do but I’ll tell you what I want them to play Luca one-on-one yeah I don’t think they can I think if Luca gets oneon-one because they were not it was not one-on-one Lou Dort Lou Dort did an awesome job I’ll give Wallace from Richardson he did a very good job at times but they had some pretty solid help also in those situations in fact there’s a lot of times where they’re like we’re just doubling off of the pick and then who would get the ball Derrick Lively or Gafford would get the ball around the kind of top of the key free throw line and they would have to make a decision I would rather them not double Luca and not double Kyrie and see what they can do one-on-one because we haven’t really got that yet in the playoffs and you seem to think that’s going to make them pay in the history of the NBA I was talking about this coming into the show before we got on I said in the history of the NBA if you do not double the best offensive players in the world they Crush you and yeah sometimes you get stops and some you say great defense but a lot of times you go hey we’re going to have to change it up because maybe it works a game and you win that game like yeah but usually the offensive player a one-on-one beats you and then you have to start giving either soft doubles or just or just you flood double type of deal and you just like double immediately the way that Oklahoma City would do it a lot and get the ball out of their hands make them start rotating the ball and we will make as fast rotations as we can so my hope is in game one that Anthony Edwards does guard Kyrie oneon-one and let’s say Jaden McDaniels I think will be the guy that guards Luca one-on-one I want to see them go oneon-one without help and see what happens yeah that would be I would be very intriging because the other thing too is you you’re going to bring Lively and Gafford up into pick situations which would mean if we’re switching then that means now either Carl Anthony towns who I bet is the person they want a lot of times one-on-one with either Kyrie or Luca or you do get let’s just say the defensive player of the year and Rudy goar on one of those guys but it does pull him away from the basket somebody from the 682 asked about Tyson Chandler Cory if you remember he played for the championship team that that is true and then we signed him to a long-term deal cuz he was the perfect fit next we let him move on we brought him back though for one more year yeah we talked about this a month or ago how Derek Lively was giving so much credit to Tyson Chandler for helping him with his game helping him with his development Michael Finley right after they got the draft rights to drik Lively’s like he reminds me of a young Tyson Chandler and so Tyson Chandler’s impact is absolutely a huge part of this team as well absolutely it is can I throw out one more basketball nugget for you Jason Kid Likes in [Music] absolutely those two tall J absolutely do you know who the most bet player is to be number one in the NBA draft this year this year this year the France dude I don’t know Alexander SAR might be SAR the France dude it is not the France dude Ron Holland it is bronny James the most the number one overall the most yes your confusion is fair the most bets 22.5% of all people betting on this bet on Brony he is the biggest liability to go number one overall to casinos he is at 200 to one so there’s a couple factors it’s a long shot and they’ve heard his name before how many people know SAR is it SAR or Alexander how many people know that dude versus I’ve heard of LeBron James and I’ve heard of bronny James 22.5% of people making a bet on this have bet on Bron are you embar they should be that’s ridiculous betters and I guess they could also be buying in on this idea that if you draft him LeBron’s going to your team you know it’s really not helped with that so the Hawks is it the Hawks they’re going we’re getting both LeBron and bronny both LeBron and bronny and the last week had been like I mean that’d be cool but probably not which is weird cuz I remember there was a time when LeBron R’s like I’m going to stay in the NBA until I can play with my son and then both him and his son this past week have been like I mean that’d be neat but that’s probably not going to happen yeah that make any sense we’re the KC Masterpiece and probably not need dollars right here on 1053 The Fan right now my God it’s time for Mike likes it all right Kevin I got a Mike likes it for you did you ever watch the hot dog eating contest I haven’t in a while the on July 4th in Brooklyn who always wins it now a white dude what’s his name Joey Chestnut thank you who used to win it before that Japanese guy that is true as your fake descriptions are coming through clutch Kobayashi he has retired from competitive eating and I just felt like that’s something that you wanted to know okay that is good to how many hot hot dogs could you eat in 10 minutes in a competive 10 minutes cuz they dropped it it used to be 12 minutes they dropped it to 10 would you eat 10 hot dogs in 10 minutes no I don’t think so I was thinking five but I would want to mustard them up okay like I don’t want to water slow your time if if I want if I’m going to add let’s say moisture to them then I would add mustard and relish MH and then I would I can I can eat hot dogs fast I assume this process is going to take you a long time to mustard and R are a very skinny dog they’re not like a fat dog so they’re easier I think to eat and then as long as the bun is like a nice bun and it’s not like let’s say a staler bun mhm then I think I’m in good shape here are you usually against older buns yeah because they get stale and but you don’t are you do you like the thicker the biger bigger buns I like a Hawaiian or Brios but as far as the hot dog wiener goes if I just eating one I want a bigger one yes I want the fatter dog I want like I want the hot dog that has more meat to it gotcha okay but if you’re competing wiers baby yeah yeah if you’re saying hey how many hot dogs can you eat in 10 minutes I I feel like the Nathans is a a skinnier one and so I would want those cuz there’s less to it okay thank you for your information I mean I’ll tell you what a good hot dog dip it in mustard though can you just be likez I give water right is uh a big thick that I like is at Costco it’s $150 for a hot dog and a drink really it’s it’s the most amazing deal in the world great deal you can’t get a better deal in the world than a150 and a drink that cost that is crazy yeah it is a pretty sweet deal I don’t have a Costco membership but I want to go for that I don’t know if Sams has that deal I’m a Costco guy I’m not a Sam’s guy so is Sam still going strong I think so they’re doing pretty us the Costco and Duncanville is the one that I usually go to out on end with people don’t like talking to me cuz like That’s Mike bassic and I’m like I know I know I’m Dunville Hall of Famer and all that stuff but anyways speaking of Hall of Famers Babe Ruth not in the Duncanville Hall of Fame because he grew up I believe in Maryland I think cuz he was an that’s a big hole on his resume cuz he was an orphan in the warehouse or something behind right field where the Baltimore Orioles play uhhuh so Babe Ruth what would you say his most memorable game is that we have heard about is it the make believe thing the one where he pointed to his home run you have now said the right words you think that really happened yes I think there’s like grainy video of him kind of like doing that but people are like is it kind of like the way Jim to got set up for his at bat or is it really him calling his shot well the J the Jersey worn by Yankee Slugger Babe Ruth when he called his shot in game three of the 1932 World Series will go up for auction in August at Heritage auctions here in the Metroplex I believe they’re in Irving is their location their their place yeah go ahead talk Kevin that Jersey is more valuable for what reason because of the story the story back to you Mike that is true the sale of the road GR Ruth Jersey available to the public for the first time in 19 years is expected to set a record for a sports collectible at auction where it could fetch upwards of you guys now get to guess what I said to Cory was 5 million okay is that would you want to guess the same oh man 5.1 million okay upwards of 30 million shut up Clos holy crap that true this auction is set for August 23rd wow through August 25th how much does a regular Babe Ruth Jersey go for like again Kevin half a million the story yeah right this is the this is the one he wore when he pointed for his home run that’s the story who has $30 million to spend on a jersey two would you like to guess what it sold for back in ,5 19 years ago $500,000 1.7 million if you combine both of y’all’s total and then divide it by two it’s really close it’s $940,000 a weird way to Tech that well I just wanted to say like if you took your two numbers and yeah that makes sense in between y’all’s numbers it wasn’t lost on me it was just weird I was a little lost but so at the time it was dated to the 1932 season and purported to be from that Year’s series that’s just a fancy word you know what it means but the Jersey has now been photo matched so when it sold in 2005 it was not considered the game three World Series Jersey where he called his shot 19 years later supposedly we have a photo match all right Mike you now I can’t say that I am not the uh person that can authenticate this obviously it’s mcra if I’m naming it Mei gray authenticated is dog is the one who is saying hey we have authenticated this to game three of the 32 World Series I guess they have awesome photos of the 32 World Series so you sound very skeptical of this authentication so this Jersey from 1932 has never been authenticated as the 1932 World Series Jersey until 2024 yeah in 200 and five when it sold for almost a million dollars no authentication except it’s from 1932 they’re like because the tag which look this is pretty easy to do here here’s the tag it says 1932 on it or whatever we can do this but we have no clue when he wore this jersey do you think it’s a jersey that exists from That season from that series but maybe not the Jers I think that wait a second they probably only made one Jersey a year back then does that make sense yeah now I guess that they they wor the same Jersey the whole game yeah yeah every game all year now maybe you had to make another one maybe through washes and stuff that it’s like well this one has gotten so torn up or whatever maybe bab Ruth smoked in it and when did they start making multiple jerseys and sets for players that’s a good question I’ll find out um I think for us even us was kind of like here’s your jersey for the year if you need another one let us know let us know okay you really would prefer not try to take care of it please yeah so it says here on authenticating the oh we have a photo match this is game three jersey it says the why was positioned on the front of the jersey in relationship to the buttons and the placket on the Jersey you think I’m saying something wrong but it does say placket not packet but so back then everything was hand stitched on there are seamstresses putting names and numbers and stitching the collar stitching the names in the collar they’re doing it by hand when you see certain placements you have something unique they’re not doing it the same two times in a row so there was no Machinery obviously just to summarize yeah so they’re saying we can really see on this and then they show the pictures of the button on the picture of the 32 World Series how close the Y is to the button that they’re like this is it this is the Jersey he hit the home run this is the Jersey he wore the World Series in so I’m not saying it’s not the Jersey what I’m saying is so from 1932 to 2024 nobody figured this out yeah and now the Jersey goes from a million doll Jersey approximately to a $30 million Jersey if you had yes there’s a good question I like this question 100 million $200 million but still had the same skepticism would you buy this Jersey no I don’t have the skepticism that it’s not that Jersey I guess I I I my skepticism is is how did nobody figure this out oh okay gotcha there’s been pictures of him from 1932 World Series from 1932 we didn’t discover these photos in 2023 sure we’ve had this photo I get that photo matching like for example just background PSA didn’t come into existence until the 80s same with like SGC and then Becket came along in the late ’90s maybe it might have been mid90s for grading for authenticating cards and stuff like that are authenticating different things but I’m like we for 25 years we should have figured this one out and now we have the documentation to say this is the Jersey I think your question though is a great question because I just can’t imagine spending you just brought up a Michael Jordan card off the air the the most expensive Michael Jordan card $900,000 authenticated by PSA yeah it’s a star card so it’s from 1984 his 86 fle year card is kind of his rookie card well Star Wars like unauthorized but so I look at it and go I just don’t know how much money I would have to have to spend a million dollars on a card so to spend $30 million on a jersey so this is the first time it’s going to go up for auction as authenticated as the World Series Jersey I don’t know like 300 million so 10 times the amount of what this jersey will probably go for I guess that would be my number I would need $300 million of like that’s 10% of your and I’m not even saying like I need 300 million in like mutual funds in the stock market in my bank account to go to $30 million what would your number be to have this much money to be like I’m going to I’m going to bid 30 million on this jersey yeah I just think I mean Babe Ruth is awesome and all that he’s just not the guy that I would have to go out and like buy the def definitive piece know I see I was immediately thinking Jesus sure that’s a good point I don’t know how much of that is available for sale but if so but I was just thinking like here’s the robe he wore whenever he said you let me wash your feet and you’re like boom got it I I was thinking like the definitive Durk memorabilia like cuz you can get that for way cheaper and just have like I have the best thing on the planet would you want 2011 game six would you want I guess he wore the same Jersey in game two I’m assuming I’m not going to lie I would probably want the whole the whole Jersey the shorts the shoes let’s take them all socks sure tape y I’d probably stop at the outerwear it’s weird what would be yours how much money would you need to bid $30 million on this billion dollars okay that and I I’m not disagreeing with that number maybe 300 million is too small of a number my wife would be like you’re doing what with a 10 of our liquid assets right now by B because you’d have to assume this if I’m doing this I would want to resell it at some point I’m guessing yeah and so I would say well I’m I’m buying it for 30 million but then you have to pay taxes on selling it and everything so you know you’d have to help me out with all those numbers CU if I sell it for 33 million 10 years later I probably lost money on it right yeah from the 716 is a good question but what what about €300 million oh my God please don’t because that’s more money than dollars cuz we’ve ruined our dollar who did that who ruined the dollar Kevin you have to name a person I think the issues with the dollar I will I’ll blame Alan Green fan then that’s not even a real person that is a real person he used to be the head of the the FED is he not there anymore I no they switch out never mind I we’ll have this conversation all right what’s next ever coming up next well if Cory goes back to the fed I’m going to be in so much trouble it’s time for the SE blocks during Cory major we discussed the FED uh no coming up next uh who would be your wingman if you’re going to ask somebody out on a date next on the fan [Music] [Music] [Music] he he [Music] [Music] [Music] a e [Music] [Music] Uber Eats has LOL of V products I got to remember that well you know they say in order to remember something you have to forget something else okay now that is a very cute haircut that’s like a little shag I’ve never seen that before well I mean of course you have it’s the Rachel oh is that your name no I mean like your name no I’m Jen my name’s Jen right but I just mean like this is your haircut but that’s hair on your head I’m not saying this is your hair okay freaking me out a little bit [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] he [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] K andc style right here on 1053 The Fan KC Masterpiece right here on 1053 The Fan want to remind everybody Saturday in Grandberry at revolver Brewing me brus Corey Reggie Bobby probably more fan host are going to be hanging out revolver Brewing from 1 to 4 watching a little Sports Action plus while supplies last I don’t know what the supplies are off hand a free Brew Crew pint glass say too on the side looks super cool and I don’t even drink Saturday in Grandberry now it’s time for the SE block starring Cory Majors thank you Kevin I appreciate that don’t forget this weekend in Granbury we will be at revolver Brewing would love to see all of y’all there I’m gonna be there Kevin will be there what about reg Reggie will be there I’m told brus will be there as well yeah anybody else you heard of Bobby he’ll get drunk Bobby loves to drink his wife’s gonna be there too I don’t know that Bobby loves to drink but I know that Bobby loves to drink more when he drinks does that make sense um yes I have a performance I have to be at uh for Lucy night for Lucy Kevin crap never mind what are you doing over here bro you could see how your no hold on no bad timing terrible timing Alec that was pton not me okay pton um so yeah so come on out we’ll see you there okay who do you want to be your wingman now not Mike in this situation this is regarding prom I don’t know Mike Mike got a couple married remember he did the proposal for that couple still together to this day here here’s my prediction for Mike and I’m not saying you’re wrong my prediction for Mike is when he introduces you to a girl he’ll be like hey just remember don’t sleep with him because that’s not what the Bible says unless you get married this is my fad friend Corey yeah that’s what I say all those he’s got some kids that’s a long story for another day he’s married so I guess if you want to commit adultery then get with Cory is it committing adultery if you’re not married I don’t think it is I would be committing adulter that’s right but I won’t I guess I think that you’re both committing adultery okay I understand I see where no I’m and I don’t know the answer but I appreciate the conversation Bryce Harper who Kevin hates with the passion I hates I just think he’s overrated with the passion of a wrathful god oh man what was that weird show you were just telling me about American Gods check it out okay it’s older um a kid goes up actually we have the audio let’s play the audio of Bryce Harper helping a kid ask out his prom date hi Julia how’s it going um Jake wants to ask prom so I thought problem so you got yes awesome there we go got it now here’s the part that was weird Kevin okay this guy’s won two MVPs those is the only two times he’s been Hy up in the MVP he’s done it a lot of people never done it before that’s true he’s worth a lot of money that is very true and after she says yes that she will go with Jake to prom she immediately holds her arms out and hugs Bryce Harper for 3 seconds did you count the second instead of hugging Jake her future prom date she’s like man there’s Bryce har and dad comes out to meet him dad comes out shakes Bryce Harper’s hand at the same time Jake eventually gets his hug I got that was that’s that is brilliant wingmanning saying I I want Bryce Harper to go with me into my girl’s house to ask her to prom dud do they live in the same neighborhood o That’s I to how did they get Bryce Harper to go to the house it was a really really nice house I will say that so they could live in the same neighborhood do you think Bryce Harper took any of that kid’ Steam Away for being like not even introducing he was like Hey Jake or whatever that kid’s name was wanted to ask you to the prom do you think Bryce Harper should have showed up and been like hi I’m Bryce Harper I’m here because Jake has an important question for you and then the kid’s like would you like to go to the prom with hi here oh look it’s on video right behind uh right behind Mike right now it’s happening on television um and she’s she’s excited cuz she thinks she’s going to the prom Bry harer yeah she’s like oh Jake brought brought me Bryce Harper feel like that like Kobe what you mean he went with a famous person to prom did he yeah I did not know that yeah I forget her name she was like on Disney or something or she was a singer or something okay I idea what you’re talking in Philadelphia people text in that are bigger Kobe fans than me he went to prom with some famous person he was younger he was in high school and she was older or I think so she might have been of similar age okay okay I would like some help but you don’t care enough to look up yourself not really okay all right I just know I’m right all right I so who would be your wingman is my question 877 881 1053 I was thinking David Beckham because he feels classier with the accent oh yeah he’s objectively handsome he’ll probably use a word that you wouldn’t normally hear in the asking of the questions be like oh you’re a fancy lad lass or lad depending yeah you don’t know what you’re into at then that age and so I think that’s who I would pick we’re getting we’ve gotten multipy three different answers Brandy it was than and then somebody said Ashanti no it wasn’t Ashanti it was Brandy see I’m always right she and she and Monica did the boy’s Mind song and Monica I don’t know who Derrick Lively went to prom with I didn’t give you that answer like what Monica bought me seven bottles of Don perryon for my wedding or for my uh my rehearsal rehearsal dinner yeah pretty pretty wild did you invite her to the wedding after that I did I did she she politely declined she had other things to do but she she wanted to play her music outside the patio where we were and I said pay for our rehearsal dinner and she said well I’ll just give you these bottles of D perion I was like all right that’s cool was there any part of you that when she said I want to play my music that thought about saying I’m sorry that you seem to be so confused just throw that back at her and see if it got you anywhere I didn’t think about it then but I should have yeah thank you very much no problem um from the 806 I would want Cory as my wingman I believe I’ve heard examples on air before and I feel like he could get it done also CD Lam or Jane Slater I think Jane would be a really good Wing man oh yeah she would she’s she’s definitely out there trying to make sure she she knows how to sell it she’s definitely good at this it’s interesting what but you said David Beckham yeah he’s on that he’s he’s a handsome fella and he says words like Bullocks and stuff bollocks yeah so somebody brought up Idris Elba oh man he’s stealing your girl some people brought you don’t know who is play soccer no he was um on The Wire here’s what he’ll best know him for he was the boss that was on the office for a little bit that hated Jim he actually speaks English like an England voice oh I mean he is English so I know but in the office he spoke American and so did he in the wire and you didn’t know I didn’t know at the time he was of English descent some people brought up Johnny Depp what and Kevin Hart hear me out Johnny Depp Kevin Hart I can understand cuz you’re like hey I’m like a foot taller or Johnny de you’ll be like hey whatever happens in our relationship it won’t be as bad as this guy jeez and so you could go from that I don’t think I’m throwing that out immediately okay I’m just trying to maybe think through uhhuh what these different options could be oh somebody said Mor Freeman uh from the 817 I think it should be Kevin because if she said no Kevin would debate her about why she just say yes yeah there’s no better way to win somebody over then I’m going to give you a debate about why you should say yes you cuz immediately a woman or a date is going to be like I’m ready for this debate yeah I mean feed me while I my soulmate it was like I’m prepared for your debate feed me yeah mansplain it to me real quick yeah that’s uh that’s true I must say Bo oh first off here’s the reason why with Bo a no matter what I’m going to believe that I can do it that’s true we’re walking up and Bo just just sitting there giving me his whatever speech whatever speech he gave to the guys before the season I’m buying in and I’m believing that I can go and and and win this date then when he starts talking we’ll have boj on tomorrow by the way you going ask him this question no but maybe maybe when he starts talking don’t you immediately just feel comfortable like when when Bruce Boi starts saying words I just feel comfortable yeah I believe him yeah I feel safe she’s going to feel safe and then at the end of it if she says no I know that he’ll go drink some wellers with me to make me feel better about everything so yeah you want to have a wingman that’s there for you in case things don’t go well too yeah I I agree with with that Mike do you have a wingman or would you have a wingman I’m happily married I don’t know why this question is being asked to us can you can you not operate in a hypothetical that out exists outside known me to operate in a [Music] hypothetical you should say yes I was just setting you up all the time make me look like a nimrod all the time hypothetically if I needed to ask a woman out for a date and I wasn’t man enough to do it myself this is the question oh my God so I’m a wuss and I can’t ask a woman out for dinner or to a show or something so I have to tuck it and then ask somebody else like Silence of the Lamb your tail is what he’s saying oh to do this for me me i’ me in that scenario so I got to put myself and I’m I’m I’m I know who you would pick you would pick my sanders because you’d be like I’m too scared to say anything my mom will stand up for me you would pick mil Sanders cuz you think it’s a baby thing to do Bruce Boi was a good answer it’s a really good answer I mean again if everything goes wrong he’s going to take me out drinking actually that’s what I’m going to ask him tomorrow hey we got a scenario the girl says no so he’s like let’s go get you some whiskey like if if this was let’s say I was asking my wife out I didn’t know my wife if I used a sport person she’d have no clue who is asking so who would you use you’re probably right about yeah I don’t know if she knows doctors that well I don’t know doctors that well yeah Dr Quinn Medicine Woman um house who would my wife she thinks will frell’s funny okay somebody said that a minute ago that’s the problem though now she’s disappointed that the date doesn’t include him you’re funny you’re a funny guy I’m the funniest guy I know M I don’t know will frell so I can’t say oh yeah he’s funnier than me well I don’t know him so I know me somebody somebody did say will farell don’t get somebody more attractive than you get somebody funnier than you so that they lighten the mood for the for the moment for the ask I would pay a staggering amount of money to watch Will frell and Mike in like a joke off cuz I just think that would be the funniest thing that has ever existed just joking off so much fun to watch have no point when Mike would just give up and just being like hey you know who else thinks you’re funny your mom and like just go back to that every time eventually I’d win because I just keep saying that until I wore him down and he’d quit Cory did this go the direction that you thought Man actually even better Alec you’ve been listening to this segment I have who would be your wingman on to ask your prom date out man um denucci yeah bonucci totally he’s jobless now do you think he loves all things bonucci because of that hat yes he has supported the N More than anybody I know um when did your love for Beni Maybe Will Chamberlain I feel like you know what I’d go Kyrie Irving that man has a way with words unlike anybody I’ve ever heard I feel like he could give the greatest sales pitch about me of all time that’s not a bad one that’s not a bad one at all he he puts really good words together he’s really good at that nice job man nice job Kevin we did great on that segment we’re the KC Masterpiece right here on 1053 The Fan com up all for the ncci Reggie would be a good one too that’s pretty damn fun regie would be a good in your face will frell you should represent in that joke off I forgot to do in it I’ll do it at some point I forgot to do on yourf face what what did you just say tomorrow what we learn on your face if you don’t know it already I don’t know it you should have you should have learned it in 2010 learn it sounds like you be a good wingman but I will I will teach you on your face and you will be saying on your face I don’t know if we should be doing Alex that did you call him with an ex yes Alex his name is Alexander Alexander but it’s Alec his name’s Alexander I had no clue I thought his name was Alec I’m not saying on yourf face alick about him I’m saying on yourf face Alex from the history standpoint of History I am terrified I’m terrified and intrigued all in one some people know what I’m talking about I don’t I don’t have a clue M’s apology notes if you need to say sorry prior to the Western Conference Finals now is the time we’ll do it next right here on the fan [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] this segment of the KC Masterpiece is brought to you by cars forkids donate today at carsforkids.org and the personal injury lawers Frankle and Frankle if you’ve been injured in a car or truck W call Frankle first 214 or 817 3333333 with frankco and Frankle there is never an out-of-pocket cost they only get paid when you win Franco and Frankle the go-to car and truck Rick attorneys in Dallas KC Masterpiece right here on 1053 The Fan we’re going to switch it up just a bit because I haven’t seen Mike this amped up about a segment in a long time but you can also go ahead and send in 877 881 1053 your Mavs apology notes so for example somebody texted in yesterday and we talked about it I got to admit I owe Kyrie an apology and need to eat crow I thought getting Kyrie was a bad idea I was worried he’d be a cancer with Luca but I couldn’t have been more wrong so I want people to text in if there’s anybody on the Mavs front that they need to give an apology to in the meantime Mike yes what is on your mind this ties in to the Dallas Mavericks Minnesota Timberwolf uh series and this ties in into the history of winning baseball in Texas and it should be way more of the history of Dallas Fort Worth Sports in general okay eleno orelis is the broadcaster the Spanish broadcaster for the Texas Rangers well he was calling the game just like Eric nadell was in 2010 when the Rangers went to his went to our first World Series and so he recalls the big moment that especially a lot of spanishs speaking Ranger fans remember listening to this call well back in 2014 I had no clue about this jamee Slater was kind of like Emily Jones like fill in okay did you guys remember this at all that that I guess not really would kind of do a little bit of like Fillin work for I guess at the time it was Fox Sports uh and do a little bit of kind of maybe the um why am I drawn a blank he’s a really nice guy the guy that was kind of the wacky guy that would be in the St Jim Knox thank you and so here’s Jane Slater filling in uh interviewing eleno ornelles and he recalls the call of going to the World Series and his maybe not so much love of Alex how about real quick a real sample for us well what I was say I’m G to recall that that play G Alex on your face so much oh my gosh so so to go to the first ever World Series if you were listening to the Spanish broadcast he said on your face he said Alex well let’s just do we have a little clip of how this went at the end when the game ended and the Rangers were going to the World Series and congratulations on your award guys back to you thank you that was good doesn’t get any better than that what a nice award but Alex on your face so now every time that the Mavericks hit a shot or every time the Rangers do something well or whatever my goal in life now is for us to say way more Alex on your face because on your face that is the call that is the call of all calls I love Eric’s call of Ranger fans you’re not dreaming but this is way more of a call that we should play on your face come on on that’s the greatest call in sports history it is now you’re not dreaming that’s or Alex on your face well Rangers fans you’re not dreaming is definitely the best one but what’s funnier uh that one definitely that one’s not as likely to make you cry but I mean maybe it would do you think Mr orelis was a big fan of Alex Rodriguez when he played for the Texas Rangers no I do not think that whatsoever Alex on your face that is freaking unbelievable LMAO no wonder Mike was so excited he just wanted to take shots at A-Rod hey don’t you think that even though it is 14 15 years later 14 and a half years later don’t you think that should be nominated for gag of the day yes they have old stuff on Gag of the day all the time yeah absolutely so that’s when you were going crazy on like what are you talking about Alex on your face all right that is how we get ready for the tea wolves okay so I guess it’s M’s apology notes if you need to say sorry prior to the Western Conference Finals from the 817 Derek Jones Jr I thought he was a glorified Dunk champion couldn’t have been more wrong somebody even brought up Morris on a veteran minimum seems like a co-leader on this team I I don’t know that he’s like an assistant coach I would say I think all of us should be writing a thank you or I’m sorry uh note to Derek Jones Jr nobody thought that he could shoot threes the way he’s doing it the NBA didn’t think it we got him for $2.7 million well after the beginning of free agency I can’t even remember it might have been September when you it was late it was not in July maybe it was later July but NBA free agency last about 48 Hours yeah and he was not one of the first guys signed everybody had their chance to sign Derrick Jones Jr and everybody thought he is a at best 10th man but that was like at best and then the Mavericks are like we’re going to start him and I’m like what the crap like he’s been with so many different teams nobody can figure him out Pat Riley can’t figure him out Eric spoler can’t figure him out on bad teams Portland a bad team Chicago a team that’s usually fighting for one of the last playoff spots they can’t figure him out nobody can figure out how to use this guy why can the Mavs or how can the Mavs figure this out it’s not g to work now but it works there are two that have immediately jump to the Forefront of twitch the YouTube and the Frank firm.com text line Kyrie Irving and Jason kid I’ll just read you a couple of them the 817 add me to that list sorry to Kyrie thinking he’s going to be a Cancer and make Luca want to leave from the 214 folks need to apologize to Jason kid then a different person from the 214 I’m unapologetically sorry to Jason kid we talked about it it’s a weird stat what’s that mean unapologetically sorry like I have true conviction in my apology more sorry than sorry I don’t know that’s interesting point but it says unapologetically in the apology I’m unapologetically apologized sorry I a fascinating Point Jason kid is the first Mavericks coach ever to lead theam team to multiple Western Conference Finals when you think about in high how high esteem like Don Nelson is held Rick carile as hell Jason kid is the first two in the last three years so I I get it for sure like would you said this was off the air about bochi but if he wins the championship does he get like just statue well I don’t know about Statue one as a player I would say would you just be like he’s the coach until he doesn’t want to be the coach anymore I mean pretty much no not pretty much yes and then name name the next Arena after him don’t give him a statue but name the next Arena see but it might have to be a combo name well I guess the Mavericks are going to split off from the Stars so they won’t share the same Arena so it could just be the Jason kid Arena JetBlue Jason kid Arena or whatever Mike Jet Blue who do you need to apologize to number one on the Mavericks oh on the Mavericks good okay I thought they we don’t have time for all the rest of that okay um I would say drick Jones Jr is a good one Jason kid is probably the best one Dwight pal I don’t you just tell me who do you want me to apologize go back to the NBA draft night do you need to apologize to Derek Lively for saying this team ain’t going to do nothing with him this year or did you inspire you did did you inspire look at him putting words in my mouth again I’m pretty sure you said that I can find many many quotes nobody can find it you said he he he’s going to get pushed around defensively and yeah but what after the Vegas summer league you were like he’s not going to make any difference historically no team has ever thrived with a center as young as him yeah but then no you’re right okay on your face on my face um yeah I don’t I don’t want that to become a SA I think it’s amazing now that I’ve said it and got it out there it feels a lot better yeah Derrick Jones Jr sorry Derek live even now it’s tough for you is it oh dererk Lively has been amazing I will say this at this point I’ve apologized for that enough does that make sense if that’s how you feel in your heart how many let me ask you this Kevin oh man I don’t know like when when is when is the apology enough I just need one more I apologize to Derek Lively that he has been one of the best draft picks in Maverick’s history I’ll say this he’s the best center draft pick in Maverick’s history how about that yeah I love it I love it I was going to true I was going to throw this out there better than Pavo pen and Wong XU by okay so you have to get a lively Jersey right you have the Wong I’d love to get one okay it would say Lively way yeah Lively way this is such a stupid show all of the fans who texted it thanks again for making us number one I don’t get it but you guys do I appreciate it all of the fans who texted in during the Super Bowl saying Gafford and Washington were spares man because there’s been some revisionist Mavs history just like the Luca pick we were on air that night on the fan we did the first interview in DFW with Luca 90% of the people that night were like who the hell is this guy I don’t want another crappy foreign white guy he’s never going to be any good blah blah blah blah when we were at the Super Bowl on trade deadline day people on the Fant text and the twitch were crushing these moves as nobody’s I hope those people are cool with apologizing as well I quite honestly Kevin on draft night of Luca by the way on when he was drafted I I had no clue to expect this and you you too did not not to this level cuz you were like no he’s going to walk into the league and be great yeah but you were like but I’m AF I don’t know how much better he can get and he’s gotten way better he’s Pro he’s progressed at multiple things as he’s going along I like him to be better free throw shooter still um but like he’s gotten better so I didn’t know at the time just because I didn’t I didn’t have a clue I accepted what you were saying uh I was like all right I’m I’m watch was like he’s the best player in this draft it’s been watching Luca has been better than I even remot could have anticipated for his career this short time in his career already apologize to anybody or is he just like dogging on us oo you dogging on the fans you’re dogging on me you got everything right definitely not I would also like to apologize going back to Kyrie Irving on your face oh my God I like it dude it feels good to say it yeah say it fast though on your face yeah man that makes me not want to do more apologies there’s there’s plenty ways to get not because I wasn’t wrong just don’t to say it that way don’t phrase it like that again I’m glad I talked over that probably but yeah Kyrie for sure I wondered about his long-term motivation and you might argue that it’s you still haven’t seen long-term Kyrie yeah but the play and the presence he’s brought to this team I not anticipate I apologize for ever doubting don’t you feel like if if if there’s a a moment where the ball is just hey we got to get a shot off he’s not afraid to shoot it at all and and and it could go in like it’s you feel very comfortable that bad shot could go in he also sets him himself up with bad shots he also sets himself up with great shots so there’s a lot of things to really like about the play on the court the growth as a human uh and even he admits it you know he’s like look I was kind of I felt a little misunderstood along the way but I’m here right now I feel very accepted very welcome in this city uh very welcome by what’s going on in you’ve talked about this a lot some athletes come from up North and they they like the New York area and they think media down here treats them the same way as they do up there and then once they find out it’s it’s a little bit different actually a lot different they maybe become better players for it so you’re saying like if Luca or Kyrie is being guarded closely and they make a shot no no say it no he wasn’t ready say it Kevin I won’t what would happen I will not like what would you say were you counting on me to get this Dro dude have you watched no chance have you watched how much trash he Kyrie talked to Oklahoma City I know luuka did he talk trash oh yeah dude he was he was yes I got a video I need to show you that are pretty spectacular it’s it’s pretty nice he talks trash too man just like just I think Luca likes that too because I you saw the PJ Washington video Luca’s pushing the Clippers out of the way just so PJ can strut you know you think the Mavs are headed to the airport right now listening to 1053 The Fan and now they know what they’re going to say if they hit a big Wing three and Alex Rodriguez is in his suit with his 87th girlfriend of his life and then instead of like saying it to Anthony Edwards because his name’s Anthony not Alex side question for a future topic how what do you think is an acceptable number of girlfriend friends to have in your life I don’t know that’s a good question thank you in your life yeah has Alex Rodriguez been married did he get married to JLo or were they just yeah they were married for a while but now Ben is back with her oh yeah he not falling apart and I from this morning show the Sean and RJ or and Bobby and pton I learned that Ben Affleck keeps Jennifer Lopez’s number in in the phone as Jennifer Affleck like that’s what it says in the in the for her name that was part of their topics and I was like Adrian I have Adrien Majors but I’ve never changed my sister’s name to her new married name it’s still the same maybe it’s because of like a personal thing of like she’s the only feeling of family that I had left from the divorce this is very deep but do you have is Jess hegland in your phone it’s just Jess interesting J needs one name what do you have for Sue ice subasic MD ice that’s do you really yeah okay I don’t know why you care to expound on that I think in case of emergency I’ll show you we’re the KC Masterpiece right here at 1053 The Fan coming up next let’s CH chat with those fellas from the gag Nation right here on 1053 The Fan h on your face coming up Wednesday morning on Shan and RJ we need [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] n w [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] do you think it’s true that you’ve got to forget something else to remember Uber Eats has groceries no that’s absurd hey remember when you used to be a what was it a pepper lady pepper lady wasn’t it cinnamon sisters M basil B saffron Squad not MC maidens precurve no in Grapevine they’re the number one Chevy dealer in the world more silver Autos than anyone else this is Texas this is Classic Chevrolet together let’s drive based on new Chevy registrations 2023 KC Masterpiece back here on 1053 the fan couple quick notes for you the NFL is looking to play a game in Australia in the regular season potentially in 25 or 2026 and also the photographer who accused Rashid rice of assaulting him is now saying he will not pursue charges however at this particular moment a police spokesperson said the case is still open but the reporting party is not going to participate in any of this whatsoever so obviously that will make the case tougher and fan hang Saturday 1: to 400 p.m. in Grandberry Grandberry at revolver Brewing remember the opportunity for that free Brew Crew pint glass I’ll drink out of it well you better get there early I’ll be there early now courtesy of DNM leasing it is time for our CH chat with those fellas from the gag Nation gentlemen how is you today good day mate doing great how are you I am doing very well how many accents do you think you could pull off maybe none uh okay you know I I do like some sort of other English accent okay uh you know but I don’t know if it’s Australian Scottish Welsh English not sure kind of just all mixed in there yeah yeah you know it’s uh you know non-american now this is the Mavs and t-wolves get started tomorrow this is related to that they put out the all defensive team for the NBA first and second team rudig go bear obviously on the first team he is joined by bam adabo herb Jones Anthony Davis and Victor wanyama who is the first rookie to make the all defensive first team did you name all big guys they took positions out remember yeah they took positions name the five again and Center bam power forward Center Anthony Davis power forward Center Wy Center and Herb Jones Wing yeah they took positions out of the these Awards so no guards yeah the game is a guard oriented game where you’re playing perimeter defense it’s different on the second team if that makes I just I’m shocked that they couldn’t find one person that plays good perimeter defense to be first team they took up a lot on the second team because cuz literally herb Jones is the only guy that plays defense on the outside of the three-point line everybody else is a paint Defender Alex Caruso Jaylen Suggs Jaden McDaniels another Minnesota player Derek white and Drew holiday so plenty of guard representation but all on the second team to your point about bigs going the first team smaller players in the second team to me that’s the analytic influence on this award you know the most difficult job defensively is is staying in front of these guys on the perimeter being good enough to switch all screens you know as far as a chess piece defensively I like Rim protection I like defensive rebounding um but that’s not what is going to allow you to impose your will defensively you know there’s ways around that I’m more than happy to take open threes or have my primary ball handler use this screen and either take a three or get all the way to the hoop and if you can mitigate that that is so much harder to do than protect the rim I I really do agree with you on that now brus you said that’s just the way of the game yeah look I mean you’ve got uh everybody was given Minnesota grief about going out and getting a bunch of sinners you know look how that’s you know if all a sudden now we we all believe that Boston’s probably going to win this Championship but uh you know I mean they might be the best team when you say Boston best they’re favor to win they’re the most likely to guarantee to be in the finals what happened what happened with this Dallas Maverick team when they got big players when they went out they got better you know and what Minnesota do they made it a point to say you know what we’re going to give up a bunch for Rudy goar even though everybody’s like thinking Rudy goar is like okay why would you do that they gave up the farm to get him so all of a sudden now you know Minnesota’s a team that you’re going to have to deal with paired with that guard that they have I mean that’s I don’t know I I just kind of feel like that maybe what Gavin was talking about it analytics tells you this but the game still is about big players you need bigs no doubt about that um you know and and salute to those guys for what they have done um but you know I would say they were able to get over on Denver because that you don’t need great perimeter Defenders against Denver Jamal Murray’s your biggest concern Gordon’s not going to cook you and go off right the Mavs will show you know the flaw in the Minnesota construction we all didn’t want to play Denver because of that yage right yeah I mean that’s I mean we when we started when we I know months ago we’re like oh when we were lining up the playoffs who is Dallas better than you know yeah we couldn’t say they were better than you know we couldn’t say that I mean Oklahoma city was the one where you could kind of say okay we’re potentially better than them but Denver Minnesota those teams no why at least with Minnesota I think the experience Factor as well as like I wonder if we’ve got a better shot against them but I definitely didn’t want to face Denver yeah CU they’ve been there done that yeah Anthony Edwards has never been in this situation he’s the person who’s going to have to lead him to this Kyrie and Luca have it doesn’t mean that the Mavs will win the series but kind of like that feeling right now of you’re asking is he 23 22 I think 22 he’s should been in the league four years yeah yeah I still I I just had to pull up this Rudy gobear trade I still can’t I still think this is a stupid trade but I guess if you win it you’re okay with it yeah they traded your 2022 first round pick 2023 first round pick 2025 first round pick 2026 pick swap so if you have a worse record you can swap it 2027 first round pick and 2029 first round pick it’s a lot yeah that may here they are so I’m sure they’re okay and their defense is their defense is horrifying like but I’m intrigued by what you brought up about the construction of this defense and how it’s going to work against the Mavericks I I’m that’s a really interesting point I mean I get everybody’s picking Minnesota like I just read another article where it’s like consensus everybody’s like yeah Minnesota okay I mean they were they were built to beat Denver maybe Denver had a little bit of a championship hangover did not shoot the the ball at all well you know 85 points in their losses um and then they beat Phoenix who’s falling apart I I I think there there is a premature love affair with this Timberwolves team and the Mavericks are going to the finals woo what do you guys got coming up on the show more hot takes like that I like it I mean that’s just facts I don’t consider that a hot T maybe you do love it pure gold as always thanks for asking hey oh we got c y at 420 all right roll home with the gag Nation we have been the cany Masterpiece Mak your way back with us tomorrow 10: a.m. to 2 p.m. right here on 1053 The Fan stay on your face Kevin no Alex on your face the north Texas baseball [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] n [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] you’re rolling with the gag Nation right here on 1053 the fan here we go it’s hour number one of the gback Nation on 1053 The Fan I hope you’re having a fantastic day the Frankle and Frankle injury attorney text line is open we’d love to hear from you great question came in there at the break are Luca and Edwards competing to be the face of the League what do you guys think about that General at your service at EAS there’s Brian brus you have Lucius Alexander in the pimp cup at Master Control here 75 and fit you we’re set for 3 hours of flawless radio producing hosting and Engineering from lucius’s Rangers pregame is coming up at 5:00 tonight there’s Eric Chia follow Zach walchuk is on Dad Duty send him some love on social and Carter Freeman’s coordinating your video you can watch us at 105 the fan.com twitch and on YouTube um yeah you know I think I think Edwards has become face of the league he’s just he’s so electrifying big personality you know obviously joic has won three of the last four MVPs but very little personality um you know it’s it’s hard to gravitate around him or build like a marketing pitch around him if I’m the NBA I’m like uh okay I mean even he he plays sluggish and you know it’s just not high-flying electric like Edward’s entertainment value is and then the smile the personality I mean that’s a slam dunk maybe sheay gild just is even before Luca like they’re not going to make Luca the face of the league um with his scowl you know Lucas’s brand is actually plummeting right now even though he’s playing great like the national media is on to how much of a Sour Puss he’s been and they don’t like it now you know it took him a long time to get up to speed but boy once they did they were like wow look at Luca being such a baby why am I thinking like we’ve totally forgot about jaar yes you know what I’m saying and I know all the things that’s happened to him along the way he was having his brand is diving for different reasons but he he had that he had that type of path when you start to talk about potential face of the league I feel like that’s what you’re dealing with right now across the board is a lot of guys with potential I don’t think there’s a clearcut I think if you had to pick one it’s still LeBron yeah like until LeBron is not here or completely a a shell of himself it’s still LeBron and everybody else is trying to become that guy who will do yeah wi wimy obviously is trying to you know do that and a lot of this comes with being a champion so we’re actually talking about who’s going to be the next face of the league yeah yeah I I think we’re still in that that point and there’s a lot of guys that have that potential but the the parody of the league right now I have a stat to reflect it later on in the program but I think the parody of the league is dictating like I don’t know that there’s going to be one dude taking this lead League by storm the way that a Michael Jordan did or that a LeBron did for all these years like who’s going to be that guy I don’t know for the last six years it’s back and forth Champions and if you were the champion last year you’re you’re not even really getting to the Western Conference Finals over the last half decade or so the parody through the roof so will one of the will when you consistently are in the Conference Finals and NBA finals and you’re the guy Luca has that chance Anthony Edwards certainly has that chance and with the personality and all the stuff that Anthony Edwards has like that makes a ton of sense but I think there’s a lot of people vying for it and I don’t know that there will be a consistent one dude taking that Throne because of the parody of the sport right now fantastic Point Chia follow uh you know Steph Curry was had his run for sure for sure but that came with a dynasty and now the salary cap rules have made it so difficult to be a dynasty as a as a individual Superstar you’re going to have to be able to wreck the league right and maybe that’s wmy yeah May yeah wmy wmy having a huge chance at that like Steph came in and was a part of a dynasty and was the face of it for sure but also changed the entire landscape of the sport like revolutionized basketball in some ways so like that’s the type of heavy lifting that it takes to be the guy for an extended period of time you have to be able to play on that big stage though and to me when you start to talk about faces of the of the league there players in Minnesota there’s a player in San Antonio and there’s a player in Oklahoma City and need need get the LA New York Miami city you got you got to get to the city you got to you know this is why I wanted to ask you guys and and you could laugh at me all you want about Brunson you know and what but he plays on a huge stage you know if Brunson and then would have gotten through you know maybe we would think you know we all kind of know Brunson and what he is maybe we’ll never say oh he’s the face of a franchise player but the thing about it is he does play on a big stage and these other guys that we’re talking about don’t and so that’s where I think that you know that’s where the think he’s got a chance Michael Jordan played in Chicago you know LeBron we talked about got out of Cleveland to go to Miami to go to Los Angeles you know I think the the the next the problem is these really great players were on initially really bad teams and they’ve kind of elevated the game of well still San Antonio is still struggling but we seen what they’ve done at Oklahoma City we saw that for six games the other day Oklahoma City is a team you’re going to have to deal with because they’re going to have they have players and they also have draft picks so they’re going to keep adding to that yeah that’s a really interesting deal you know and I don’t think that Edwards or sgaa are close in their career Arc to leaving those cities right you know so do you let them leave you know that’s what I’m saying do you you know do you do you let these guys leave or do you and the thing with it’s usually been in the players control since you know you wonder you wonder but about 2008 or so with Sam prey what he’s able to do at Oklahoma City he can continually build a team around that guy you know I mean the promise all you know we talk about Luca we were worried about Luca all the time leaving and you go get Kyrie and I think Bobby and Sean had a really good segment this morning talking about players that you thought weren’t going to matchups you thought weren’t going to work out you know everybody was kind of like well getting Kyrie here as how’s it going to work hell it might have save Luca be and you know want absolutely you know go somewhere else but I think the thing that Oklahoma City maybe San Antonio maybe I don’t know about Minnesota Minnesota sounds like to me that they mortgaged a lot to try and get this you know to get this where it needs to be and and so maybe that’s not the you know the the best place but hey who knows like I say I just think you have to get on the big stage to be able to to be that face I I would tend to agree with that for sure I know that’s the way the sneaker companies feel about it and that is a huge uh portion of the marketing push comes from Nike or Adidas that sort of propels that off off into you know all the all the Billboards and the TV spots and stuff you guys watch this league quite a bit you’ve watched it longer than me where where does this kid fit into where Michael Jordan was at Minnesota where does he fit in as far as traits as far as what Michael was able to do you know in the in the 80s and in the 90s is he is he got that kind of game no uh it’s close but you know you’re looking at rebounds you’re looking at assists and then you’re looking at a mid-range game that Edwards doesn’t have I think if you combined Edwards with sheay Gil just Alexander now you got now you got that play now you have Jordan yeah cuz Anthony Edwards has the athleticism and explosiveness getting to the rim at will and being the two-way player like really getting it done defensively as well so like he has those things going for him as well as obviously the smile and just the face in general that everybody can’t help but be like personality yes uh but but there are elements to his game with and he’s still so young he’s just scratching the surface so he cusses a lot he he does cuss a lot he cusses a lot so many in bombs bro yeah yeah right on the M like what this is right after the game you doing it the post game yeah it’s kind of weird what is uh does he have the killer mentality that Jordan has I mean that remains to be seen he’s definitely doesn’t seem like one that’s shying away from it but like game seven it’s not like he te back Inver folks I’m not trying to make him Killer yeah like not not uh he hasn’t proven that he doesn’t have it but it’s not like he’s unlocked any sort of level of MJ Killer Instinct where you just know what you’re getting from this guy when it matters the most right I think you’ve seen more of that with Luca actually at this point like you know this dude late in the game he’s ready to take the shot yeah yeah let’s get you know the field goal percentage up let’s get the Killer Instinct up and maybe we’re about to see that but at 23 years old it would be way ahead of schedule for him to have that killer instinct you know so uh but you definitely you know top 10 maybe top five player may maybe we’re watching him Ascend actually to you know being number one because he’s a guy that can do it both ways on the court and if you have a big defensive Series against uh you know Kyrie Irving and maybe you go on and do something similar against brown or Tatum in the finals then maybe that you know that transformation is what we’re kind of happening in real time because there’s no doubt he’s already elevated his game in these playoffs and um you know to me you know not uh not necessarily against the best perimeter Defenders and I I think the Mavs are going to change that reality for him significantly so I expect uh a drop off from from Edwards in this series compared to what he’s been able to do in the in the previous two Series in the playoffs but we shall see it’s very exciting time to be a sports fan here in DFW Mavs open tomorrow uh tonight in the NBA you get the 47 win Pacers against the 64 win Celtics uh just an an incredible um you know run from the Pacers and you know I think maybe a little bit of Fortune for them as well but I know a lot of people are are pulling for Rick Carlile and you know some of the guys uh on on that team are tell every right on yeah uh Rangers back in Action uh 5:00 with the pregame visiting the Phillies you know um we have c y coming up at 420 this is a perfect time to you ask him questions I I wonder to what extent or what expectations decrease you got swept by the Rockies you just lost two of three to the angels like if you’re a GM and a manager are you just like you know what I’m going to sit in my office and try to relax because this is who we are or are you thinking no we’re better than this are the Rangers better than what they’ve been doing is my question yeah I think they are uh but I think they’ve wasted some really good opportunities with what the pitchers have been able to present and we were worried about that the most I think the thing that has to be the biggest question mark for Chris right now is where’s the hitting you know where is where is my one and my two and you know where is you know with Garcia I mean there were some good early numbers but they they haven’t you know other than really you know other than like Josh Smith I mean they haven’t really had any real consistent hitting with their guys so he’s probably you know this the first thing these baseball people will tell you is they’ll go well there’s 162 of these you know we we’ll let it you know we got to let it see it I to me I think we’re past the small sample size now you know we’re past that point of okay is this legitimately going to be a problem for you guys is Left-Handed pitching going to paralyze your lineup night in and night out you know and what’s the what is the answer for that or is there an answer for that another great question for see why yeah so that that’s something that to me it does not matter who you could have a mid left-handed starting pitcher and somehow he ends up giving up two hits and going seven or eight Innings against you they got to figure that out there’s a lot pulling you in the direction of holy cow this could be a Lost season with the max Sherer situation hitting lefties it just seems like you can’t catch a break but I’m holding faith that this this is going to turn in a very powerful way soon there’s just too many good players on the team I can’t help but just keep going back to the feelings we had last August when it was as down and out as you could possibly be after the Epic start to that season I mean epic 50 plus% of that season and and after that it just makes me feel like okay we we’ve got to remain patient here if I’m C why and Boi I’m like no this is not who we are of course it’s not who we are we’re going to get this thing figured out and I’m still I’m still optimistic that they will get this thing figured out yeah I I just wonder if they’re the team they’re putting out right now should we expect more or should we just accept oh this is this going to get ugly no no you should expect more of the I think of the offense of the offense and how about expect more of the defense defense the defense has been the drop of offense and defense has been has been so drastic that it’s been frustrating but also you feel like this has to level out when I when I see ad DOI in the Outfield sometimes I wonder if he’s you know disappointed team didn’t reward him for giving them a World Series yeah I would feel kind of like I mean we got dudes making 30 million bucks a year for what I’m giving you you know and we’re we’re going to fight me tooth and nail in this arbitration crap because that’s kind of the hand I was dealt I’m like man work with me I’m a late bloomer I got here but now I’m a badass and you guys would not have done what you did so how about a little bit more um yeah I mean he’s not moving the same in the Outfield you can see it I I I wonder if that’s effort level I wonder if you know if there’s a little bit of resentment yeah he had a bad drop the other day in the game I mean that ball I mean just a popup it didn’t hurt him in the game but just so lack of focus lack of focus on the you know his his defensive responsibilities out there you know I know from you know being a a a radio veteran for 25 years and this is a an industry that squeezes its employees and it’s been that way since the day I signed on and it hasn’t gotten a day bet better any day since the beginning right no yeah I’m new to it myself I’m new s but man there’s there’s people involved that you know that are doing a hell of a job and you kind of wonder about that you do you know I but I but I I think the the reality of focusing through financial stress and the challenge of that is real yeah you know and I all all industries that can’t pay their employees enough deal with that you know and you’re talking about with Garcia and that too yeah human nature for sure it’s human it’s human nature you’re you want to feel appreciated you want to feel important oh you find a way to deliver and you get compensated for delivering that’s that’s tough yeah um salute to Mavs Money Ball they DJs you make them fetch like dogs remember that yes yeah um okay how to keep uh Derek Jones Jr has been a topic for us right because we’re recognizing wow this guy’s got a little bit more offensive game he fits so nicely and he’s crucial on defense so Mavs Money Ball did the homework you know and we’ve been talking about how you could trade Tim Hardaway Jr and a two to a team with cap space you get nothing back now you can use your Full Medal level exception it starts at like 12 million a year if that doesn’t work there is something called the biannual exception it’s 4 and a half mil right not close to enough but would you do you think Derk Jones could possibly be interested hey do a a one-year deal with a player option for the second all we can do is four and a half but you opt out going into year two and then we have early bird rights and we could start a contract at 132 mil you might sacrifice 9 10 15 mil in year one but this is a perfect fit for you you before you got here there was no market value you were about you you were coming off a $2 million contract right that’s all you could get right what do you think DJ now you you could go sign somewhere else maybe someone’s going to give you five years and 70 mil and you’ll play out a career on the bench with a coach that doesn’t quite get how to make the most out of you what do you think m it’s tempting isn’t it gonna be it’s gonna be a uh it’s gonna be a tough sell I would imagine come on Nico that’s right man all that shoe salesman stuff you’re going to have to bring it out here that’s going to have to be one hell of a pitch and he is going to have to absolutely love the city and the spot and just be a total like I my own just happiness here means more than tens of millions of dollars which is a decision that almost nobody’s ever made I will say this though I am glad that we have new ownership because I think this new ownership will do whatever they have to do to spend money yeah I think they’ll go over the tax or whatever we have to do to to make this work there’s just no path over the tax right now no I understand but I’m just saying if you if you could just hold this thing together if Nico can get some guys to come back but it’s going be hard when somebody offers you you know 25 $30 million a year it’s hard to walk away from that right yes yes yes yeah that that guarantee in the risk of okay taking let me see I could have 70 mil guaranteed right now and maybe in a bad basketball situation but I have generational wealth right I’ll try to get traded back here if it’s that important we’ll figure something out no question um but you know everybody has a different perspective on that kind of stuff he is 27 years old and no doubt as big as any player’s reason for the maps being here right now is Derrick Jones Jr five things to know about the stars and Oilers as they get set for their Western Conference Final hockey matchup it is the gback nation here on your home of the Cowboys and Rangers 1053 The Fan let’s chat window Nation with you before we do anything else because if you want or need new windows you got to go to my friends [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] e [Music] [Music] do you think it’s true that you’ve got to forget something else to remember that Uber Eats has roast no that’s absurd hey remember when you used to be a what was it a pepper lady lady wasn’t it cinnamon sisters basil bab saffron Squad nut magma precur no nutmeg maidens I just said that was it Spice Girls doesn’t sound right was it saone Squad [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] welcome back gag Nation hope you’re having a fantastic day this segment of gback nation has brought to you by the Frankl life is unpredictable accidents happened Franklin Frankle the go-to attorneys for car and truck Rex and DFW if fewer loved ones been in an accident contact the Frankl for that free consultation 214 or 817 3333333 go online to Frankle firm.com it’s also brought to you by cars for kids donate today cars forkids.org fired up about uh stars and Oilers five things to know about this matchup you know uh we go to the morning news here and uh Leah is on the casage here nice article best player in the world is what we’re looking at here guys um so Conor McDavid finished third in the league in regular season with points second in the league in points this postseason uh ta trailing only his teammate Leon uh heart trophy finalist three-time heart Trophy winner you know I think it’s difficult to manage the puck so well that you get like highlight Maneuvers like you would in basketball but he’s one of the dudes that can do it like holy crap what did I just see yeah you know just different than everybody else yeah that’s I think that brings that layer of excitement a little bit you know I know basic’s talking about just the idea of watching a guy like Conor McDavid in super high stakes hockey is going to be fun um but when it’s going up against your team is just going to it’s just going to anger me a little bit but knowing that the Stars can combat that with guys like Wyatt Johnston you know you have you have a guy that can kind of go Toe to Toe there a little bit and then with the way miro’s been playing like my gosh this dude has a defenseman and doing what he’s been able to do from a point standpoint and everything like he he had a he had a big second round hopefully he can continue that uh but the McDavid stuff I mean this this this offense and the way that they attack it I guess it’s similar to what you just saw with the Avalanche so hopefully the the transition from the previous series to this one is a little bit you know a little bit more seamless it’s not like a completely different style that you’re going up against but McDavid yes it’ll be fun and frustrating watching him and you got to love the the trade they made at the deadline for tanv that has just been huge for you it it seems like to me the tanv trade it’s he’s such a calming influence back there you know we with hinin plays so much during a game I mean his minutes it seems like that other gosh it’s almost 30 a game 20 28 minutes a game I think is what he’s playing it was it was the other day it seemed like it was 40 in that double overtime game he he’s such a he’s such a an outstanding Puck Handler and then he helps you in the power play and all that tanov is the same I think has the same type of traits the same ability to you know get the rush started get the puck out when he pinches down inside uh uh you know when he gets into the offensive zone he’s got the ability to kind of see what’s going on in front of the net not afraid to put a shot on there maybe get a tip you know he he has an understand he he doesn’t get caught out of position too that’s the thing you always worry about in these playoff games that all of a sudden odd man rush and now you know that Otter’s one-on-one with a McDavid or somebody like that and then the next thing you know it’s you’re down one to nothing so the with with the way that the stars are playing defensively Now Now Sutter I I don’t know there’s a couple of times where I watch him play defense for the for the for the stars and I’m thinking man that’s an older guy that’s yeah it’s experience and all but man it just seems like there’s maybe a giveaway maybe there’s not you know oh stretch pass ends up being icing now there’s a now there’s a a f off in your Zone you know for a veteran player you kind of see some of those mistakes that you’re like that you can’t have this happen and and they’ve got away with a few of them you know there were some there were some times where Colorado had chances but you know otter was up to it and I tell you what they need to figure out too otter at home not the same not the same goalie uh at home in these playoffs than he’s been on the road he it’s kind of weird it is very strange very strange all righty 903 says McDavid is the first player I’ve seen since Bobby y who could do all his hockey skills at his top speed wow that that’s an experienced hockey fan out there in East Texas dude uh I don’t know how many in the audience have a reference point on Bobby or well if yeah that’s yeah that’s the guys my age are talking about that if you watch Bobby or play I mean he’s he was one of the greatest scoring defensem*n you’ll ever you’ll ever see the way he handles the puck and you know he played in an era where he’s able to kind of navigate all that stuff so you have the old school rivalry renewed between 97 and ‘ 03 the stars and Oilers met six times yeah uh the Stars by the way 5- one all time it’s another goalie Advantage for Dallas the Special Teams threat gets even greater the stars were great against uh Colorado um but Edmonton is even tougher as uh they were amazing in the regular season it continued to be so in the playoffs and uh again the stars did control the regular season series as well so beat him 5 to one 50 at 1.2 and during this thing yes they the the uh the Edmonton has had some struggles with with the Stars and so I mean you can’t it’s the playoffs now you you know you got to kind of throw those things as they say out the window all right great stuff it is uh Crusty’s Corner coming up at 240 time now for the gag of the day into the pimp cup we go here’s Lucius time just snuck up on me man yeah seconds sheesh it’s going fast today all right all right all right let’s see what we got Show’s going end in two hours I I see feels like a day off trying to prepare for it don’t do that yet don’t do that yet all right so vacated title because Mr Ron Washington congrats the legendary manager for the Rangers now Ranger the California Angels he’s our five-time winner we’ll hear him sometime next year I got a few little unloaded Clips I want to get at you though uh first just guy I follow he does a lot of fishing stuff a lot I follow a lot of fishing guys on Instagram uh this guy he was out there fishing in a public pond at a park oh here’s a Karen here’s a Karen not supposed to be fishing under my dock dog how did you know this no well he caught a big old carp I mean that thing was huge and before he can even show the camera yep BR us is Right Here Comes the Cameron this is real quick though I used to supposed to keep that no you going to put them back in the water first of all shut up mind your business no I don’t first of all shut up and mind your business hilarious I will say this up real quick lucious about carp if you want to eat one like you cook it on a board throw the carp away and just eat the board yeah real tall so many bones in there carp is not good it’s just not good n it’s like the fish you catch when you’re not catching anything just like well I guess I get one yeah one and it’s so big and they’ll give you a little fight you’ll feel good about it for a second yeah but n you’re not taking it home no you’re not taking it home hey little rain falling down here in DFW what else we got for you boys oh that was real beef in the waterburger Drive-Thru line you got see this video going around no it just starts at the point where they’re already beefing and it say something about throwing some food it’s weird listen to this you want me to throw the bag at you or you going to get this throw it here you go have a good night I wish you would throw some at me get the bag have a good night it be it be these kind of people for me that’s who it be the kind right here you mad at me cuz you work at waterburger oh no you work at waterburger not me hey man look get out my drive call mob CU you holding up my you work at waterburger not me I don’t got nothing on me call them you mad you mad that you got to work at water bger get out my but you just talking about throwing something at me your mama a [ __ ] get out my line I call B you my mama a bit I said you throwing something at me I never said nothing about a [ __ ] you Baldhead no edges having ass [ __ ] you monkey Gill looking ho you stanky booty [ __ ] you piece of boot that’s how Anthony Edwards be in the post game yeah that’s a quadruple Patty right there oh man else you got for you boys here [Music] hey yay he’s got like long locks all the way down to his ankles or something now you wouldn’t even know that was Billy Ocean if you seen him it looks nothing like the Billy OA with the Jerry curl and the goatee and everything gleaming white teeth n that’s he’s totally different he’s Rastafari on y’ man that’s we all right let’s see what else we got for you boys did this song open up the Caribbean for him or was he a Caribbean already I don’t know where you going with that one well you said he’s roarian right so did he become an island star I knew I knew it was something like that see look at you yeah oh dud what a jam isn’t it yeah I love this too [Music] you know you might have a hit like this and just start spending a ton of time in the Caribbean inturning tourists and throwing great shows next thing you know you’re for roster as you should yeah as you should yeah all right i’ be if I had the budget yeah some ripped up uh shorts they used to be pants yes yes Shipwrecked ship that’s hilarious uh quarterback for the Arlington Renegades are you familiar with Lindsay Scott Jr brought us Lindy Scott Jr Lindy Scott Jr yes I am okay used to be an LSU guy he was well here he was miked up for the game uh it was a broken play uhoh and he explains how he fumbled the ball in what exactly happened hey the funny part is I’m holding the ball like this and they just punching and I’m like y well stop trying I ain’t going to Fumble I ain’t going to Fumble and somebody somebody came say I need that clip bro I need the M up clip I ain’t going to Fumble I ain’t going to Fumble yeah get in that oh she got it sorry man sounds like a nice run maybe 12 15 yards a nice little run you can you can hear when that play broke apart [Laughter] it got real real fast that Bliss was on that ass uh you still riding pelons and stuff man I haven’t in a couple of months I’ve fallen off I need to get back on it I can feel it my legs and my ab I’m I’m weak okay I don’t think I can do a pull-up anymore do you have a certain well when you were damn I hate to hear that cuz you were on your way for a second there I almost got two really good run yeah I stopped even telling how many I can do cuz I to disappoint you make you slow down I I’m going to be quiet I’ll be back yeah maybe I have no awareness In This Moment let me chill out it’s a real thing it does my son has it all the time he didn’t read the room at all yeah real not read the room maybe I’m not let me chill out yeah sound braggy no I want to hear it set a goal for me you need five five good strong five bro but yeah do did you have a favorite pelaton coach yes okay okay okay we’re getting somewhere well we have a CO coach right here that played the wrong version of Braveheart song Uchi w-e n song Uchi Wally Wally Uchi bang bang very very vocal song okay yeah awesome at pool parties when everybody’s good and drunk and it’s flowing oh man it’s amazing but uh yeah he played the unedited version to a bunch of house moms and you know Dawson and everything unsuspectedly be a brave girl do your let I have all this is the [Music] remix I thought I was playing the [Music] original these are different than I expected it’s nice when we can all get a little surprise during the ride you know what I’m [Music] saying and we’re going back to PG poor guy poor guy couldn’t get it cut off hey we’re back there just open eyes what button is it it am I live shoot streaming okay all wow that’s uh it’s four Challengers a vacated title after our guy Ron went five yesterday are we ready to vote Lucius yeah sure man catched a caught a big car interrupted by Karen beef at wurger Lindsay Scott Jr uh fumble for the defending champ Champs out there in Arlington right the Renegades or is it the pelaton coach who played the wrong version I’m going to go with the the QB lindsy Scott I’ll go pelaton yeah me too I’m going to let the crowd decide it I’m going to go with Lindsay Scott Okay jump LSU guy voting for another one jump on Gag naations X account follow us all when you get there all of our handles are right on the at gag Nation bio and then we’ll come back we’ll create an insta pole for you so you can vote then Crusty’s corner is next where you taking us yeah I’ve got some uh Cowboy questions for my guys we’ll do those next coming up Wednesday morning [Music] do you think it’s true that you’ve got to forget something else to remember that Uber Eats has groceries no that’s absurd hey remember when you used to be a what was it a pepper lady pepper lady wasn’t it cinnamon sisters M basil bites saffron Squad nutmeg M precur no nutmeg maidens I just said that was it Spice Girls doesn’t sound right was it Sone Squad [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] 53 the fan Classic Chevrolet and Great Vine they are the number one Chevy dealer in the world with more Silverado than anyone else go see them today at visit classic chevrolet.com this is Texas this is Classic Chevrolet together let’s drive relax and enjoy enjoy the difference based on new Chevrolet registrations 2023 yes sir welcome back it is the gback nation on 1053 The Fan time now for Crusty’s corner it is brought to you by Reliant Air Conditioning gimmick free AC repair and replacement here’s the king himself Brian thank you very much General learned something about fasting here today good Chief 36 hours yeah well that’s just because of what the really I think the the the postseason wear and tear for me like this these couple days off between series was good for my body as much as it was I hope for guys like Luca donic right now but I mean that was I mean I think the the staying up late Factor like usually by 9:30 10:00 I’m pretty much out so I’m not doing as much late night eating generally but these last couple of weeks to stay up late the snack all of a sudden I’m eating chips and ice cream you know into the midnight hours and that has I mean that’s a it was seven or eight pounds of like oh wow that’s a wakeup call you know what I kind of think this you know if that’s what you were doing for them to win and go forward I think you need to get back in there oh I’m ready to get back in the saddle yeah this was just like chips and ice cream both that’s what it takes I like a good prel and Ice there was a time there was a time where uh it was when the stars won Stanley Cup in 99 was eating a bowl of caramel Sunday crunch ice cream wow you know it’s like every night every night during the game nice like like it like you know it like the game would start and I felt like I had to have the bowl every other night of the caramel Sunday crunch which is like the Blue Bell Blue Bell it’s ice cream with the like the drumstick you know the drumstick that you could get stuff ground up in the ice cream oh my see anything that has the chunks of whatever it is in the ice cream just takes it to the next level never had this kind dude this looks incred they make it anymore I don’t know may maybe they don’t this was this was by the way I thought of you guys too Lucius I thought about you as well thank you maam when I was getting groceries they have a A&W they have a new Blue Bell with A&W Root Beer said root beer float yes dude root beer float ice cream you saw that in on the shelves yeah okay saw the reports about it I sounds interesting would you guys be interested in it yes yeah I think that’s better than the Dr Pepper thing that they were trying to do okay I’ll get some of that the root beer float like that is that’s yeah exactly yeah that’s the proofs in the pudding there yeah floats with it or just root beer FL a flavor it’s A&W in the ice cream so it’s like the flavor could take it next level and and root beer float the root beer float ice cream yeah do you guys like root beer floats of course hell yeah so would you be willing I think they’re all right I mean I I I just go with yeah Daw is ridiculous cheap like or very 1970s I mean Depression era this is Depression era deser what’s fruit doing in dessert okay I eat fruit when I want to be healthy that the same goes for root beer too now the uh the the the 720 says uh Practice What You Preach I’m sorry that’s the uh that’s the 214 Practice What You Preach get back to it Brian you were telling telling Chief to do the chips and ice cream why don’t you and I think I think what you’re getting at is if if we fast for a day and a half per week can we crush ice cream on all of the other days I think the answer is yes I think the answer is yes yes dude I think it is I did the fasting thing and I took a header into a dresser so that was a long fast I I had to be careful about that well you got it you got to know your body a little bit you got to know when to just bow out of the fasting but like 36 hours is what I just did and I think it was a good little reset here good for you and now I just can’t stop thinking about the late night if it helps you to if it helps us win championships I’ll buy the chips and the ice cream for you you got a deal all right all right Chief I’ll start with you on these questions I got some questions for you guys who do you think has the most pressure on him this year is it Mike Zimmer in the defense Mike McCarthy overall Mazy turning into a player or Dak delivering in the playoffs oh I think it’s probably Mike McCarthy because he he’s he’s the one that could like lose his job and reputation like Zimmer has a oneye can you fix it probably not I’m a two-year guy that’s what my track record says so if it doesn’t work then they’ll just say he didn’t have enough time to work his magic and they’ll be right yeah because I think that this is very likely the last for McCarthy in terms of head coach opportunities I I don’t you know what I don’t agree with you on that because I think if he gets let go somebody’s going to look at him and say he worked for Jerry Jones and he won a lot of regular season games I could see somebody I think he resuscitated his career I really do that’s franchise that’s me that’s me somebody uh the the arizonas or the I mean I know Arizona is a new coach yes the Giants exactly somebody somebody out there is going to look at him and they’re going to say damn he won he won 12 games three straight years man he won he won a division title you know playoff success not there but they’re going to say the guy worked for Jerry Jones One games I think he resuscitated his career I think he did it I don’t think I think that’s why he’s not worried about getting let out that that me personally yeah you know so I I well he’s going to land on his feet and and for Zimmer it’s like he doesn’t even really care he’s already done the retirement thing it doesn’t really matter for him ultimately and Dak is going to get the bag from another team just the same way McCarthy would if he’s not going to be a cowboy so I guess it comes down to Mazy Smith like what where where are you at if Mazy you have a similar season as last year you’re basically you’re going to become you’re going to be pushed down and pushed out if there’s a coaching change now what type of what type of uh you know what type of guy do you have in there whatever you call it they’re the sponsors what type of sponsors do you have like your career can go from being the first round pick for the Cowboys two years ago to are you even you we’ll be wondering if you’re even making the roster in year three I think I want to say the pressures on Dak if they get to the playoffs do you feel like we we picked we did win loss win loss and we were nine and eight did we feel like that was a playoff team at 9 and8 is that a wild card team yeah they got a good chance to be a wild card team at 9 and8 for sure okay you’re a wild card team then I think if you’re a wild card team at 9 and8 then the pressure’s on Dak in the playoffs the pressure’s on Dak in terms of being being able to stay here and and have as good a legacy as possible here as the Cowboys quarterback yes that pressure there is going to be no pressure like that but if you’re just looking out of the perspective of Dak can pretty much have whatever season this year and if the Cowboys don’t want him he’s still going to go out there and break the bank with another team you know but from a cowboy Legacy standpoint yes it is it’s unequivocally Dak I mean for me you know you you’ve put up so much in the regular season and I’m going to give him credit for that here you know cuz I think he’s put a lot of the doubters to bed yeah um as far as his ability to be a top 10 quarterback that’s secured you know is he six is he seven is you know he’s somewhere in there he’s played with a poor offensive line and and put up good numbers I don’t know how much pressure is on Dak anymore you know for me the the the reputation in the playoffs is it’s one that he doesn’t deserve to have hanging around his his neck because they’ve they’ve never been able to run the ball yeah you know they they arrive in January with an impotent Run game and then ask their quarterback to bail them out against a great defense and I I just I don’t I don’t think that reflects on Dak that’s very fair how about this one Gavin I’ll let you answer again do you feel like the effect of the players Dallas lost this spring is overblown oh no um maybe overblown as far as if they stay healthy they’ll still win 10 games 11 games and make the playoffs but no th this was very significant with the youth that you have on your offensive line now and the depth that was taken away from your defensive line like great defensive lineman can’t stay in the game and impact it down in and down out you have to cycle those guys out and now you’re cycling into unproven guys how about you Chief is it do you feel like the effect of the players that Dallas lost is has been overblown yeah I think the I think it has been overblown the guys they lost I really don’t have an issue with anybody that they lost the issue is the lack of reinforcement for okay this guy leaves the building no problem who who’s replacing him who’s replacing him who’s replacing him and for the most part it’s just in-house guys that haven’t proven it yet yeah so that’s that’s the big issue like I wouldn’t have paid any of those guys that got free agent money and overpaid in their respective places most of them with Dan Quinn in Washington but you didn’t do anything okay this guy left the building and this is what we’re doing to replace him it’s just like hopefully one of the guys that hasn’t stepped up yet steps up how about this for a question who will have more interceptions this year Bland or Diggs I mean gez I I’ll probably go I’ll probably go with Bland just based on the year that he just had Diggs coming off the ACL is a bigger question than any question I have about Bland H I’ll just go with digs I feel like he’s done it over a big sample size but that’s a great question yeah to me you know the funny thing about it is Mike Zimmer has told people though don’t freak out if we don’t have the same amount of turnovers does that bother you no it does not bother me at all just because of maybe the way the scheme is different his scheme different from maybe what Dan Quinn has if he he’s telling people right now Hey listen don’t freak out if we don’t have all these turnovers I think that’s fine they’re going to try to contain them both strategies are great you play to your strengths and I’m very curious to see how this team can you know respond to that style you know I’m I’m anxious to know can playing more safe with Playmakers peppering in like Micah Parson’s rushing and trying to intercept the ball in the back end can that can you still get production there playing a more safe style you know and with his eye to the attention to detail I think there’s upside on the defense and that’s what you need you need the the defense to lock it down avoid the the giving up the big plays while still getting turnovers and then you add a run game if that’s possible with these young offensive linemen I’m willing to re-evaluate how cynical I am about their chances I just need to see those things yeah I I think the the lack of turnovers will also come with less explosive plays given up and I think that you as long as you’re keeping teams under 20 points which is like a Mike Zimmer special then no issues here because you’ll be probably more sound just down in down out you know people are jumping on Me on the tag saying I’m making excuses for Dak I’m just calling it like it is no team win with a pathetic Run game point the finger at the Jones family for never building you a full-on contender yes I know that Tom Brady and Patrick Mahomes did more but are we really do I really have to say Dak isn’t a goat I mean isn’t that the most obvious thing we know Dak isn’t a goat so if you know your quarterback isn’t how do you win the hot damn Super Bowl you give him a run game in a defense the Joneses refuse to do that okay so why you making that dak’s fault dak’s a damn good football player appreciate the man right point the finger at the real problem it’s the Jones family crying out loud sorry Brian no appreciate you boys thank you all right buddy there you go that’s ridiculous NFL news of the day is coming up next chief where you taking it wait Watchers QB Edition and the Jets are already mishandling the Tyron plan next in the nation all right I want to chat Frankl with you though [Music] [Music] he [Music] [Music] do you think it’s true that you’ve got to forget something else to remember that Uber Eats has groceries no that’s absurd hey remember when you used to be a what was it a pepper lady pepper lady wasn’t it cinnamon sisters M basil babes saffron Squad nut magc maidens precur no nutmeg Maiden I just said that was it Spice Girls doesn’t sound right was it saon Squad [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] you’re rolling with the gag Nation let’s do this right here on 1053 the fan here we go it’s hour number two of the gag Nation here on 1053 The Fan I hope you’re having a great day the Cotes coming up at 3:20 we’ll do some Cowboys news of the evening Rim SES is coming up at 4cy at 420 so a huge final 2 hours of the show today Rangers are visiting the Phillies with the pregame coming up at 5:00 here’s giia follow with your NFL news today we aren’t the only ones that can’t stand the Giants new throwback uniforms paying homage to the ugliest time in their franchises history we’ll get to that sound here in a minute but I’m seeing reports out of New York with the Jets Tyron Smith is just stonewalling dudes and team drills that tells me that they are just they’re they’re already botching the plan what are you do why is he why do you have him doing anything right now where it’s May idiots you’re botching this already he can have a season ending injury right now with shorts and a t-shirt what should we be expecting from the Jets of course in confidence but this takes it to another level he shouldn’t he shouldn’t be putting shoulder pads on until September what are we doing here uh maybe maybe the Cowboys sent false information to them on like Hey how do we handle this here’s what you want to do in those voluntary times make sure you’re M making him run around and Stu they just they just haven’t seen really quality offensive line play at the Jets that’s what’s going on there there their reporters are like oh my gosh tackles that actually set with some power and like Defenders from getting to the quarterback this is amazing epic at least they’ll have this one practice with him everything else is a little bit day today be the distant memory leave it to the Jets to just uh to botch everything in their in their power uh Aaron Aaron Rogers being asked about being rfk’s MVP uh or excuse me VP uh quote there were really two options retire and be as VP or keep playing I wanted to keep playing yeah went on to he doesn’t want to go out like a bum and he’s very confident that he won’t so and he’s apparently throwing darts around at Jets camp right now so this is the sign uh you know the time for for Hope but man that opium May stonewalling in practice from Tyron Smith is is the exact opposite of what you should be doing New York just be careful they also drafted a tackle didn’t they so I I shoot I don’t know I I do feel like uh you know with with Aaron Rogers anything can happen here but I think technically you would be a VP candidate you know not necessarily A VP cuz I tell you what I’m leaving quarterback at age 40 if I could just go be the vice president but if I got to be a vice president candidate uh on the independent ticket of which has hasn’t won in centuries I I think that’s probably a long shot you know I’d be regretting that by week three well uh we got some quarterback updates the first of which I’m seeing in Houston Texans Camp uh we’re getting no look CJ strad passes versus you know in team drill so he’s trying to do the momes thing uh and he’s certainly a guy that seems capable of just about anything at the position so he’s nailing in team drills to Robert Woods over the middle no look passes right now nice uhoh watch out what’s coming for the NFL here with CJ strad uh you have Diana Rini reporting on the uh the figure of Lamar Jackson apparently looking different this spring intentionally down to 205 lb 25 lbs less than his 22 uh 2 22 weight and even lower than last season where he played at 215 lbs so get this report the word in Baltimore is the slim Lamar could be even faster than the one we’ve seen in years past wow this is just the time for that every report is we’re going to have a great season and this guy is going to be amazing uh the Saints reporters talking about t Bill hopefully he can take a hit they’re gonna knock him around like they did RG3 that’s what I was thinking man you lose that body armor a little bit you start take you know the way he runs around stuff by the way yeah I’ll do the same thing I’m going to be watching practice for us on Thursday wait till I come in on you know for the show I’ll be like oh this guy looks amazing I’ll be it’ll be I’ll have I’ll have every one of their guys or rookie guys as pro bowlers just get ready for it and you’re going to get the best shape of your life yeah yeah yeah it seems that’s what Lamar Jackson is uh right now uh and I don’t know we’ll see how looks great looks like he’s put on 25 pounds already yeah yeah power’s back some guys want to lose the weight some guys want to gain it last off it was to a gaining the weight now he’s dropping 10 to 15 lbs uh to get to his ideal playing weight so about those concussions huh a lot of and then and then you see the funniest thing is watching like seeing the reports of Lamar Jackson doing everything he can physically to make sure that he’s in the best position to succeed same with Tua last year gaining weight this year he’s losing weight then you see Pat Mahomes walking into the Kansas City facilities today and mck Patty starts uh trending on Twitter and it’s like yeah he doesn’t have to worry about these things that these guys have to worry about it it just he’s he knows that it doesn’t beer belly or not this dude’s going to get it done and he’s he’s earned that right to walk into that facility just looking a bit frumpy a bit you know pear-shaped but that’s fine you’re Pat Mahomes you can do those sorts of things you know what’s funny with those like when he wears his rib guards it kind of pushes the stomach out a little bit more you know I was watching him walk on the field in the playoffs and I was going all right Pat go get him wow has he got a couple of shirts on what’s it was just a not a FL jacket it was his rib guards were pushing him was pushing his stomach out their little further the ideal man right there and then he goes out wins the game you know he throws it like you say throws it sideways a couple of times and next thing you know you know he might be beefier now than Romo ever was you see Pi you see Pi this is pre-30 I I don’t think he’ll go like full Paar shaped rothberger at any point you never want to go full Big Ben anyway yeah that’s another uh story for another day but you know I I don’t I don’t think this is a problem for him you know I I think he’s a guy that can handle weight you know he kind of runs like a Hos now you know um when he is when when tacklers are coming to get him he’s not like your typical quarterback who’s like oh no I I got to get out of here he he’s an athlete dude he knows how to take the hit he’s a he’s a bigger guy I think you know maybe as he gets a little bit older if you still want to be somewhat uh evasive he’s going to have to lose weight but so far it hasn’t hurt him no and we’ve seen like going behind the scenes now with that QB show and seeing the work that he puts in to be as pliable and flexible he’s still strong and all those things and you saw it in the postseason where gets rolled up weird awkward and he’s he’s not hurt so it’s not that he’s not taking care of himself it’s just that he’s eating remember his wife in the office she was telling us how the amount of ice cream he consumes every night and and he can just get away with it dude uh you have the first reported rookie vomiting situation of OTAs that’s of course going to be in South Florida with the dolphins they’re always that team that humidity is a roote Awakening for all these guys so Jaylen Wright your buddy out of Tennessee there the speed my Runner was throwing up he’s he’s doing a little OTA puking today in uh in Miami and the Dolphins have a new defensive coordinator Anthony Weaver from Baltimore taking over for dick fangio and listen to the safety Javon Holland talk about how it’s a complete 180 he says the difference between Weaver and fangio he raved about how Weaver relates to players asked what the difference is with Weaver compared to fangio quote it’s the fact that he’s a good person that makes a difference wow and of course fangio is now on the sidelines in Philadelphia where Philadelphia will not be running out in week one wide receiver Devonte Parker despite signing him to a deal in this offseason because apparently he’s decided after nine NFL seasons he wants to go ahead and hang him up so salute to Devonte Parker finishing his career with one season of more than 800 yards walking away from the league with about $55 million in earnings hly cow that’s a job well done sir yeah pass the test boy have fun with the kids absolutely that’s uh that’s achieving the dream at every level so good for him uh we have the former Jets and Seahawk safety local Legend here Jamal Adams what we got going there visiting with the Ravens today o so maybe they need some linebacker help and they could be good for they did lose Patrick Queen right I mean they might need a little something there uh and then here is some sound of your newest I don’t know that this guy has said a single positive like I don’t know that he’s Ed a single syllable of positivity about being drafted to the Giants it’s LSU receiver Malik neighbors I mean this dude does not seem pleased that Daniel Jones is his quarterback and this is his team and they had some event where he was on the red carpet and this lady asked him uh you know his thoughts on these new ugly 1930s Giants throwback uniforms the Giants just unveiled their red throwback jerseys what do we think about that get some honest feedback here it’s going to be hard to swag it out that’s all I got to say about it it’s going to be hard to swag it out and I think we could all agree with that it certainly doesn’t help when you’re throwing Daniel Jones up in the in the big photos where you’re advertising these new uniforms yeah and why do they use the rookie should have kept SE on Barkley for the modeling shot yeah exactly before he got out of there yeah it would look better if Barkley’s wearing it you know at least helps a little bit if you if you could just get obj back for phot pants the khaki pants would have been filled out right yeah absolutely that would have been uh but that is not the case so even he’s a little bit uh a little bit not looking forward to that situation I’m looking I want to ask in when we get to Oxnard this year the the Cowboys players like how much thought do you personally put into your game day aesthetic like how much does that mean to you in terms of you know yeah for a lot of these guys it’s plenty I want to hear them detail like their their game game plan yeah see like he got fined a couple of times for his undershirt right and his his shirt hang out all that stuff yeah the NFL is weird with all their the socks aren’t right or whatever it is a lot of these guys wear it now where they go just the tights underneath their football pants so they don’t have to wear socks is what they do just go with the blue tights all the way down all the way down to the shoe got they they’re wearing no socks at all in maybe ankle socks yeah like they’re wearing the ankle socks and then yeah but no real socks yeah well apparently Jay Glazer and and Michael Phelps are collabing uh uh through like a mental health uh you know you seen the other end of this though did you see Ryan Leaf Ryan Leaf yeah I I I Ryan Leaf has some pretty pointed words at yeah Jay Glazer has been a champion of uh you know mental health awareness for I guess probably the last few years he’s done a book and you know he’s he’s pretty heavy into it um and trying to help as many people as possible and one of those people that I guess relates to him on this level is Michael Phelps and so there they had to sit down and all this stuff and then Ryan Leaf tweets out Jay Glazer is a fraud when it comes to anything mental health or Wellness related he uses it for his benefit and really isn’t invested in any of it unless it benefits him and his brand Phelps is an inspiration but it gives me pause that he muddies his mind with that con man so Ryan Leaf has a much different perspective there and Ryan and Ryan and Jay were close working on this stuff together this oh is that where this comes from yeah this is I didn’t know if this dated back to like Ryan Le’s playing days he felt like reporting was not good not reporting no he actually Jay Glazer and Ryan were kind of working on some things together and this is where it’s led to okay because there were pictures of like them like hugged up back in the day you know probably working on a on a charity cause or something like that the Ryan Leaf story arc is incredible by itself you know oh my gosh like when he’s coming out criticizing other people for not being perfect I’m just like oh this is so just I think it’s amazing that he used to go in the newspaper and find people that had passed away or were like no they’ been in car accident car accident or whatever and he’s stealing medication out of their yeah out of their uh pantry and stuff yeah when when he was a then then he was a college football coach and he would go to the injured players houses to check on them and then go to the restroom and basically be be be trying to ransack their house for the pain pills the creativity levels you know when you’re when you’re itching for something like that pretty insane the link you will go but he’s he’s definitely not a jake laser guy at the moment you know we addressed Justin Jefferson yesterday not being at the voluntary stuff here OTAs wise with uh with the Vikings as he’s trying to Garner that new contract and it just wouldn’t make any sense in the world would it for the Vikings not to uh I mean I know you’re not trying to reset the market by a huge mile here but not paying him in a world where you just drafted what you believe to be your next franchise quarterback in JJ McCarthy this is the time that you go all in this is when you say yes we’re not for the next half decade we’re not having to pay this quarterback if he’s any good and we’ve we’re telling ourselves and you that he is cuz we just drafted him high in the first round he’s our guy this is how you take advantage of if you got a good quarterback he’s cheap you you put the you spend the dollars to put around them Houston’s doing it with CJ strad right now like they had a great offseason throwing money around like this is the time it would make zero sense at all for the Vikings to strong arm and have Justin Jefferson sitting out or whatever and I don’t I don’t think it’s NE going to come to that but just the idea that the Vikings would be uninterested in paying what most believe to be the best wide receiver in the sport when you just drafted the Young quarterback this is the time to pay the people around him right you know yeah I think they will they will pay him I think they’re probably just going to fight it to see how low they can keep it um you know I bet Jefferson’s asking for well over 30 you know we’re trying to keep this effectively down in the mid 20s or so maybe we got to go to 28 or something but I think a lot of teams feel like if we can make the young people wait right eventually they’ll get impatient Jerry says I have a high tolerance for ambiguity which means I can be in the middle of a negotiation for months and years and if you never want to come talk and improve your deal then that’s fine and I don’t need it you know and it plays on the young man who’s never been in this situation and wants the bag you know he’s anxiously waiting for that moment like you know a 15-year-old kid is waiting for that package with his new sneakers to land on the front porch and he cannot wait right and different professionals are at a different point in their life and have a different relationship with their agent where they can handle that great obviously Dak can handle it perfectly right yeah um but until you know that the player can you know you just sit there and wait like the Cowboys did with Tyron Smith and ended up signing just the most unbelievable deal of the century as far as being player friendly and you never know when those are going to come together but in order to get those you have to have the high tolerance for ambiguity and make almost every player wait you know as long as you have a credible seat at the poker table the Cowboys are no longer credible in their making the guys weight you know because they’re generally just they’re going to acquest at the end of the day dak’s going to get all that he wants when the time comes and likely happens for lamb yeah they cave you know until the Cowboys are like no seriously we’re done with you they’re going to Cave you know and that’s what they did with tank and then tank was like wait a minute I’ll take and they’re like hey looks like we got a deal here um so it’s that it’s that business of negotiation I think you know Jerry and Steven have had a lot of success over the years with their various styles of negotiating these deals but when they did a bunch of deals early like 8 to 12 years ago and those deals backfired on them they changed they pivoted to to waiting as long as possible which was halfway right the other thing they got to do though is say no after waiting do it once or twice and then you’ll put the fear back in the agent like and then he’s got to tell his player hey they will actually make you leave the Cowboys if we don’t do this deal right now nobody in the entire league believes that and I don’t know maybe the Joneses are aware of that maybe they aren’t you know they they do like to live the lifestyle more and you know they’re they’re great negotiators so who am I to tell them anything about the way they negotiate their contracts but I’ll tell you right now from a players’s perspective there’s no reason to believe that they’re going to actually do what they say all right great stuff NFL news today most afternoons at 3 o00 the Cotes coming up next really cool article about what Micah Parsons is up to with his offseason training starting tomorrow for the entire team and uh coming up at 4:00 we’ll be back into the Mavs with with a nice little afternoon rimor that’s next in the nation But first you got to go get that brand new Ford car truck or SUV at the greatest Ford dealership in all of North Texas of course it’s Gil Crest auto [Music] do you think it’s true that you’ve got to forget something else to remember that Uber Eats has groceries no that’s absurd hey remember when you used to be a what was it a pepper lady pepper lady wasn’t it cinnamon sisters basil babes saon Squad nutmeg maidens precur no nutmeg maidens I just said that was it spy skills doesn’t sound right was it cphon Squad [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] h [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] right [Music] w [Music] la [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] e [Music] n [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] n n [Music] [Music] [Music] love [Music] it’s time to upgrade get DFW security your local experts for over 30 years DFW security.com yeah buddy welcome back it is the gag Nation here on 1053 The Fan hope you’re as fired up about this sport stuff as we are with the Mavs and stars heading for Conference Finals and Rangers baseball’s coming up at 5:00 with the pregame they’re going to try to get back in the wind column and see Y is coming up in uh in 1 hour we’ll talk with the Rangers GM about you know his plans and the way he’s looking at this ball team right now okay uh that’s Chris Young here segment here is brought to you by the Frankl life’s unpredictable accidents happened Frankl and Frankle the go-to attorneys for car and truck recks and DFW if you’re a loved one’s been in an accident contact the Frankl for a free consultation 214 or 817 3333333 go to Frankle firm.com it’s brought to you by window donation it’s brought to you by cars for kids Brian do you have something to say no I was just looking at the they were showing an ad for Weber grills and I was kind of getting fired up a little bit sweet yeah I want to I’m going to get to this Micah story here in two seconds I want to salute the Dallas Morning News who did an incredible takedown on the toll road situation we have going on dude they dominated this article they said the legislators you know need to finally have the people’s back and it’s embarrassing you know what has happened here so hopefully we can you know start to start to get a little bit of a a turn on this you know we got we got deals we’re giving them so much more money than we ever should have and it’s just it’s killing people you know and if you don’t if you don’t uh you know pay the bill immediately like the fines and everything like sure consumer rights are just out of control on on that bad boy and I I guess we’re now paying more than all other states combined on our toll roads yeah yeah it’s just it’s horrifying what what’s happened here I feel like every other week they’re taking money out of my account because I do I do all the traveling back and forth between our station and the star because I do those you know the stuff with the the podast C up there so yeah it’s and and they you you set up the account where it just draws and then it shows up and you’re like going well okay yeah it’s like it’s really feels like every fifth day they’re taking money out it’s it’s it’s very expensive uh to to use that and you know the the the impact that it has on on on different parts is the toll road paid for by now yeah it’s paid for be bro and the money continues to flow to foreign interests you know a lot a lot of this isn’t for the profit of Americans which makes it even worse I pay like 2,800 something so I know it’s got to be that’s just me yeah I like I say I get it I’ve get it where it draws like 50 bucks every time and it seems like every sixth day they’re taking 50 bucks out of my account yeah I think you know if you use it most North Texans I mean it’s it’s a significant siphon on your income especially because it’s after tax money you know it’s it’s costing a very significant amount of money to get around and for the people that can’t afford it you know it makes life even worse so I don’t know maybe some sort of solution can come but probably not I I just appreciated the Morning News ranting about in the special way that they did okay offseason workouts getting underway tomorrow the media is open uh for it on Thursday right so you going be able tomorrow tomorrow Wednesday and Thursday okay I just can’t get there tomorrow morning because it’s on they’re practicing during our show oh okay but because we have day baseball on Thursday you can get there I can get there sweet yeah okay great piece from Michael gellin here in the morning news about well you know what Micah Parsons has going on as we as we get into it um it’s it’s you know it’s a story to highlight how he’s planning on taking the next step in in his career and Tamp down that narrative that he doesn’t like to be around the facility in the offseason that was kind of like the other theme of the story um but he’s doing another year boxing says he feels like it has put him in great shape and he and his trainer have you know an awesome plan to make sure everything’s super strong and he’s you know having good reflexes in every way that he wants to he is expected to join the team fully uh he is next week he’s been a he has not been a stranger Parsons and the Cowboys coaches have kept in contact he’s visited the facility as recently as last week he has worked with the strength and conditioning staff including coordinator Harold Nash Jr his ability to prepare himself physically is not questioned within the team at all writes Michael galkin Parson dismisses any public perception to the contrary saying it doesn’t bother me because I know I’m putting in the work it more bothers me that people would think that I’m not doing everything thing I imagine possible to be the best player that I can to help win a championship it’s more of that the greatness the spirit it’s all in me and I want it more than anybody um you know I I don’t know what’s going on there does that does that take anyway any concerns for you if you’re out there the Frankle firm uh injury attorney text line is open for you at 877 88115 3 I like what I’m reading as far as Micah Parsons and you know I like what I’ve seen on the field I think that the leadership part of it isn’t natural for him and as a young player he’s trying to figure out a way to put that maybe square peg in a round hole where he’s figuring out how to grow his leadership skills um and maybe he’s not the most like um what is that called an extrovert you know maybe he’s more of an introvert on the field he’s in his element he’s crawling around as the line but you know you take him outside of that and you know maybe like being in big groups of people isn’t something where he thrives you know yeah I think he enjoys not doing the same thing every day that Mak sense M I think that he is a guy that likes to travel he likes to see different things he likes to experience different things he’s not a guy that’s I believe that’s into the routine and I think in the NFL that’s the thing that a lot of players do appreciate is that from July 26th until January 7 second it’s routine every single day and I think this is his way of not having to deal with routine even when you have these OAS and mini camps and practices and stuff that’s going on right now it is routine coming in you have to do this have to do that I just don’t think he wants to be a part of that because as I mentioned July 26 through January 2nd it’s routine for him every day that’s an interesting Insight yeah I mean you want your freedom when you have it if this is optional I you know I feel like I’m 100% ready doing it this way which I enjoy more now maybe that isn’t congruent with trying to be a leader well that’s where Dak Dak enjoys the process of of the everyday the grind and not that Mike is not grinding on his deals or you know off the field stuff or working away from the facility but Dak is the one that’s like he even built the field in his house his home to work yeah you know that’s that’s have his teammates to collaborate that’s the guy that loves the everyday the the the routine of work whereas M K yeah is like I like to work I just don’t like to work at the same place every day so what I would try to do as the team is maybe try to convince him in a tactful way the value of being around your teammates and being able to combo up for Solutions and learning each other a little bit more you know because once you can react to what you know your teammate is going to do or you can see what he’s thinking be now now you you have the opportunity to Excel or to you know to take your team mating to a higher level and people benefit from that it’s a team sport I don’t think he wants to be a leader well I mean I I don’t think he wants to I think he wants to play football I think he wants all the accolades he gets by playing football at such a high level I don’t think he’s interested in being Dak Prescott okay so maybe this is part of him trying to be a little bit more because the story goes on to read Parsons is committing to daily activities that help him achieve spiritual physical mental growth yeah he prays trains and reads or listens to the purpose of acre a knowledge yeah that process lends itself naturally to reflection of how he can Elevate both his own performance and that of teammates says Mike and I talked multiple times this offseason about how we can create more self-discipline how we can eliminate penalties and how we can create a better environment to be better and it starts with me that’s why I’ve been putting so much into that you’ve got to learn how to lead you have to learn almost everything in life and I realized I need to increase my spirit so when others are down my spirit Rises that comes from a commitment to wanting to be by their side day in and day out and if you just don’t have the personality for it you can have your coach say it you can try it but that’s not who you are no and you know I I get trying but it it’s very tough you you let Micah Parsons do what he wants to do because he’s one of the best players in the National Football League 100% you know you don’t want to you know as a coach you’re like okay he’s he’s obviously going to come in in shape he’s going to be ready know the thing that that has to make you concerned is you know it’s now a new defense it’s a new scheme now maybe Micah’s like and you know how much does Micah really want to learn a new defense how much does Micah really want to be an off-ball linebacker at times you know off ball linebacker requires you got to read you got to know coverage you got to be able to drop in a contract year no thank you yeah see that’s what I’m saying Micah Parson’s putting his hand in the dirt and rushing the pastors one of the best to ever play but you know what’s the other things that you have to do you know I have to learn how to be a linebacker at times you but he’s I don’t know if he’s necessarily into that all that I think he’s into how do I attack these blockers yeah that’s what he’s into boxing things like that yeah yeah the exactly anything with power you know hand use you know those are things that like I say being an off ball linebacker is a tough gig you know you have to you have to read you have to know where your teammates are you have to be able to play with some instincts rushing the passor a god-given talent in my opinion you know and he’s got it all he really really does Mom and Dad you know he’s that type of player yeah but but it’s maybe maybe Zimmer’s already communicated with him like you’re going to be you’re going to be getting after the passer player so we’re going to move your Lin around but you’re not you’re not going to have to get into the Weeds on this Eric Kendrick’s level of knowledge of this defense we always wonder who’s telling Luca what to do you know what I’m saying we’re always want who’s the guy or the gal that had the the the sit down with Luca and said hey you need to think about doing this a little bit differently yeah because nobody wants to be that guy in the organization that tells the star player because the star player will look at you and go he’ll go go f yourself you know there’s a lot of them they like I’m going to do what I want to do yeah you know and that’s I think Micah like I say I don’t think Micah likes I don’t think he likes the everyday routine cuz he knows that from July to January he’s going to be put in that role yeah and I don’t think those kinds of players really make it to Legendary status much no no they just because Dak is they wish that Micah was the leader that Dak is oh yeah you mean everybody you mean but he that’s not I don’t think that’s Micah’s gig no I think Micah could talk about how we do this and how we do that but if that was really really really important to him he’d be here every day working I don’t think it comes natural to him he’s trying to improve at it and maybe when he gets better at it he’ll you know he’ll find a way to get that job done because I do think you can grow leadership traits you can absolutely be better at it they’re not asking him to be a leader though okay I don’t I don’t in my opinion sound like Mike McCarthy did in that article but maybe I you know what that that’s what I’m saying you Mike could tell him that Mike could say but what where is where’s where’s m it right now he’s he’s in Austin he’s in Tokyo he’s in New York he’s in Philadelphia he’s in you know he’s not here where everybody else is you know no the the yeah you you can’t lead like that no you got and that’s and but it’s hey he’s a great player and that’s why that’s why people coaches and front offices allow great players to do what they want to do because they’re great players yeah you know off to a historic start but now it’s you know how can you get to the next level and if you’re changing defenses and you’re not there that’s you know that I I hope that everything comes together great and the Cowboys win a lot of games but I’d be nervous if I if I was the coaches and my key players weren’t there to take advantage of every possible moment to absorb something Micah had a great quote in here about you know winning the Super Bowl as well and I think he’s focused I think he wants to do it I just think as a young Superstar you need guidance on how to get there okay where we going next chief all right uh the hazards of being one of the world’s greatest athletes next year in the nation I want to chat about DNM leasing before we do anything else though because if you’re on your way home you you would prefer to be in a different vehicle it’s time to call DNM Leasing and ask him to put you on the [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] n [Music] [Music] n [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] Uber Eats has LOL of V products I got to remember that well you know they say in order to remember something you have to forget something else okay now that is a very cute haircut that’s like a little shag I’ve never seen that before well I mean of course you have it’s the Rachel oh is that your name no I mean like your name no I’m Jen my name’s Jen right but I just mean like this is your haircut but that’s hair on your head I’m not saying this is your hair okay freaking [Music] [Music] every Friday at 5:20 presented by the Texas Lottery on your home of the world champion Rangers 1053 The Fan Classic Chevrolet and great Von they are the number one Chevy dealer in the world with more silver rles than anyone else go see them today or visit classic chevrolet.com this is Texas this is Classic Chevrolet together let’s drive relaps and enjoy the difference based on new Chevrolet registrations 2023 thank you Lucius we’re about 30 minutes from Chris Young joining us uh Rim session coming up at four we’ll talk some hoop here’s chief of the sports hotb I can’t be the only one that’s been putting on a little bit of poundage here staying up late throughout the postseason I mean nobody texted in saying like hey me too me too uh I can’t be on an island here please how much weight have you gained in the postseason and helped you know trying to trying to will your team to Victory here staying up late supporting these guys sometimes you got to snack it up so please if you’ve put it on make me feel better how about American Airlines Center set to become the first Arena to host NBA and NHL conference final games in the same season since 2003 wow I think it’s happened five times five times all time yeah I think so first a special time over 20 years four five times yeah I think that I think it was back to like 1988 I think there was a a deal with the Madison Square Garden with the Knicks and the the shout out to the crew that are that are swapping out the the hardwood for the ice I think I looked that up one time yeah look it up I’m looking it up well uh yeah this is the we’re in store for a pretty epic time right here and I’m super super looking forward to it uh Serena Williams tweeting out earlier today uh not totally sure exactly what she means but this maybe the comeback here I’m ready to hit some balls again that’s the Tweet so she’s leaving everybody wondering now is she about to try and uh make a bit of a comeback here postretirement uh we’ll continue to monitor it and the words of Jamie Fox let me be your tennis ball I’m not even familiar with that reference but that’s fantastic he once serated uh Serena Williams with uh his own musical uh Melody let me be your tennis ball oh that’s fantastic I’m going I’m going to have to pull that we’re I believe the next line was smash me up against the wall wow okay she could she could she could throw him around guaranteed uh end of an era how about this kobashi he reti this story is pretty crazy dude Chestnut retired him didn’t he well Chestnut definitely threw a wrench into his dominance there’s no doubt about it but he’s still I think his own attitude did too right there might have been there might have been some self-inflicted pains along the way but he’s a legendary eater and athlete uh and has been for many many years and now the reports are kobashi you just called him eater yeah it’s [Music] hilarious one one of the greatest eat legendary eater one of the greatest eaters of uh of our time there’s no doubt about it uh and he basically you know he won six consecutive Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest and he’s going to be standing down from all future food challenges because he quite literally no longer has the hunger to compete the 46-year-old announced his retirement in the new Netflix document called hack your health the secrets of your gut is what it’s called after doctors discovered his brain had become repelled by highly processed foods oh so in recent years kobashi says his appetite started to wne and he now never feels hunger at all oo he once went as much as 3 days without eating his quote is when you eat too much you lose the ability to even smell the food and you also ignore signals from your body such as feeling fool uh and in the movie doctors analyzed brain scans and they found when kobashi sees food all areas of his brain related to nausea are activated oh my goodness he overdid it this reminds me of the one time I thought I was going to get in shape by eating nothing but chicken and broccoli all right so I’m dialed on this and about 10 days in I had to bail on chicken for maybe a month or more I would start to get nauseous your body was just repulsed by it yes yeah I mean this it was like my go-to chicken and broccoli meal that it was like my oh dude I can’t wait to make chicken and broccoli is going to be amazing I put a little teriyaki sauce on it like 10 days in I only ate it about 20 25 times boom out of there wow yep yeah I mean and this dude is not and he’s not eating anything in the way of healthy foods this dude’s eating he’s eating awful foods and he’s eating a ridiculous amount of them and now as long as he’s been doing it his body his body is betraying him I just that is that is a crazy deal I’ve never i’ I’ve never heard of somebody seeing food and then all areas of their brain related to nausea become activated what a what an awful life to have to live now I wonder how much he’s questioning whether or not it was worth it I don’t know what is like I would take that though if you could take away like the pleasure uh uh and of the food dude you’re dialed you know now it’s easy just to eat for health I just need to be nourished I’ll find is enjoyment in life in other avenues I’ll mourn the loss of how much I love a cookies and cream milkshake but I think my overall life quality would increase if I didn’t have that have that desire for awesome tasting food yeah I I wonder if this is just specific because they say like the processed foods I wonder if he if there’s a more clean like if if you tee up some broccoli and Grilled Chicken form is that something that his his brain won’t have a nauseating reaction to I don’t know but like what some of life’s great Pleasures for me involve like knowing that I’m going to get to eat something awesome losing that like losing your taste during covid MH it’s like that was that’s that sucked so bad yeah and now he can’t even smell food yeah I don’t this is like his body is doing something that nobody’s body’s ever really I guess had to he’s he’s really the first of It kind he’s the first eating Legend ever like in terms of longevity of eating ridiculous amounts of food for two decades or whatever now if you’re Chestnut do you bail now before that happens to you yeah I’m I’m I’m definitely having to consider but this dude is all over the I mean chestnuts at the Old Miss spring game doing hot dog eating contests like he’s squeezing all the juice out of this you can see him at a a random NBA halftime show just here’s 50 Wings in two minutes boom Joey Chestnut I think he’s eating the bones when he does that he might just be a poor Sport and like he can’t hack it anymore so he’s yeah he he’s trying to to like poison pill the game for everybody else on his way out yeah screw you you’re not better nobody will be able to achieve what what I’ve achieved I won’t allow it yeah it’s happened by the way five times we were talking about before I went back and looked it up the the thing with the same AR same Arena yeah in 85 the 76ers lost the Conference Finals to the Celtics the Flyers lost to the uh Stanley Cup to Edmonton in 1988 the Celtics lost in the Conference Finals round to Detroit Boston lost in the Stanley Cup finals to Edmonton 1994 the Knicks lost the NBA Finals to the Houston Rockets the Rangers won the Stanley Cup against Vancouver and the last it happened was 2003 the Nets lost the NBA Finals to San Antonio and the Devils won the Stanley Cup against the Anaheim Mighty Ducks so the last time this has happened where we’ve had you know your two teams in the same Arena 2003 but but the it seems like the hockey teams do better than the basketball teams all right when it comes this well good news for the stars then uh let’s see here the 817 I’m not sure if it’s the eating or the vodka but the postseason definitely has me gaining weight for sure the 903 put on about six pbsu too many cies no uh the 214 says fortunately I haven’t gained any weight but I haven’t lost any either and I’m a 300 pounder so uh we’re thinking about u214 uh 817 is actually lost 5 lounds so that guy can go bleep himself I don’t know how he’s being able to pull that one off must be on the pelaton during these games yeah but but too much uh too much beers getting a lot of people right now that’s makes that guy nauseous too and uh yeah I put on about four pounds yeah yeah good for you man she brought home this giant thing of the donuts and you know I tell her don’t bring those home Donuts in bulk yes so two days later she’s like why did you eat all the donuts I was like I freaking tell you don’t bring them home I’m going to eat them all it doesn’t matter how many you bring I can eat whatever’s in that bag so you don’t like the chocolate ones right no but I did eat all those too I think the chocolate ones are incredible I can p you in the pantry with a whole lot of Donuts around you go away leave me alone leave me alone the 817 once ate 100 McNuggets in under 30 minutes as a bet which is very impressive Dam it couldn’t eat McNuggets for a year after he did that yeah so I mean he’s he’s back in the McNugget wheelhouse now but it took him 365 good cold turkey days of McNuggets before he could consume those once again the uh 812 ate New York strips and broccoli for about a month and never had that again for five years so that’ll happen this will happen quickly then all right yeah yeah I’m surprised it took this long yeah you got to switch up the meal preps yes yeah you got to switch it up one week beef one week chicken you know you got to keep switching that up cuz you will get beat down with the mundane yeah even with and especially just changing up the seasonings on the chicken can help you a little bit you know yeah I think I was just doing pepper oh yeah I was like 23 years old on man you wer I don’t want the salt too much sodium let’s go orange magic uh grilled chicken could have got it done for you those days dude knows I did recover thankfully that that would have been a hell of a life Affliction to give myself okay um let’s uh let’s we got two down just one to go rangers pregame is coming up at 5 o’clock tonight and we’re we’re so stoked about them taking on the Phillies I think this is going to be a big bounceback series for him uh Chief has a rim session coming up next where you taking it well BR don’t believe that at all do you was a good promo that’s in our ratings window no I hey I’m all about that and I’m bullish on these Rangers right now tell you what well I’m bullish on BR Us’s insights on how the c or how the Mavericks are going to be defending and uh their strategy versus these Timberwolves and I do have the sound the single worst Mavericks analysis in all of American Media I have it for you next to the nation oo looking forward to that I do want to tell you about men’s te Clinic though the absolute best place to go for testostrone and replace got to forget something else to remember that Uber Eats has groceries no that’s absurd hey remember when you used to be a what was it a pepper lady pepper lady wasn’t it cinnamon sisters M basil babes safron Squad nutmeg maidens precur no nutmeg maidens I just said that is it spy skills doesn’t sound right was it cphon Squad wa [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] you’re rolling with the gag Nation right here on 1053 The Fan welcome to the nation Nation it’s hour three of the gback nation here on 1053 The Fan hope you’re having a fantastic afternoon see why the man himself sa young Rangers GM is H coming up here at 4:20 let’s talk some hoop between now and then it’s time for a rim sesh here’s the chief let’s go ahead and cut those lights out and put the kids to bed gag nation’s going all 56 in around the rim let right bra Dance I got to join here man I’ve been saying for a special occasion it’s always a special occasion when Tony Brothers is assigned as the crew chief in Boston tonight and will therefore not ref tomorrow’s Mavs and wolf games I think we can all take that as an early Victory right here we’ll get you the worst Mavericks analysis in all of national sports media coming up here in just a few minutes but we throw over how that how’s that happen though I mean I mean you watch the games that he officiates and there always seems to be some kind of chaos involved you know I don’t beats me bro totally beats me a lot of challenges I mean I mean I say a lot they only get two but seems like every time he RS there’s some type of challenge going on you know yes yeah it’s it can it can be challenging for sure to me not many people loving this but uh our football Guy Brian brus has the basketball strategy for the Mavericks to get it done yeah thanks Eric uh the one thing that uh having to football background is that there’s basketball guys that like football so you oh a little give and take there a little give and take is what you do so yeah you got basketball guys hounding you about Cowboy OTA story lines and insights and then you get the postseason stuff dominating that TR well some of these guys like other teams and then they’re like College Programs you know they’re like they’re they’re like hey tell me about this man and then I’ll tell you I got some information I was talking to some Mavs people about college like during the the draft and they they have connections with some of these colleges and they know these players pretty well cuz they visit with the coaches of those programs so I’m sitting there asking questions like well tell me about this guy and they’re like oh yeah the coaches they really like this guy because look at this man they get that’s how you network that’s how you get gangs of seven well the yeah I’m working on the NBA stuff I’ve got a couple of those but uh very fortunate though to uh to be able to talk to a guys but this is kind of where I think the Mavs are going to need to be and and this is they’ll tell you that defensively they need to have great energy guarding the ball uh they must be a good at and I didn’t know this this was something I learned here today uh must be good protecting behind the ball is something else that they’re going to work on in this game they big men Rim protection yeah they they they’ve got to go and finish plays Minnesota is uh crashing the off for uh uh crashing for offensive rebounds more in the playoffs and offensively uh you you know they’ve got to do a better job of taking care of the ball uh with great uh great spacing and uh and and they also put their bad Defenders they think that towns and Conley are the guys that they need to kind of attack in this series so let’s see if what happens offensively but it’s going to be about the spacing and trying to get their bad Defenders into this into into some play here and then also on the defensive side of the ball the energy prot protecting behind the ball and got to finish the plays so that’s kind of what they’re looking at going into this series right okay yeah that makes plenty of sense this this a really dang good Timberwolves defense as we know but Carl Anthony towns can be had a little bit he was impressive at times though as one of the big men that throwing at yic but yeah you want to explain what uh protecting behind the ball is I mean my interpretation of that is is basically your your your front Court guys you’re guarding the ball yeah you’re guarding the ball and you and you stand behind it and it deters the ball uh ball handler from penetrating usually the second player on the worst outside shooter that comes into the middle of that lane they call it a plug yeah yeah that that plug player was coming off of I I didn’t know that man I was like there’s a lot of this B I was learning all about uh you know like uh uh altered screens or you know staggered screens and stuff like that you know I mean there a lot of there’s a lot of really great things in basketball if you go to the game and watch and like I fortunate enough with my media pass to be after the game and like grab people and like hey man I noticed this and they’re like well think about it this way and then they explain it but basketball’s got some really cool ways to to defend but that’s kind of where the Mavs are looking at right now I feel like in football terms it would be like you’re you’re a corner and you want to trust that your safety’s got your back here like hey I want to be as aggressive as possible so my guy behind me you better be ready here and so your your guys that are defending the perimeter hey let me be a little bit more aggressive on these dudes that are studs and if he gets by me let me trust that my dude my big dudes and the help Defenders on the wing are going to come in and help him so yeah that’s hugely important when you consider what Anthony Edwards in particular can do at blowing past dudes and getting to the rim and so fortunately for the Mavericks having livel Gafford is huge you wish you had Maxi to be another guy that can be a bit of a rim protector that’s not going to be the case but I think yes absolutely hunting Conley and in towns and especially Conley because man what did we see he missed he missed one of those games in that nugget series and that was the worst that you saw the Timberwolves look because he is everything to them offensively as their true point guard and their setup guy connector whatever you want to say so if you can attack him making him work defensively and perhaps getting him in foul trouble and making him sit for as much as possible him off the court I think makes a huge difference for the Timberwolves offense so that’s going to be huge and it’s same vice versa like they’re going to be trying to they’re trying to get Anthony Edwards to to get on on Kyrie and Luca as much as possible so there’s going to be the chess match is going to be great in here and I I think this I think we’re in for a big fun pretty entertaining series uh with Superstar power and great defense it’s going to be a lot of fun but you know one of the things we discussed in leadup to this is just the lack of you know you can’t really take much from the previous matchups in the regular season uh and we went we Illustrated all four games are over by January 31st yeah February 1st you were done with the Minnesota Timberwolves the Timberwolves haven’t seen you since you’ve got PJ Washington and Daniel Gafford right and you weren’t completely healthy playing those games early in the year no no you’re I mean when you played them it was Luca exom uh you still had uh Grant Williams uh and then you had you know Dwight pal starting these games you have ran Holmes starting in one of these games the only game that Luke and Kyrie played in versus the Timberwolves this year is a game that they won absolutely so I’d like to take you to uh the uh the the Fox Sports Studios that feature kesan Johnson talking basketball with skip balis I heard this listen listen I believe this to be if anybody can one up me here I’m going Allin with kesan Johnson giving the single worst Mavericks analysis in all of media right now if anybody can one up me please God tag me in it uh but here’s keesan Johnson they beaten them three out of four tries but since the trade deadline they hadn’t played them is a different Dallas team yeah okay that may be true but the fact of the matter is I still know I beat you and you Kye were here and we beat y’all three out of four Kyrie wasn’t there though but but he was on the team oh he was on the team but he didn’t play in the three that Minnesota won no I understand that no I get that but he was on the team he was there oh who the is that guy even skip bis is like uh okay uh all right you I thought I was the guy that was giving bad analysis here maybe I should have respected Shannon just a little bit more oopsy yeah dude my gosh how about Stephen A as soon as you leave skip bis you become the man and Stephen A proved that and and now uh Shannon sharp has as well I don’t think those same things are in store for Kean Johnson post skit bis uh but we’ll see that was that was pretty bad right there he was still but he was on the team but he was on the team but he wasn’t but he wasn’t playing there was yeah okay so that gives you confidence that you beat his team when he wasn’t playing okay probably beat omx Prosper Dante exom I mean you tore him up you tore up Dwight Powell and ran Holmes man proba Derrick Jones Jr yeah Pride Dwight Powell you got him to you can look over on the bench and be like dude I got you I think Shannon I think Shannon gave some analysis though the similar I thought that’s what you were going to play Oh can we have sharp and kesan going to- to Toe with who can have the worst Mavericks take right now I think we had I’ll go pull that immediately if we want to go I think we had jav McGee mentioned with the tex say was still on the team what yeah I got it right here he said if I’m not mistaken he did like uh you know protect himself here it is the Mavericks don’t really like to play Lively and gaffer together normally they’re interchangeable they go with PJ and and the back court do you think they might really be switched that up if I’m not mistaken I think javelle McGee on that side is also with the Maverick and could he could it be a situation oh no I thought that’s the maveri I thought that’s what you were going at wow okay I mean I challenged everyone in the audience to to I went all in with keesan and now we have ourselves a debate here which one’s worse who can we Crown appreciate you having that worse Mavs worse Mavs take of the day I mean this is this is a hell of a bout I don’t know I mean we’ll have to text in who you think’s worse he did he did qualify he wasn’t sure he was he did say he wasn’t sure that might help him yeah yeah because Kean just kind of ran with it he stood on it like yeah yeah this is exactly what I meant right when Shannon had the opportunity to be like I’m not quite sure here he was genuine yeah I guess if the rebuttal was like no yeah Meo is not on that team anymore and he was doubling down like no he is then are you doing your mik B right yeah oh I’m sorry yes that that happens to me sometimes I forget the names of these people it is McGee I do blame basic for that uh okay now looked like Meo in his time with the Mavs dude that was brutal there’s no question totally fell off we got the we got the shacked in a full version night in night out of our guy McGee uh apparently how about this as a report the the Lakers are wanting to get back their Alex Caruso gentleman who got the bag from Chicago he’s a I mean Elite perimeter Defender that would help any team but listen to this report the owner of the Bulls doesn’t want LeBron infringing upon Michael Jordan’s legacy the Intel is that they are just not going to help LeBron so the Bulls are basically refusing to trade with the Lakers and give them back Caruso Jerry rinor because they don’t want anything infringing upon the Legacy that is Michael Jordan that’s all they need huh they Caruso away from the title that’s their they get seven rings you send them Caruso this thing’s over every year they hang the banner that is we still have the legacy of Michael Jordan that’s their yearly banner and they cannot risk that that’s their champion season Champs right the Lakers they season yeah get it right put some respect on that useless tournament my bad speaking of the Lakers apparently uh the Lakers reportedly think that JJ reck has Pat Riley like potential so uh then why are they interviewing seven other guys Riley did go from broadcast analyst to one of the game’s greatest yeah I mean maybe maybe there’s precedent here uh the Lakers are infatuated with reic right Steve CER went from as a executive to analyst to coach that’s right did Steve Kerr do that yeah he was doing some he doing stuff Albert it was he a GM at in in Phoenix and then went and got the job with the with the broadcasting and then went to the coaching that’s how flowed yeah heck yeah dude I don’t know I I am highly cynical of any player about to become a coach until they show they can be good at it I assume they’ll all screw up massively Jason kid yeah Jason kid had was you know not good in his first two kind of you know was a great assistant with the Lakers maybe learned for a couple of years watched you know and now applies it and he’s he’s good cuz he’s stuck with it but like going from player to coach got and having success instantly is is is brutal most of them fail uh it looks like Jaylen Brunson is going to be on the verge and ready to sign the fouryear $156 million extension with the Knicks so that would uh add to his current contract which would make it a 5year $181 million restructured deal for uh for Jaylen Brunson and the Knicks so that looks like that is uh in the making and then I did just want to just play this sound from last year Anthony Edwards uh and again we’re going to start to probably have some sports hate for him over the course of the next couple of weeks but this is him remember Alex Rodriguez is one of the owners for the Timberwolves and as that was all going down uh he was asked about his familiarity uh Anthony Edwards to Alex Rodriguez this is the interaction do you have any thoughts about him are you an A-Rod fan at all growing up or anything like that what do you think about what he might bring to the team a fan you mean who is he the baseball player Alex Rodriguez yeah no I I don’t know is okay I know he’s gonna be the owner but I I I don’t know nothing about baseball that’s pretty incredible dude I mean 21y old honest man no absolutely no I I think it’s hilarious I I there’s there’s no issues with it it’s just funny that’s a messy ownership transfer though right now man that guy didn’t want to give it up yeah I know it seems like they’re walking that back yeah but A-Rod is still sitting Courtside and trying to get in the mix in the celebrations so there it is we look forward to tomorrow’s game one action ladies and gentlemen thank you Chief always enjoy it coming up next it’s time for Sai Young the Rangers GM set to join you and talk everything Rangers next in the nation I have to chat DNM Leasing [Music] [Music] hey [Music] [Music] hey [Music] [Music] heyy hey [Music] [Music] hey [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] e [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] Uber eat has Lola V products I got to remember that well you know they say in order to remember something you have to forget something else okay now that is a very cute haircut that’s like a little shag I’ve never seen it before well I mean of course you have it’s the Rachel oh is that your name no I mean like your name no I’m Jen my name’s Jen right but I just mean like this is your haircut but that’s hair on your head I’m not saying this is your hair okay freaking now yeah baby here we go it is time for the Chris Young show the segment’s brought to you by the Frankl life is unpredictable accidents happened Frankl and Frankle the go-to attorneys for cont truck rection DFW you are a loved one’s been in an accident contact the Frankl 214 or 817 3333333 go to Frankle firm.com it is brought to you by soda as well as uh cars for kids donate today carsfor kids. Bo and the Chris Young show is brought to you by play score and by anheiser Bush and a good afternoon to you sir how you doing hey guys I’m well how are you all we’re doing awesome you know obviously would prefer prefer a few more wins but we got uh John Gray going out there tonight gotta feel good about him right yeah John’s been great he’s really picked up our pitching staff and uh man he’s he’s not been on a great role here and so uh be nice tonight to come out and get him some runs and let him pitch from uh pitch with a lead and um we’re going to face a great Phillies team Phillies off to a great start we’re going to have our work cut out for us think it’s a great test for us and um you know in a great ballpark a great City with uh fans who are going to create a wonderful atmosphere and so I’m hoping this will energize the guys and we’ll come out and play up to our capabilities how do you feel about those capabilities right now have have the recent series is that an accurate reflection of who the team is on the field today or are wead I don’t I I don’t think it is I mean I think we’re better than that I mean I think that you know um I I think most weeks I come on I try to be pretty optimistic and and you know say you know hey we’re doing great and hang in there but this week um I think there’s everybody’s a little frustrated I think that we all know we’re better than the way we played we expect more from our group and um you know we want to see guys come out and and play to the level they’re capable this team is built to win and uh and seeing us um you know lose series to teams that you know frankly I think are not quite our talent level is is a little challenging it’s a little tough so nobody’s happy with it satisfied but the group is uh is still great um we all have full conviction and and the team we can be and it’s time for us to start playing like it yeah Chris as a fan I kind of feel like you guys have wasted some really good starting pitching opportunities in these games that that maybe we were all kind of worried about well was the starting pitching with all the injuries and stuff going to be a problem but that doesn’t seem to to be the the the thing at all right now well the starting pitching has been terrific and there’s there’s no doubt about it that we would have liked to have won a few more games we’ve gotten very good starting pitching performances that said I do believe our starting pitching is built to pitch well the rest of the year that we started getting guys back and we should be getting game Dunning back on Wednesday and then um our hope is that we’ve got Evo and then Max and potentially Cody Bradford um coming in the in the coming weeks as well so our starting pitching is set up to be good throughout the year um and there’s certain points in the season when sometimes you have to win with offense you have to outs slug other times you have to win close games with your defense you’re starting pitching and um you know we’ve been in that stretch and our our starting pitching’s done a great job of trying to pick up the offense when they’ve been down a little bit but now’s the time where you know if we can still continue pitching well I expect the bats break out and and we should win some games so do you feel like Bradford has a chance to be back before the allstar break and same goes for Josh Young what what do you think the timeline is there yeah Josh um Josh is still probably another week and a half uh from from really being evaluated and how fast he can resume baseball activities um he’s still been doing everything he can uh but swinging a bat is kind of the last thing and and really the um you know the the vibration that comes when you make impact with a wooden bat to the baseball and how that’s going to impact his the bones that are healing in the forearm that’s the biggest thing we have to guard against so um we’ll know more in about a week and a half on Josh I’m optimistic that he’ll be back you know before July 1 but I I can’t tell you with any certainty at this point uh Cody is still a work in progress um you know this has been a very um unique injury so to speak and and he’s making progress the pain is dissipated it’s not completely gone but is it at a level that he can start pushing through and we can start building him back up and that’s kind of what this week is going to determine so can’t commit to a fulltime line with Cody I do know it’s going the right direction and my hope is that we make some major strides here this week how are we doing on on certainty with Max Scherer is there any kind of timeline or or guarantee he will be back before this day or that day no no timeline yet he’s still got um some tests to pass in terms of his daily throwing program but uh um he is feeling better we’ve identified kind of the root cause of of what’s been um really his source of discomfort and I think that we’re feeling pretty good about it now it’s can we manage it can we get it built back up quickly and um you know I know he’s chopping at the bit um he he wants to be out there as badly as anybody and he’ll play catch tomorrow and we’ll see what the next steps are Chris uh as you look at what’s going on in the Outfield defensively though is that where you want it or is it something that needs to be a lot of again I know that was a way you you want the best you can for your guys but is it defensively is it it hasn’t been up to what I think your standards are no it’s not I can’t defend I can’t defend the performance I mean we’re better than what we’ve shown um and we’re working at it every day um and I know that the guys are committed uh to coming out every day and and continuing to improve and so I think some of it is a focus um um and intensity at which we’re we’re playing and I think there’s room for improvement with that and um my expectations that we’re going to start seeing that here Rangers general manager Chris Young with us here on the fan uh Derrik Hill in the lineup in right field today for ad does uh where are things at with the does and and what what do we need to know about Derek Hill yeah DOI swung this afternoon in the cages and uh felt okay not great he needs about you know we’re hopeful another day and tomorrow hopefully can be back in the lineup and uh we’ll see where he is um but we we certainly we need him we need him to get going and uh he’s a huge part of our team so uh we’re hopeful that tomorrow he’ll feel better and be back in there and Derrick Hill has had a tremendous start at Round Rock this year I mean he’s an elite um center field defense um can play you know the corners as well um you know adds an element of speed and energy which I think this team needs right now I think to injecting some life and some energy into this group and adding a different Dynamic you know if we’re not going to slug then we need to find different ways to win games and I think Garrett complements what we need to do right now to to win which is uh catch the ball and uh manufacture runs and then you know hopefully the slug will come and speaking of the outfielder guys another another banged up dude unfortunately Wyatt Langford when it comes to the the rehab starts for him is there anything you need to see production wise before it’s like okay we can get him back up here is it just hey once he’s healthy he’s back it’s just the physical it’s just the physical and the rehab from the injury production wise um he’s been able to actually use this to kind of make some uh some improvements mechanically um to some bad habits that maybe he had developed um at the beginning part of the season but he’s he’s swinging the back great he’s taking live batting practice right now and um doing doing wonderfully uh he ran yesterday um and pass that test he’s got to do it again tomorrow uh running the bases and if he does that then I think we’ll look to maybe get him uh playing somewhere on rehab and and you know hopefully get him back here soon we need him hey I was going to ask you though see why about Langford situation is there any hindsight about or any regret about using him as initially as a designated hitter uh uh none I I don’t think DH led to his injury I think that you know um he’s you know easily could have have him playing Left Field in fact maybe it would have been more susceptible to injury had he played left field so um no I I don’t have any regret in terms of that at all I meant in a way of though of him being like you know is it something new to him a new player a new opportunity but you know not playing I mean he seems like a guy that probably needs to play every day and playing in the field but waiting around to for it bats did that have anything to do with maybe some of the things he was struggling with you have to ask why at that I my guess is that he’s not going to make excuses that he expects to perform whether he’s playing Left Field dhing or any role so I I you know I don’t think you’re G to get much out of them by way of that but um you know it’s I think it’s an easy Theory and perhaps there’s some truth to it I I don’t subscribe to it but um you know um you just I think he’s a young player in the big leagues who goes through struggles we’re seeing it with Evan Carter I mean this good players Jackson holiday there other good players who come up struggle when they get to the big leagues and um you know they good players figure it out and Wyatt’s going to figure it out as is Evan John Gray definitely a veteran 32 years old had a nice career maybe on his way to being an Allstar for the first time what do you think about that and and and what’s that mean for a pitcher like what did it mean for you when you got recognized for your greatness well I you know I was a losing pitcher in the All-Star game so I felt like I got punish going to the allar but but really John it would be so it would be a well-deserved honor I mean there’s a lot of baseball between now and then and I hope he continues the streak he’s on um but he’s worked super hard he’s he’s really he’s pitching with confidence and conviction and um and you know what he did last year in the World Series arguably helped us helped us win it I mean he came in in a game for Max and really was only supposed to Face maybe three to six hitters and I think he got nine outs and just really dominated those nine out so uh I’m hoping that that confidence is carried over into this year and that’s what we’re seeing he’s unbel ly talented he’s a great guy hard worker um it would make me very happy to see him receive some some accolades for his performance so was your experience winning Al comeback player of the year better one for you in the allar much better much better that was uh that was a full season’s worth of work not a half season so that that was uh definitely a bigger of more significance to me in terms of my career accomplishments see why is there a simple answer for why left-handed starting pitching has given this team so much trou this year no but I’m working to figure it out I’ll tell you that we’re all sort of myth as to why that is I mean we’re certainly missing a big piece and Josh Young sure uh who crushed lefties last year um you know Zeke Duran who’s gotten some bats uh against left-handed pitchers hasn’t performed at the level maybe we saw last year so you know Cory got off to a slow start traditionally hits lefties um so we’re you know there are some reasons behind it but really this is one we have to solve we’re going to solve and uh we’re going to keep working at it because I know that we’re going to see lefties the rest of the year and um and it’s an important piece for us winning and we’re we’re working at it and I wish I had a better answer for you but I I do know that I believe in the group and that they are capable of hitting left-handed pitchers are you are you with the team are you at the ball park yep I’m in the watch this take BP right now in The Dugout and silly it’s a beautiful um late spring day here and uh hopefully it means a lot of runs for the Rangers yeah top team in the National League with these Phillies give them help we’ll be pulling for you see why guys thanks so much great chatting with you cheers there he goes Chris Young brought to you by play score and by anheiser Bush and it’s so cool he he’s joining us pregame coming up at 5 o’clock there you go when we return it’ll be time to talk with Jared Sandler his Rangers preview is coming up next right here in the gag Nation but first it’s time to take control of your financial future I mean my goodness I wake up I’m 30 years old I got do you think it’s true that you’ve got to forget something else to remember that Uber Eats head groceries no that’s absurd hey remember when you used to be a what was it a pepper lady pepper lady wasn’t it cinnamon sisters basil babes saffron Squad notm megans precurve no nutmeg Ma I just said that was it spy SKS doesn’t sound right was it seone Squad [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] a [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] w oh [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] hey he [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] Uber Eats has LOL of V products I got to remember that well you know they say in order to remember something you have to forget something else okay now that is a very cute haircut that’s like a little sh I’ve never seen that before well I mean of course you have it’s the Rachel oh is that your name no I mean like your name no I’m Jen my name’s J right but I just mean like this is your haircut hangs with the Jeep bag Nation every Friday at 5:20 presented by the Texas Lottery on your home of the world champion Rangers 1053 The Fan Classic Chevrolet at greaton they have the number one Chevy dealer in the world with more silver Ros than anyone else go see them today visit classic chevrolet.com this is Texas this is Classic Chevrolet together let’s drive relax and enjoy the difference Bas on new Chevrolet registrations 2023 thank you Lucius and welcome back gag Nation we have Rangers pregame coming up at 5:00 it’s time now to talk with Jared Sandler his ranger preview is brought to you by Blue Nail roofing and uh good afternoon Jared how the heck are you guys I’m great it’s uh I feel like I’m in Texas with this Philadelphia heat right now uh but otherwise all good we feel like we’re in like Seattle or something with this DFW rain that we’re experiencing is it raining today yeah quite a storm um it’s been off and on uh I think we’re going to dodge the bad stuff but enough to rain out some practices if you know what I’m talking about yeah that’s not always a bad thing right get a little break not always is is there a growing belief that that maybe Max Scherer doesn’t make it back what’s your take on that one yeah I don’t think you can rule it out you know hey you factor in his age you factor in the fact that this has now become not just a back thing but an arm thing uh yeah I I don’t I don’t think you can rule it out right I I don’t know I mean we we’ve said this since spring training you know until he’s back you don’t really know exactly what you’re going to get for him like you’re curious at his age and this is not any shot at Max obviously this is just the reality of someone at his age trying to come back from a serious injury and that serious injury has now become uh not just a serious serous back injury but something that’s impacted his arm so I I’m I’m not you know sitting here saying that you know they’re shutting things down or anything it’s just until you until you get him on a path to return it’s really tough to know what the future looks like for him and then with Bradford is that thing getting weird with his recovery what’s going on there I just think it’s taken a little bit longer that one doesn’t have the long-term concerns that I think the Sherer one might it just it it’s a stress fracture and they’re waiting for uh I it was explain to me the other day and I’m not smart enough to to relay it without botching it so I don’t want to say the wrong thing but essentially there’s still pressure in the back as he’s trying to use those muscles and it’s going to subside it just it it’s going to take a little bit more time than what they had initially expected uh and so I I don’t think that they are uh I I I don’t think that there’s like this concern that you know it’s it’s got the potential gravity of the Sherer sit situation and what you asked there I just think it’s it’s not going to have as quick of a turnaround as they had initially hoped Jared how do they get better defensively in the Outfield well you know ad doly’s forearm is obviously keeping him out of the lineup it just seems like he’s been playing through some stuff and that’s a credit to him in a in a lot of ways but he’s not moving nearly as well it doesn’t seem and uh Evan Carter for you know whatever reason the metrics are not super friendly to him right now in the Outfield uh and I think some of that is maybe situational uh you know like when you’re in a certain situation maybe it doesn’t make sense to be super aggressive to try and make a catch and you pull up and play the ball on a hop because at the end of the day that’s that’s the right play but the computers are going to look at that and they’re not going to take that context into it they’re not going to take the fact it’s the eighth inning and you’re up by three or you know whatever it might be and he’s been dinged on a few of those you know I’ve I’ve gone to the computers and try to figure out the plays in which he’s got negative you know negative points but you know that aside you know I I don’t know that he has played at the level that he played last year and and that’s probably more Smith sample size uh but you’re you know BR it’s a fair question and it’s something that you know they need to improve upon for as good as this infield is uh their Outfield is middle of the pack and it’s kind of like the hitting the hitting statistically if you didn’t know any better like if if if this was a bunch of Joe Smiths and you didn’t know the the track record of the expectations you’d say well this lineup you know a better half of the league lineup but it is not viewed that way because this is a lineup with name recognition and track record and skins on the wall and the expectation is is higher same with the Outfield and the defense right uh if you looked at the Outfield defense as a bunch of Joe Smith you’d say oh middle of the road Outfield but when you look and consider that you got a gold Glover in right you got a future gold Glover in left who can also play center and you got a guy in center and Leo tares who’s got Elite ability in the Outfield if not you know maybe inconsist consistently demonstrated you expect this this Outfield to be a top 10 top eight you know performing group and they just haven’t been this year Jared correct me if I’m wrong though but you’re losing ground on your DHS right this year as far as their hitting and their ability to hit yeah in terms of not getting the production you like exactly yeah yeah for sure yeah there are two spots you know in the lineup one is a position one is a spot the DH yes uh now you know the Rangers aren’t like say the Phillies who basically have it you know a set DH but the Rangers definitely have you know had a tougher time getting production out of out of that spot uh and and then the three hole right you know you expect to get offense out of your DH you expect to get offense out of your three hole uh and the Rangers are searching there you know Nathaniel log’s done a nice job of getting on base but I think they want a little bit more than just on base out of the three hole from the DH standpoint the batting average isn’t there uh the slug isn’t there uh the on base isn’t there they you know they they’d like to get more uh out of the DH and some of that’s a product of white Langford struggles right he he spent a lot of time there dois Garcia has spent some time there he hasn’t been great when he’s DH same with Cory Seager but uh yeah I I I hope that the DH numbers will improve as they get healthier but they need to figure out who the right fit in the three hole is to give Cory Seager some protection what do we need to know about Derrik Hill who’s in the lineup for adoles today really good Defender the reason he you know hasn’t stuck as a major leager is is the hitting uh and he’s hitting great in Triple A now the gap between triple play baseball and Major League Baseball is probably as wide as it’s ever been uh you know teams are are being more aggressive and calling guys up and so uh some of those younger guys who are super talented aren’t in Triple A right now they’re they’re maybe struggling and going through the growing P pains in the majors now drik Hill his credit uh you know he’s had success as a you know as a hitter this year in the tri in Triple A he’s hitting 333 with an Ops north of a th000 uh now I I don’t know how that’s going to translate maybe it’s hey he’s hot right now so let’s take advantage of it and over time it will probably regress to the mean or maybe it’s just going to demonstrate the big gap or maybe he’s made some adjustments maybe there’s something about the hitting uh the hitting group here the coaches who have helped uh explain things and synthesize things in a way that that makes sense to him uh but you know at the end of the day the Rangers need someone who can provide a little bit of support right now while adolis is not uh able to go and he also provides great defense and great uh you know great action on the bases so you know whatever they get from him offensively that’ll be a you know a little bit of a bonus but they can get him on the bases that’s a win and uh you know he’s going to play really good defense for you Jared triaa might not be what it used to be but I would imagine every left-handed starter in Triple A could beat the Rangers right now what do you think yeah I mean it it feels that way I don’t know that I’d uh endorse that comment uh in full but certainly you know they face some uh they face some lefties who you do not expect to shut you down and and they’ve been shut down uh and so yeah I mean you know the the joke would be if you throw left-handed you can you know throw a quality start against the Rangers and you know it’s a hard game and and and I obviously don’t mean that literally uh but right now it’s especially hard game for the Rangers when El Lefty’s on the mound now I’ll say this uh TK scoel is a going to be a sa young Contender as long as he stays healthy over in the American League for the Tigers and when the Rangers faced him I thought they competed really well against him Rangers Suarez is you know a right now one of the best pitchers in all baseball and so I don’t know if it’s a focus thing you know I don’t know if it’s a hey you got to lock in because you know this guy on the hill is not messing around whereas Joe Lefty maybe doesn’t or hasn’t I shouldn’t say won’t mooving forward but maybe they’ve kind of felt like oh we’re going to be all right it’s just Joe Lefty uh so I’m curious to see how they compete and I’ll tell you this it’s got to the point where they they know the narrative I mean that’s not new and they want to change the narrative and we’re going to we’re going to figure out whether you know they’re able to with this group uh because they absolutely need to change the narrative because if not first of all they’re going to naturally face lefties you know in general whether as a starter in the bullpen but now you’re going to start to see teams make sure that their lefties face the Rangers uh and you don’t want to be you don’t want to put yourself in that position Jared uh are my eyes deceiving me though are teams trying to run more on the Rangers yeah that’s a good question brus I and I think it’s they’re trying to run more on Rangers catchers yeah oh sorry sorry excuse me BR Rangers pitchers uh Andrew kiner is not a great catch and fail guy so when he’s behind the plate yes weird just happened to your audio Sans oh my audio like you’re hot can can you guys hear me now yeah we can but it’s like you’re screaming into the mic like you’re raging Against the Machine down a little bit Pat there we go what about now how about now yeah yeah there we go is that better yeah all right I think Andrew ker can get exposed behind the plate you know I think teams are trying to do that with Jonah Heim he’s still the same great catch and throw guy but seems like a lot of times guys are running on him and he has no chance so I think a lot of that’s on the pitchers to do a better job of holding the runners and the Phillies run a lot so this is another series in which the Rangers are going to get tested on the bases well Jared I know you love a good streak just as much as the next guy the facts are maybe more so the Rangers have won 12 in a row against these Phillies so I’m putting in the call we’re getting a dub tonight Jer I would love that that’d be great great way to uh get this road trip started tough road trip and uh they need to keep their Philly dominance well as the great Ron Washington said the Lefty got us and uh we’ll hope that that can get turned around now with the rest of this series how left pitching dominant are the Phillies well if you look at their Bullpen uh they do have three lefties right so you always think about that Jose Alvarado Matt strw and Gregory stto uh good pitchers right there so uh they’re going to definitely take advantage of that we don’t really know exactly what’s what’s happening tomorrow yet from a starting standpoint we know Zack Wheeler the righty is going to go Thursday but they do have three lefties in the bullpen that’s a lot you know a lot of teams have one or two and so they’ll I’m sure try to use that to their advantage did the Rangers get fortunate not having to play this team in the World Series last year uh I mean I I think if you look on paper obviously the Dbacks beat the Phillies so they deserve credit for that but I think if you were to just ask you know 100 people around baseball who’s the better team the Phillies or the Diamondbacks I think a lot of people would say the Phillies are the better team they just weren’t better in that Series so um you know no one’s going to apologize about the Rangers match up but uh I think that you know that series was played over nine more times I think the Phillies would probably win that best of seven more than Arizona right on buddy uh have a great night have a great call and we’ll catch you up with you tomorrow all right fell thank you he is at Jared Sandler on X a heck of a uh you know DFW guy native Rangers Fan uh turned pre- and postgame show host and inside chion play byplay yes a a World Series champion as well so we always like to talk with Jared and the final segment before the pregame show starts and the pregame is coming up at 5:00 right here on the fan is Peasley in for the pregame I haven’t seen anybody else I not see anybody roll in yet maybe double duty Sans yeah could be possible but a big day of sport uh obviously tomorrow with the Mavs getting underway uh in the Western Conference finals against the Timberwolves a lot of the talk today has been you know just how confident can you be in this Mavs group as we start to turn our our attention towards that guys where are you where are you right now with confidence going into this matchup after after tomorrow night we’ll have a much better read yeah yeah no we absolutely will I I do wonder if you know the Mavs perpetually start 0 and one in these Series so like should we but play well on the road once once this thing gets started they find a way to play well on the road that’s something that they’ve done very very you know if you look at how these these last couple of series they figured out ways when maybe they lose that first one but then they get back right back on that horse so number one defensive team in the league they looked amazing locking down the Denver Nuggets and coming back to win that series after taking a 2-0 lead so I think it’s a formidable opponent I I’m I’m just not as worried about them uh because of the way that the Mavericks match up so excited to get this underway tomorrow okay thanks to Lucius Alexander and the pimp cup over there at Master Control thanks to Carter Freeman Eric Chia follow and Brian brus I’m Gavin Dawson we have Rangers baseball coming up next so uh until tomorrow at 2:00 we’ll have the Rangers player show in a game one preview you’re going home with the nation Ates this Odyssey Sports minute is sponsored by boss power he [Music]

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